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Fresh Washing Machine Top Loading, 10 kg Review



By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

Fresh washing machines are known to be one of the best in Egypt and the Middle-East. They are known for offering high quality features for products in all means of comfort and safety for consumers. Fresh offers products at reasonable and competitive prices. The top loading machine has a large capacity internal drum capable of washing large quantities of clothes in one single wash. It washes duvets, covers and curtains. Also, it helps you control the temperature to match the type of fabric you are washing. There are different levels of water depending on the quantity of clothes. You can use any type of wash detergent with Fresh top loading washing machines, which is considered quite economical. Further, the inner drum is made of anti-rust stainless steel and preserves the longevity of the washing machine.

In this Yaoota review, you will know all about the Fresh Washing Machine Top Loading, 10 kg – FWS1000NA. We will highlight the top description, pros, cons and user experience. So that you get the full picture about this product before purchase. If you liked the Fresh top loading washing machine, click on Yaoota’s link provided, compare prices and  pick the one that best suits your budget. Then, place your order online to have it delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

Buy the Fresh Washing Machine Top Loading, 10 kg – FWS1000NA now and pay later using Shahry, the first and easiest installment app in Egypt. You only need to provide a copy of your ID and a copy of a utility receipt to use the app. There won’t be a need for a visit or a guarantor. Also, ordering via Shahry gives you free delivery on all orders.

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