Tips for a Hassle-Free First Day of School


Written by: Shaza Walid

As the summer is wrapping up (the season, not the weather!), a new one comes along in September. It is back-to-school time. Mothers to older children would probably have not have problems with this, except for the annual school supplies shopping and what not. However, for a mom with a child just entering school for the first time, it is a bit more challenging. Yaoota knows how hectic the first day of school can be, so here are some tips on how to make this day as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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A Week before the First Day of School

1.Visit The School With Your Child

Since this is the place your child will spend almost half their day at, make sure to get them well acquainted with the school. Take your kid on a tour around the school, exploring the playground and the class they will be in.

Getting your child familiar with the school will lessen the anxiousness and shock of being at an entirely new place the first day.

2. Talk To Your Child about Their Expectations and Fears

The first day of school is a frantic experience for most children. They are going to spend most of their day away from home and parents. Listen carefully to what your child has to say and consider their fears. Never belittle their concerns or dismiss their thoughts, for this will make them more anxious. Simply explain to your child that they have grown up and are ready to learn new things outside of home, as well as make new friends. This will help your child manage expectations and be more ready.

If your child likes reading, you could read to him/her some entertaining stories about going to school to familiarize him/her with what he/she will experience. Check out this collection of children’s stories.

3.Buy The School Supplies Beforehand

Buying the school supplies is essential for the first school day experience. Let your child choose all the supplies according to their taste to foster a sense of ownership and autonomy. It will also get them more excited for this new journey. Avoid the crowd and hassles of the shops during this time and shop for all what you need online through Yaoota to be delivered to your doorstep.

For a detailed back-to-school checklist, read Back-to-School Preparations.

The Night before the First Day of School

1.Have Everything Organized

Both of you will be nervous about the next day, so it will make things easier if you have all your child’s supplies ready. Make sure your child’s uniform is washed, ironed, and hung so you do not have to look for it in the morning. Prepare a pencil case with all its components (pencils, coloring pens, erasers, rulers…etc.), in addition to any copybooks or books needed, and put them in the schoolbag. Most importantly, make sure you include your child in all these preparations to make everything more personalized. To avoid losing anything, try to label your child’s belongings so they are not mixed up with those of other children.

You can write down the tasks you need to do and let your child check them off when you are done. Use one of these colorful to-do lists here for this purpose.

2.Ask for Breakfast Preference

This would probably be the first time for your child to eat his/her meal without you, so it has to be quite special. Ask them about their preference and purchase any groceries you might need beforehand to avoid disappointing your child. Make sure the breakfast is a balanced, filling, and healthy meal (protein, whole grains, and calcium are among the basic nutrients to include). Moreover, the food you put in the lunchbox should be colorful, varied, and easy to eat for the child. Including your child in the food making process would guarantee an empty lunchbox the next day.

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Check out this diverse collection of children’s lunchboxes here.

3.Have a Good Night’s Sleep

The days of staying up late are officially over. It will take you some time to adjust your child’s sleeping times but it is absolutely essential to avoid a grumpy child in the morning. Specify a sleeping time so you do not have to go through fights everyday about when to go to bed. In fact, it is not only your child who needs a good night’s sleep, you do too. Waking up late, rushing your child, and being irritated all the way to school will only get them more anxious.

On The First Day of School

1.Wake Up Early

Waking up early will help you feel more relaxed and focused on what you need to do. Wake up your child with a smile and show your excitement about this new experience they are about to go through. Make sure to take everything your child needs before leaving the house to avoid any rush.

2.Go Through School Rules

During your car trip to the school, remember to familiarize your child with some of the school rules they might not know, such as raising hands if they want anything, obeying the teacher, and not being embarrassed to go to the bathroom. Listening to these tips from you before knowing them from the teacher will reinforce their importance in your child’s mind.

3.Reassure Your Child That Everything Will Be Okay

Make sure your child knows that it is normal to be worried on the first day to school. Sparkle their excitement about meeting new friends and learning great skills. Let them know that you will leave but will come back at the end of the day. Do not fall into the mistake of distracting your child and suddenly leaving behind their back. This will make them more anxious and less trusting of your promises. Keep a constant reminder the teacher is there if they needed any help or had any questions. Finally, ensure your child that you will be eagerly waiting for them to come back with exciting stories about the day.

Best wishes for a new academic year!

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