Pros and Cons of Kenwood Grill


By Shimaa Gizy& translated by Dina Amir

Grilled food is both healthy and delicious. The fact that you can enjoy delicious food without feeling guilty is amazing on its own. Yet, most grills can’t be used at home, which makes way for eating less healthy food. Today we present you with the Kenwood HG266 grill with specifications that allow you to grill at home and enjoy yummy food. You will know the pros and cons of HG266 grill and how to use it for frying and grilling all types of food, not only meat.

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Why Kenwood HG266 Grill?

The first question that comes to our mind is why is this grill unique? Of course it has many pros that will be explained later, but the major thing is getting healthy delicious food at home, even if it was for large number of people, in a secure clean way.

Grilled Chicken Recipe:

  1. Easy and favored by most kids. The steps: marinate chicken with black pepper, salt, barbecue spices, onion water, yoghurt, and tomato sauce. Leave it marinated for one day.
  2. Set the grill temperature after connecting it to a plug in. Once the grill reaches the required temperature it switches off automatically
  3. The good thing is that the grill heats up again when it cools down, to maintain the same required temperature.

Pros of Kenwood HG266 Grill

  • Power engine: 2000watt which ensures fast and well done food
  • You can use it for more than just grilling. You can fry eggs and grill vegetables, and there’ s a section for this
  • Easy cleaning as the lid is Pyrex and the edges are stainless steel.
  • You can use it to reheat food, fry, and grill
  • It is divided into two sections. A plain surface for vegetables and eggs, while the other section is for grilled meat
  • The grill body is made of non-stick tefal
  • The lid has a thermostat to control temperature according to the type of food
  • Fats are channeled into a tray under the grill
  • You can detach the parts completely to clean them or put them in the dishwasher

Cons of Kenwood HG266 Grill

  • You can’t prepare food for a big gathering
  • Automatic switching off when it reaches the required temperature and switching on again as the temperature drops makes preparing food take longer time.

Kenwood HG266 Grill Price in Egypt

Starts from EGP 752

Customer Feedback

HG266 Kenwood grill made life so much easier. You can prepare all the food you wish for at home, even fruits. Healthy food was never easier. You will get yummy food easily and in no time. Grilling meat and vegetables, each on its own side, after well marinating them will be a lifetime experience. Cleaning the grill is really easy. I even grill garlic as I like to use it grilled in cooking. It maintained its original taste and it had the grilled touch. You can fry eggs for breakfast, as well as other items, which is a huge advantage.

Kenwood Grill review



Size, Shape, and Security

  • Medium size is perfect for a family dinner, but if you have a family gathering, you need to use it more than once.
  • The design of the grill is fancy and the silver color makes it a piece of décor.
  • The heat isolated handles will make your life easier in terms of preparing food.
  • You can use it to cater the food to your family as it looks chic and id safe to use.
  • Automatic switching off when it reaches the required temperature will make grilling more safe and will prevent hurting your hands.


  • Grilling and frying is a huge advantage that makes the Kenwood grill unique.
  • Thermostatic control in the lid.
  • Tray for collecting fats is an easy way to clean the grill and keep it for a longer time.
  • 2000watt engine power will ensure fast and easy grilling
  • The tefal non-stick grill will not affect the taste of either fried or grilled food.
  • The size and weight of the grill are not much, which makes it easy to move or take when you travel.
  • You will get healthy food as you don not use any fats in cooking both fried and grilled food.

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