What type of Shopper are you?



“Whoever said money cannot buy happiness simply did not know where to go shopping”, a quote by model Bo Derek that could be completely true for some people but not so much for others. When it comes to shopping, we all have different tastes and routines in searching for and buying what we need. A technique that works for someone may not necessarily work for another. So let us have a look on the different types of shoppers out there!

  • Shopping for shopping’s sake.

You are this kind of person if you enjoy shopping because it simply provides you a pleasure like no other. You indulge in looking at the windows of shops and leisure in choosing between all those colorful goods. You enjoy trying on different pieces and seeing how different you look in each. Shopping is an activity you look forward to. When you go to a mall, you may not necessarily need anything specific, yet going through all the shops and seeing the merchandise so organized makes you feel happy. And in many cases you can’t stop your self from buying just about everything, even though you don’t need them and you might not even have the money.

What this says about you is that you are most probably a shopaholic. Meaning that you cant control your self when it comes to shopping and in a little time you might need a psychiatrists help to be able to stop your compulsive buying habits.

You probably enjoy shopping just about anywhere. Some suggestions would beNefsak.com, Jumia, Souq.com, eniGma Shopping, Style Treasure,  Bespoke Egypt, Frillu and Yashry

You will probably like this floral ballerina, this unique jacket, these purple sunglasses and those penny loafers

  • Dot com shopper.

If you are given an online visa account and a good Internet connection, you can do wonders. You do not prefer the long walks around the mall but rather like to do everything from the comfort of your home/sofa. Trying on clothes in many stores is a nightmare for you. Because why try on when you already know your size from your favorite online shops? You know the best online shops and memorize the shipping procedures like the back of your hand. When you shop online, you feel like you are in control of the situation because you get to take your time to view everything without rushing from one shop to another.

What this says about you is that you are quite a thoughtful person and like to be in control of the situation. You want to search for what is good out there yourself and spare the help of the sales assistant. You are meticulous and you want to make sure you get the best because you research a lot until you find the perfect fit for you.

You probably shop at places such as Nefsak.com and Jumia because they always have the latest trends and their websites are very user-friendly.

You will probably like this purple watch, this authentic sweatshirt and this kaftan

  • Sales’ expert.

Whenever the word “sale” is on the window, you will be there. The “sale” sign dazzles you, its like you are under a spell. You are always up to date on all the new offers and discounts. You know exactly when each shop offers sales and how good is each one. You are savvy with prices and numbers and know how to assess the value of each product. Your friends always ask you for help on where and how to shop on a budget because you know everything. You like to spend your money where it really matters.

What this says about you is that you are economic and smart with money. It is not that you are afraid to spend but it is just that you want to make sure you get the best buy, and you usually do. You do not like to be fooled with an overpriced product and want to know that you will get what you pay for.

You probably shop at places like Souq.com and Jumia because they always have chic and trendy items with quite reasonable prices.

You will probably like this grey split dress, this elegant skirt and those Levis jeans

  • One-shop-for-all.

A store that always has your size, has convenient prices, contains a variety of options, and appeals to your style, so why not stick to it? Your shopping trips are usually quite easy because you have a couple of stores that you always go to without much thought. You are not a fan of trying new stores because they might not fit you as perfectly as your favorite ones.

What this says about you is that you are quite the conventional type. You are so comfortable with your current style that it is hard for you to see yourself in a different one. You relish your shopping comfort zone a lot. However, you would want to try various stores from time to time, because who knows, you might end up having new favorites!

You probably shop at places like eniGma Shopping and Style Treasure because their items fit nicely with your conventional and straightforward personality.

You will probably like this Casio vintage watch, this Boss perfume and this short printed dress

  • There-is-no-need-to-rush kind of shopper.

For you, shopping is a procedure that requires a good deal of time, thought and planning. You do not just go haphazardly and buy what you need, no! Your shopping trips are usually done on two levels. The first one is surveying and assessing the market, in which you like to have a look at the product you want in different shops and compare prices and quality. The second level is actually buying what you need. After you have weighed the pros and cons and decided on the optimum buy, you go make the purchase.

What this says about you is that you are a deliberate person who wants to avoid mistakes and wrong decisions as much as possible. You like to look at all the shops first then buy to ensure that you bought exactly what you needed. This could be a good thing, but sometimes you can get quite hesitant that your shopping buddy may start to get bored. You feel like if you buy at the beginning of your trip, you might regret it later if you find something better or cheaper, so you try to push the buying till the end of your trip.

You probably shop at places such as Bespoke Egypt and Souq.com because their comfortable and laid-back style very well fit your deliberate and thoughtful personality.

You will probably enjoy this anchor necklace, this black bird dress and this elegant watch

  • On-the-spot shopper.

You are quite the opposite of the previous one. You do not really put that much planning in your shopping. If you see something and you like it, you buy it immediately. Even if you do not have what matches it at your closet, who cares! It is so amazing that you have to buy it now and you will think of something to match later. You do not like to stick to a specific style; you love to experience new pieces, material, and looks. It’s as simple as that, you like it you buy it.

What this says about you is that you are an impulsive person who thinks about the then and now and disregard anything else. You may have a pile of unrelated and unusual pieces that you have not yet found matches for, but your style is unique and people always see you wearing something new.

You probably shop at places such as Frillu and Yashry because of their unique and unorthodox items that well suit your unpredictable and ever-changing style.

You will probably like this amazing dress,  this tribal bag and this tea cup


People can be quite diverse when it comes to their shopping style, as it depends on our personalities and what criteria we prioritize. We are sure there is more that the list above. So if you have a different shopping style please share it with us.

 So happy shopping everyone!


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