Mobile phones for kids

mobiles for kids

By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Safaa Magdy

There may not be specific mobile phones for kids. However, we offer you a collection of cell phones with different features depending on your kid’s age and personality. You surely need to check on your kid every now and then whether they are in school or in the club or anywhere away from you.

You may also be concerned about the price. Of course you don’t want to give your 6 year-old- kid an EGP 5000 cell phone to be thrown away, carelessly used or simply lost. When choosing a cell phone for your kid you would consider his/her age and how he or she would use it. For example, internet connection is not really important for a young kid unless they are old enough to spend the time surfing the internet. Kids can also use the internet connection for educational purposes or to play educational games, but keep in mind not to leave the kids with open access to the internet 24/7 without keeping an eye on them.

Your kid may also have other commitments such as sports, drawing or music lessons that widen their skills and hobbies. In this article, Yaoota will help you pick the right mobile phone for your kid.

We’ve created a collection of phones that are suitable for various methods of usage. You can order the phone online in few minutes and the phones will be delivered to your doorstep within few days, and that’s the beauty of online shopping.

For kindergarten

Many parents need to check on their kids while they are at the kindergarten and they are more comfortable when they can instantly reach their kids. These mobile phones are low-maintained and do the basics. But also keep in mind that such devices have harmful radiation for children. So you need to balance between your need to check on the kids and keeping them safe.

A phone for this age group should be easy to use and the battery should live for long periods. It also shouldn’t be heavy. It should have a clear screen, with a fast-dial feature in order for the child to easily call you. It would be optimum to have a flashlight as well.

Here is a list of mobile phones that are light in weight and with strong batteries. Some of them also come with free credit if ordered online.

Alcatel 1010

alcatel 1010

A simple phone device that is also light. It offers fast-dial and SMS. The battery lasts for a few days. It also has a flashlight that helps if the electricity goes out or when in a dark place. Alcatel 1010 has a calculator, an alarm clock, calendar, and an FM radio. It can save up to 100 names in contacts. It has no external memory or Wi-Fi or internet connection. It doesn’t play video clips. It has no Bluetooth or camera.

Price: EGP 85

For more information about the product, kindly click here.

Mobitel G10  or  Mobitel G60 or  Mobitel GM 50

mobitel G60

Any of these three from Mobitel supports two SIM cards. They are light and allows internet connection. The device comes with radio player, MP3, and MP4 Player. The screen is of 1.8 inches. It has a camera of 0.3 megapixels. This phone can do calls and send SMS, but for the internet connection, it is really slow.

Price: EGP 99.

For more information about the product check this link.

Xtouch p

x touch p

It is not only a phone device, it also works as a charger, an FM radio, and a flashlight. It also plays MP3 audio files. It supports two SIM cards and has a screen of 1.8 inches. The camera’s resolution is 0.08 MP. The memory is really small (32 megabytes), but you can add an external memory through the MicroSD outlet. This can result in a memory of 32 Gigabyte. The only disadvantage is that the device is a little bit heavy as it weighs 143 grams.

Price: EGP 199.

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For age group (6-9) years old

Parents are the best to know whether their kids would be able to take good care of their possessions or not so they know what is best for them. This list of devices would help you stay connected to your kids as well saving money. At this age, the kid is more capable of reading names, recognizing  names, calling, answering calls and adding new contacts. A mobile phone that calls easily and comes with a simple game or radio player would be best for this age group.

Yakoya E90

Yakoya E90

Supports two SIM cards and its size is small. The screen size is 1.8 inches and it supports both Arabic and English. The screen is good and the phone has an FM radio player for entertainment purposes. It also has a multimedia player that enables you to listen to MP3 audio files as well as view video clips in mp4 and 3GB format.

The camera is of 1.3 MP and it captures photos and records short videos. The device supports Bluetooth and it can connect to the PC through USB. It also has a flashlight and you can add an external memory card up to 8 gigabyte.

Price: EGP 99.

To compare prices kindly visit this link.

Nokia 105

Nokia 105

A new Nokia phone. The battery life extends to one week, but it doesn’t connect to the internet. It has no external memories or Bluetooth. It has a radio player, a calculator and some games like a snake. The sound quality is not the best.

Price: EGP 154.

To compare prices visit this link.

LG Optimus L3 II

LG Optimus L3 II E425

This device is a good choice if you want your kid to have an easy access to the internet through android. It has a Wi-Fi connection, 4-inch screen, 5 MP camera but a short battery life.

Price: EGP 425.

To compare prices visit this link.

For age group (10-14) years old

At this age, your kid is more aware of the internet and more responsible. You both can agree on certain times to use the internet without abusing or wasting time. And you are of course aware that after this age, it will be harder to keep an eye on your kid’s behavior. So we recommend you start developing this sense of self- censoring at an early age.

Huawei Y320

Huawei Y320

Huawei Y320 is an android smartphone that works with two SIM cards. It has a 4-inch- screen that is good with showing small details and has high resolution of 480×800

The device comes with an internal memory of 4 gigabytes with 2.5 gigabyte available. It allows external memory up to 32 gigabytes. The phone’s performance is speedy, but it get slow sometimes with some games. It supports 2D and 3D games. The camera is not good

.Price: EGP 698

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Nokia Lumia 530

nokia lumia 530

Nokia Lumia 530 is windows 8.1 phone that supports the use of two SIM cards. The screen is of 4” size. It has a memory of 4 gigabytes that can reach up to 128 gigabytes with external memory card. It has a built-in FM radio that comes in handy when there is not Wi-Fi or internet data.  It has a quad- core possessor of 1.2 Giga Hz. It also has RAM of 512 gigabytes. It has an Adrino graphics card 302 that has a high performance. This phone’s biggest advantage is that it can play simple games such as Angry Birds as well as much advanced games like Subway Surfers. But with other games like Asphalt 8, you will need an empty memory of 988 megabytes which could be difficult with a small memory capacity. The operating system alone consumes 2.06 Gigabyte of the internal memory. There is no front camera, but the back camera has a resolution of 5 MP with no flashlight. It records videos with a resolution of 480×864. The battery life with excessive use can reach up to 4 hours.

The prices start at EGP 509.

To compare prices kindly visit this link.

Lenovo RocStar A319

Lenovo RocStar A319

It supports two SIM cards. It does the basics and plays music and sounds with the high Dolby technology. The phone design is smart and simple. The screen is small of 4 inch and a resolution of 800×480 MP. It has a touch screen. It is not compatible with viewing high-resolution videos, but it is good enough for web browsing. The phone’s performance is good and it is compatible with Android KitKat operating system.  It uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  The back camera is of 5 MP. The front camera’s resolution is 2 MP and this is rare in phones with low prices. The battery life is up to 10 hours with normal usage and in case the 3G is on the battery survives for 4 hours only. It can play small games and it also browses the internet, takes photos and records videos.

The price starts at EGP 569.

To compare prices click here.

Samsung Galaxy Duos

samsung Duos..

This is a dual SIM card phone that works on Android. The screen is 3.5”. The processor is 1 GHz with RAMs good enough for basic tasks. There is a 3.15 MP camera. It has a 4 Gigabyte memory. You can add an external memory card up to 32 gigabytes. You can browse the web, use simple mobile applications and play some games, but you cannot use many apps simultaneously.

The price starts at EGP 679.

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Smartphones are all out there, but make sure you pick the right one for your kid depending on his age and usage. You can also include them in the decision from the comfort of your own home through online shopping. Compare prices and see all what available now through

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