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Life Before Phones!


By Safaa Magdy

Thanks to instant messaging you can now easily reach anyone anywhere in the world. But we need a moment to think of all the milestones humanity have been through to reach this point. Humans have always been creative and sometimes funny in inventing ways to communicate and Yaoota will help you find out through the article. Read More…

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الحياة ما قبل التليفون


كتب صفاء مجدي

بتمسك موبايلك وفي ثانية بتتواصل مع صحابك في كل حتة في العالم لكن عشان نوصل للمرحلة الهايلة دي من التطور البشري كان لازم تمر بمراحل كتيرة أوي معظمها غريب ومضحك، ياقوطة هتعرض لك في المقال دا تطور مراحل التواصل بين الناس من قبل اختراع التليفون.

أبسط طريقة للتواصل زمان إن الناس بتتجمع في أماكن معينة للقاء والنقاش ومعرفة آخر الأخبار الأماكن دي كانت زي مثلًا السوق، لكن برده مكنش سهل تحدد معاد مع الناس وتجمعهم كلهم في مكان واحد، يعني تخيل تعمل ميتنج شغل بدون ايميلات أو حتى تليفون! صعبة مش كده؟ Read More…

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The Big Gadget Announcements from MWC 2016


By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Dina Amir

MWC (Mobile World Congress) is one of the biggest events in the world of mobiles worldwide, where all the big corporations launch what’s new in the world of technology and communications. In the following list, you will know the mobiles, accessories, and virtual reality devices that will be launched this year for popular companies, such as: LG; LG announced their new mobile, LG G5, which will be a revolution in the world of mobiles. You will find Samsung getting closer to the peak with their new mobiles S7 Edge and S7, as well as other brands like Sony and Lenovo new mobiles. If you intend to get a new mobile this year, it’s good for you to know the biggest hits of 2016. Yaoota presents you a list of the latest mobiles announced in MWC conference, Barcelona. Read More…

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Mobile phones for kids

mobiles for kids

By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Safaa Magdy

There may not be specific mobile phones for kids. However, we offer you a collection of cell phones with different features depending on your kid’s age and personality. You surely need to check on your kid every now and then whether they are in school or in the club or anywhere away from you. Read More…

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