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11 Coffee Machines for Coffee Lovers

By: Amani Samir & Nadeen El-Fekky

Coffee, with all its types, serves as the number one morning drink for people around the world. It is the first thing they do when they get up. It is the batter charger that pushes most of us to actively start a new day with a new spirit. And because Yaoota always cares about your comfort and happiness, we will show you a variety of coffee makers that you can use at home or office to get your favorite coffee done, exactly the same way it is done in the fanciest restaurants and cafés.

If you liked and wanted to purchase any of the products online, you can buy it through Yaoota‘s website and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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تتبع الوقت بأناقة: إزاي تختار ساعة يد مُناسبة؟

إزاي تختار ساعة يد مُناسبة؟

كتبت: شذا وليد

تقريباً كل حاجة بنعملها بشكل يومي في حياتنا فيها عامل الوقت، إمتى بنصحى، إمتى بناكل، إمتى بنشتغل، إمتى بنتمرن، وإمتى بننام. مرور الوقت بيحدد عمرنا ومدى نضجنا وخبراتنا، وعلى نطاق أوسع، بيحدد حياتنا ككل.

عشان الوقت عامل مهم جدًا، كان لازم الإنسان يلاقي طريقة عشان يتتبعه ويعرفه. وإيه أحسن وأشيك من ساعة يد أنيقة عشان تعرف الوقت بسهولة؟ بس شراء ساعة يد جديدة مش أسهل حاجة. عشان كده ياقوطة جايبالك النهارده دليل مفصّل لشراء ساعة اليد المناسبة.

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Going Green: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home


By Shaza Walid

Green is the new trend, not as a color but as a lifestyle. Over the past years, there has been a rising concern regarding the future of our planet. Surely, humans are bringing benefited prosperity to the world with their inventions, technology, and discoveries, but such processes cause damage and harm to the community and the world. The ozone layer is being depleted, water is being contaminated, air is being polluted, and the ecosystem is being affected and disrupted. Nevertheless, it is never too late to introduce change, and it is always a good idea to start from own homes. As small as these changes may seem to be, they can have a great impact on our environment. Today, Yaoota will give you some tips and provide products on how to make your home more eco-friendly.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime: User Opinions & Review


By Mohamed Adel & Magy Ghaly

Customers are still putting their trust in the Samsung Prime series to get distinctive features for good price, yet some still prefer the very first one of the Prime series (Samsung Grand Prime),which was considered a spectacular start back then. That is because of the Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system, 8 GB internal storage expandable with additional external memory card, and a good-performing rear camera. On top of all these features was the removable 2600 mAh battery. These features are what made the mobile a one-of-a-kind when it was introduced to the market.

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From bartering to credit card to bartering… again?


By Safaa Magdy

Imagine going shopping with a pocket full of salt to exchange for goods. Or imagine going to the supermarket followed by a line of cattle, which you would exchange for a spaghetti packet.

But wait! No need to imagine because this actually happened sometime in history. Let Yaoota take you into the magical story of the coin and currency inventions. Read More…

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Mobile phones for kids

mobiles for kids

By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Safaa Magdy

There may not be specific mobile phones for kids. However, we offer you a collection of cell phones with different features depending on your kid’s age and personality. You surely need to check on your kid every now and then whether they are in school or in the club or anywhere away from you. Read More…

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