Innovative Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s Eve and Christmas

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By Dina Amir

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas everyone! The year is almost over and the last day always has a special taste, as we say goodbye to a year full of happiness, memories, and success, to welcome a new year full of hope and possibilities. Since that last day is unique, we want to spend it with our beloved family and friends. Many people don’t know how to celebrate and enjoy this night, and that is why Yaoota will present you with this mini guide to give you some simple ideas about celebrating New Year’s Eve differently in a warm and happy atmosphere.

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First, we will start with how to decorate the house, which can be divided into two sections: the first one will be dedicated to the Christmas tree, while the second one will trace the general house decorations.

The first section: how to pick the right tree?

  • You need to consider the available space and where you will put the tree, without making a chaos, to cheer you up whenever you see it with your family and friends.
  • Budget: you need to determine the amount of money you are willing to invest in the tree and its decorations.
  • There are many types, depending on the size, leaves type, color. For example, some trees are totally white, some are green, and needless to mention that the texture of the tree makes a huge difference in price.


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An inevitable part to get the perfect Christmas tree is its decorations, which depends on the size of your tree in the first place. Sometimes you might like decorations that are too big or too small for your tree. Usually, the tree decorations consists of bells, papa noel, colorful balls, sometimes even stars and snowflakes.

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The second section: Christmas tree decoration


It includes wires of small lamps, papa noel stockings, cushions with Christmas decorations, and bells.

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After going through most of the Christmas decorations, it is time to know how to spend New Year’s Eve in a different way this year.

You choose depending on your preferences and the people you want to spend your day with. For example, if there will be many kids around, you can spend the day bonding over card games or puzzles, but if your beloved ones are into music, you can spend the day planning a karaoke night or a night at the opera, while movie fans can plan a cozy sleepover with popcorn and nice movies.

1.You can spend a warm family day, watching a family comedy movie, eating popcorn and nibbling on nuts.

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2.If you will spend New Year’s Eve with your little siblings or relatives, playing cards or puzzles would be a great option.

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3.Nature is always an interesting activity to spend your holidays with your beloved friends. You can go safari, camping, or climbing mountains in Saint Catherine.

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4.If you are not a big fan of noisy and crowded places, you can spend the night reading while drinking your favorite hot drink on the melodies of your beloved music.

5.If you are the type of person who believes that making people happy will make you happy in return, then you can spend that day visiting your relatives and pouring them with nice Christmas souvenirs and gifts.

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