Spring 2016 Trends for all Body Shapes


By Dina Amir

We all wonder about what would make us look trendy, chic and confident; Yet we want what suits our body. The thing is many of us don’t know or understand our body shape. Ok, our body shape is how our body is constructed; does the measure of your shoulders equal to the measure of your waist? Do you have clear waist lines? All of these details and much more determine what you should wear from the colors, material, designs, and so on. To help you get an expert opinion, we talked to the fashion designer and stylist Mona Ereiba, founder of Ajmal Fashion and an economics graduate of the American University in Cairo, to tell us about Spring and Summer 2016 latest trends, and its relation to body shapes.

Ajmal is a fashion brand that aims to provide veiled girls with trendy elegant clothes similar to the worldwide brands, but adjusted to fit the Egyptian veiled ladies’ style; as well as soiree dresses upon request. Ajmal also offers styling sessions for all their customers.


Latest spring and summer 2016 trends and colors

“The bright colors are the main trends for spring and summer as usual, but adjusting them to fit together harmonically to create a pattern or floral design is the main trend for this year,” says Ereiba.

Colors: pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple are the trend; so if you are picking a piece for spring or summer 2016, you can choose a patterned dress, with some of these colors together as well.

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Body Shapes

Ereiba talked to us about the most common body shapes that she met in Egypt throughout her designing life and how to look stunning in each.

Pear shape

Most common body shape is the pear shape, where your lower body part is more strong built than your shoulders and chest.

“A common mistake is that you want to show your slim upper part through tight tops or shirts, but this creates a problem as anyone will notice your lower part to be much bigger. So you’re advised not to wear floral and patterned trousers and skirts; try to keep all the details and patterns in the upper part; use the floral or patterned colorful tops and blouses to draw the attention to this slim part. Wear straight, dark, and plain skirts and pants to make your lower part look slimmer. Also, try to avoid putting your shirt or blouse inside your pants or skirts. Similarly, avoid using belts in order not to magnify the difference between the upper and lower part of your body,” Ereiba says. 

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Hourglass thin body shape

You’re the opposite of the pear shape, as both the upper and the lower parts of your body are thin.

“Wear patterned and floral clothes; avoid tight outfits as well as dark ones. You can wear a loose blouse with patterned pants, for example. Maxi dresses and skirts will be perfect for you as they will give you a nice volume. Add accessories to give more details and colors. Horizontal stripes are good for you too,” Ereiba says.

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For curvy new mothers

Both your upper and lower parts are strong built, and you might be suffering from some extra fats around your stomach and waist.

“Try to avoid slim fit and tight tops by all means, keep them loose. Try your blouses or shirt while you’re sitting to be able to see if this piece makes you comfortable with how it feels and look or not. Also, if you drive, make sure that this outfit will be comfortable enough for you,” Ereiba says.

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Rectangular body shape

Whether you are slim or curvy you, if you have this body shape, then you won’t have a clear waist line. As Ereiba explained, you can know this even in young girls from the age of 2-3 because these lines formulate at a very young age.

“Try not to gain weight if you’re thin and try to lose weight if you’re over weight. Try to create a waist using thin belts, never use the thick ones; for example, if you’re wearing a bright blouse, wear a black thin belt to work as ‘contouring for your waist.’ Avoid low-waist skirts and pants,” Ereiba says.

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Inverted triangle body shape

You have wide shoulders in comparison to the lower part of your body; in other words, you’re the opposite of the pear shape.

“Concentrate the details in the lower part as it’s thinner, so you can wear floral, patterned, or layered skirts and pants. Keep the details and draw the attention to the lower part, which is relatively slimmer,” says Ereiba.

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Regardless of any trends, always choose what suits you best, what makes your body look shapely consistent and what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Love yourself the way you are, and always remember that beauty lies within.

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