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How to Choose the Best Toaster?


By Mai Sroor

Nowadays, having a toaster in your kitchen is something you would likely never question. It is simply one of those items that belong in every kitchen because it saves time, effort and makes bread perfect no matter how you want it to be. The real question is: which one and how to choose?

Whether you want to replace your old toaster or you have decided to get one for the first time, here is what you need to know to help you find the best toaster for your needs. Read More…

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How to Buy the Perfect Kitchen Chopper?


By Israa Adel & Esraa Osama 

No woman can smoothly function in her kitchen without a  kitchen chopper. Kitchen choppers are not only offered with small sizes and affordable prices, but they also facilitate many of the kitchen’s daily needs. You can use a chopper to easily cut and chop onions, make your favorite Falafel (Taameya) paste, chop and soften vegetables, and most importantly to chop meat.

Today, Yaoota is going to present many kinds of kitchen choppers for you. How to buy them, and the most necessary instructions you should keep in mind when buying your most suited chopper.

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Lenovo K5 Note Review


By: Mohamed Adel & Nadeen ElFekky

Despite the diversity and increase of mobile phone models in the Egyptian market, buyers found it challenging to find a phone with remarkable specifications at a good price. And with prices rising crazily in the past couple of months, finding the perfect phone has become extremely hard.

That is why we, at Yaoota, have been receiving this question a lot recently, “I need a mobile with a good camera, a hard working processor, a strong battery and an affordable price, which phone should I buy?” Since our main concern in Yaoota is always the buyer’s convenience, we have done our research and tested different phone models, and finally came to you with the Lenovo K5 Note.

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موبايل Hisense Prime 3: إمكانيات مقبولة بأقل من ١٠٠٠ جنيه


كتب: محمد عادل

شركة هايسنس الصينية تواجدها وانتشارها في السوق المصري بيرجع لاهتمامها بالمُستخدم اللي بيكون عاوز موبايل بكاميرا وراديو وشاشة مريحة للعين وفي نفس الوقت سعره ما يكونش غالي، وبسبب نجاح هايسنس في حل المعادلة دي بنلاقي ناس كتيرة بتفضل موبايلاتها.

واحنا النهارده في ياقوطة بنقدملك موبايل Hisense موبايل U971 برايم 3 ذو الإمكانيات المعقولة والسعر المميز. الموبايل بييجي بكاميرا بقوة ٨ ميجا بكسل وراديو وشاشة بحجم ٥ بكسل ومزايا تانية كتيرة هنعرفها في المقال ده.

مش بس كده لو عجبك الموبايل ممكن تطلبه عن طريق ياقوطة وهيوصلك لغاية عندك بأفضل سعر، وفي أسرع وقت.

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Small Devices for an Automated Modern House

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By: Alaa Bassiony & Dina Amir

Keeping up with the latest technologies was never an easy task due to the rapid invention of new devices every day, and most probably every moment.

For example, the popular millionaire who created Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, invented a robot to manage the house lighting, playing music, and other tasks through giving him orders. This idea was inspired by Iron Man movie, when Robert invented the artificial intelligence in a film called “Jarvis.”

Yaoota will tell you through this article how to live a technologically advanced life to the extent that you can manage the house lighting through an app on your mobile. Read More…

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Hand Mixers vs. Stand Mixers: Yaoota’s Complete Guide


By: Safaa Magdy & Shaza Walid

If you love the kitchen and you enjoy baking and making desserts, you will definitely need a mixer. This great appliance does many functions such as whisking eggs, whipping cream, stirring and beating ingredients easily and quickly. Among the many advantages of mixers is their convenient prices. Allow Yaoota to help you buy a suitable mixer that will fulfill your baking endeavors.

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لو انتى حامل اشترى اونلاين تكسبى اكتر


كتب: ناديه حسين

اللف على المحلات لست حامل دا شىء مرهق جدا.. سواء كانت نازلة لوحدها أو مع حد.. بمواصلات أو بعربيتها.. هى شخص له ظروف خاصة ومحتاجة رعاية، فوق كل دا بيكون وراها شغلاها لو بتشتغل .. ومسؤوليات البيت.. غير كدا معروف إن الحامل بتنام ساعات أكتر من أي شخص عادى، يعنى وقتها بيقضى الحاجات الأساسية بالعافية. طيب تجيب وقت لمين! ولو فى وقت هل هتلاقى جهد على اللف فى المحلات وتتحمل الزحمة !  وكمان لازم تشوف المنتج الى عايزاه فى كذا محل عشان تقارن الأسعار.. ما هى مش حامل كمان ونازلة فى البهدلة دى و يضحك عليها في الأسعار.

لأ كدا لازم يكون فى وقفة وخصوصا لو مفيش حد فاضى يروح معاها ! يعنى الست الحامل دى متشتريش حاجتها ولا تعمل ايه! Read More…

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يا ترى انت أي نوع من المتسوقين؟


كتب: شذا وليد ، ترجمة دينا أمير

اللى  قال ” الفلوس متشتريش السعادة مكنش عارف يشترى منين” زى ما قالت بو ديريك و كلامها حقيقة بس أكيد مش لكل الناس. كل واحد فينا عنده ذوق و نظام مختلف فى معرفة الحاجات اللى عايز يشتريها و ده بيأكد إن ممكن طريقة تنفع مع حد و متنفعش مع التانى و عشان كده بنقدملك الأنواع المختلفة للناس اللى بتشترى. Read More…

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What type of Shopper are you?



“Whoever said money cannot buy happiness simply did not know where to go shopping”, a quote by model Bo Derek that could be completely true for some people but not so much for others. When it comes to shopping, we all have different tastes and routines in searching for and buying what we need. A technique that works for someone may not necessarily work for another. So let us have a look on the different types of shoppers out there!

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Online Shopping Dos and Don’ts



Many of us fear online shopping, because of the stories we hear about expired products, products full of defects, or even the fraud. Well, this might actually happen, that’s why Yaoota picks for you the trustworthy stores only, because our main aim is to keep our customers happy and safe. That’s also why we made you this list, with all the steps that can help you know what to do, and what not to do while shopping online.

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