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14 Products for an Unforgettable Movie Night



By Safaa Magdy & Shaza Walid

When you remember some of the brilliant movies you have seen, you will find them classified into two types. The first kind are genuinely awesome movies with regards to their plot, cinematography, and actors’ choice, while the second are ones that are not that great on a cinematic level, but the fun times you had while watching the movie made its memory so great. To make any movie you watch a remarkable one, Yaoota has a list of necessary products that you need for a movie night. The best thing is that you can purchase them online through Yaoota and have them delivered to your doorstep. Read More…

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أفضل نصائح لتجهيزات السفر واختيار الشنطة المناسبة

نصائح لتجهيزات السفر

كتبت: دينا أمير

طبعاً أغلبنا بيحب السفر وتغيير الأماكن وفرحة الطريق بس كلنا بنقلق لحسن ننسى أي حاجة مهمة في البيت أو ناخد حاجات أزيد و ده ممكن يضيع فرحة السفر. ياقوطة عايزاك تستمتع بكل لحظة بتعيشها وعشان كده قررنا نقدم لكم نصائح لتجهيزات السفر من «عبدالرحمن عمرو» أحد مؤسسي «مشروع سفر» وهنوضح لكم ازاي تختاروا شنطة السفر المناسبة وتسافروا بأقل التكلفة. Read More…

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Packing and Travelling Essential Tips



By Dina Amir

Undoubtedly, we all get excited about travelling, yet packing remains the worst or most difficult part for many people. We get terrified of forgetting anything important back home and extremely overwhelmed with the crammed up bags we end up taking. Yaoota wants you to make the maximum of your trip and that is why we brought you these amazing tips presented by our professional traveler Abdelrahman Amr, to help you pack easier and more efficiently. Amr is one of the founders of Safar Project that aims to make traveling easy, not super costly, and enjoyable by providing useful tips from the traveling experience of the adventurous crew.  Read More…

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أفكار بسيطة تغير بيتك

كتب رنا كمالي. ترجمة دينا امير

لو بتجهزى بيت جديد أكيد بتتمنى بيتك يكون تحفة و مختلف. ولو زهقتى من جزء فى البيت و عايزه تجدديه. عمرك فكرتى ازاى ممكن تستفادى من الحيطان الفاضية فى البيت عشان تخليه أجمل؟ هتزورى اتنين لسه متجوزين أو نقلوا بيت جديد وعايزه تجيبلهم هدية مختلفة؟ يا قوطة بيقدملك مجموعة من الهدايا و المنتجات البسيطة اللى هتساعدك تحققى كل ده و بفضل الشراء اونلاين ممكن تطلبى اللى انت عايزاه ويجيلك فى خلال يوم ل 5 أيام بالكتير. Read More…

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Simple Products For A New Home Style

By Rana Kamaly

Are you decorating your new house and need a few master pieces to get that Perfect look? Are you bored from your living room and just desperate for a change? Do you have some empty walls and don’t know what to do with them? Are you going to a new couple or visiting a friend’s house and need a creative useful gift? If you are any of the above then Yaoota’s list of simple products to change your home style is here to help you out. And the good thing is that online shopping made everything easier by making most of these items available for delivery in one to five days. Read More…

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