14 Products for an Unforgettable Movie Night



By Safaa Magdy & Shaza Walid

When you remember some of the brilliant movies you have seen, you will find them classified into two types. The first kind are genuinely awesome movies with regards to their plot, cinematography, and actors’ choice, while the second are ones that are not that great on a cinematic level, but the fun times you had while watching the movie made its memory so great. To make any movie you watch a remarkable one, Yaoota has a list of necessary products that you need for a movie night. The best thing is that you can purchase them online through Yaoota and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article was published, and they are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.


  1. Beanbag

Beanbags are quite comfortable and are useful for any occasion, whether you are watching a movie or not; they are just awesome. They are flexible and can accommodate any sitting position. Whether you will watch a thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat or a comedy that will knock you off your chair laughing, make sure to have a beanbag to fit all scenarios.

You can check out beanbags here. Prices start from 125 EGP .


  1. Lazy Boy

Since we talked about the beanbag and how great it is, we need to talk about the Lazy Boy as well. On first glance, it seems like a regular armchair, but once you sit, you will find it extremely comfortable and you will not want to get up. It also has a handle on the side that works a leg rest up and down, so you can enjoy your movie in comfort.

Check out the Lazy Boy here. Prices start from 610 EGP.


  1. Popcorn Maker

Now why do we love the cinema? Aside from the sound quality, fine screens, and comfortable seats? You guessed it, for the popcorn! We do not know exactly who was the first person to eat popcorn while watching a movie, but we thank him/her dearly for the light, delicious, and convenient snack idea. A good movie equals scrumptious popcorn. Whether you like it salty or sweet or both, popcorn makes everyone happy.

Check out popcorn makers here. Prices start from 250 EGP.


  1. Laptop

If you are one of the people who cannot wait until the movie is out on television and prefer to watch it online, then you need a top-notch laptop with high-quality screen and clear sound. The optimum laptop for watching movies would have a 15-17 inch screen, an Intel i5, i3, or i7 processor, a RAM not less than 8GB, and a battery capacity of not less than eight hours. We recommend Apple, HP, Acer, and Dell because they offer different models with convenient prices.

Buy your laptop here.


  1. Air Conditioner

A good movie with your beloved ones needs a suitable and cool atmosphere, especially after the scorching summer that just passed us. Air conditioners have become essential in households now. You can go on Yaoota and browse for air conditioners based on your needs and budget.

Check out different models of air conditioners here. Prices start from 5130 EGP.


  1. Blanket

A blanket is essential on movie nights. Why, you might ask? It is for your friend who always dozes off in the middle of the movie. And because you are such a good and loyal friend, you will cover him/her with the blanket and continue the movie in peace. In addition, many of us are reluctant to leave the couch after the movie ends because of the cold weather, so we need it to sleep soundly.

Check out blankets here. Prices start from 90 EGP.


  1. Pillow

This is especially for the people who like to hold something while watching a movie or hit something when they are angry with the protagonist. Give your hypersensitive friend a pillow so they can vent out their emotions safely.

Check out pillows here. Prices start from 65 EGP.


  1. Cup for Cold Beverages

Eating and drinking are vital aspects of any movie night. Whether you drink sodas, juices, or even water, a fine set of cups will help you enjoy the movie more.

Check out some elegant cups here. Prices start from 25 EGP.


  1. Mug

Be it a sophisticated movie like Interstellar that needs a cup of coffee to help us focus, or a romantic movie that needs a hot chocolate to contain our emotions, a hot beverage will set the atmosphere for a movie night.

Check out mug sets here. Prices start from 37 EGP.


  1. Nuts

Nuts are as essential for a movie as is the popcorn: abundant, tasty, and easy to eat. Whether they are seeds, peanuts, cashews, or pistachios, nuts are much needed for a movie.

You can purchase nuts here. Prices start from 58 EGP.


  1. Television

For a perfect movie night, you need a big and high-quality TV screen to enjoy the movie to the fullest. We suggest you look at Yaoota’s TV Buying Guide article, which will walk you through every step of buying a new television.

Shop for the best television here. Prices start from 1299 EGP.


  1. Mobile Charger

No matter how great the movie you are watching is, you will not be able to give up your smartphone. You will probably be posting about the movie or tweeting about it, right? That is why a smartphone and its charger are important for a movie night. Make sure to purchase a charger with a long chord, so you do not have to get up all the time to check your phone.

Make your life easier by purchasing a charger with a long chord. Prices start from 110 EGP.


  1. Sweets

After all the nuts and popcorn you eat, you will need something sweet. Make your own ice cream with an ice-cream maker.

Save your money and buy an ice-cream maker here. Prices start from 188 EGP.


  1. Earphones/Speakers

If you are watching the movie alone and want to enjoy the full experience, then you need high quality earphones. To be able to purchase suitable earphones, read this article from Yaoota to help you choose your new earphones.

If you are watching the movie with other people, then you need mega speakers to connect with your laptop or TV.

Check out different models of earphones here. Prices start from 44.99 EGP.

Check out laptop/TV speakers here.


Last but not least, your friends.

They are truly what makes a movie night special. Yes, you have your friend who will not stop commenting the whole movie, the one who comes late and wants you to summarize the whole movie, and of course, the friend who starts the movie all excited then ends up sleeping halfway through it. Despite all this, a good movie night is not complete without your dear friends. Unfortunately, we do not have them on Yaoota.

But on Yaoota, we are all your friends!


Some items may currently be out of stock, but they will be available soon. If you encounter any similar problem, please comment on the article, or contact us through our Facebook page.

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