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5 Objects to Make the Most of Your Garden

 مجموعة من المنتجات اللي هتغير شكل حديقتك تغيير جذري

By: Ahmed Al-Refaie & Bassem Badawy

If you have a garden as part of your house, you’re lucky to have nature so close by. You need, however, to take good care of your garden to keep it a pleasant place for you, friends and family. It’s an additional space that can have multiple uses: a recreation field, or simply a place to relax and take a deep breath.

In this article, Yaoota is going to show you some products that you can use to change how your garden looks radically and turn into a place suitable for everyone and all occasions.

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10 Kitchen Appliances for a Healthier Life

10 kitchen appliances for a healthier life | Yaoota Magazine

By: Shaza Walid & Magy Ghaly

What would be more precious than our health and our bodies’ fitness? Of course there is nothing more important. So, as winter has come to an end and our months of hibernation is over, we need to give more attention to our health and take more care of our bodies. However, as most of us go home feeling tired after an exhausting day at work, we feel lazy to go to the gym.

And because our main objective at Yaoota is your comfort, we decided to offer you some important tips to take care of your health. Also, we are presenting some home appliances that will help you take good care of your bodies, so that your health will significantly improve.

After you have read the article, and if you liked any of these appliances and thought about buying any, you can easily purchase it through Yaoota and have it delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.

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Tips & Appliances For A Healthier Lifestyle This Year


By Shaza Walid

Since we are on the verge of a new year and everyone is writing down his/her resolutions, Yaoota has one to suggest, leading a healthier lifestyle. With the air being more polluted, more foods are becoming processed and technological advancements are making us a bit more inactive, the need to develop a healthier lifestyle is becoming more important than ever. And what is a better place to start than our own homes? Yaoota will provide you with some valuable tips and appliances’ suggestions to lead a better and healthier lifestyle at home this year.

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Pros and Cons of Kenwood Grill


By Shimaa Gizy& translated by Dina Amir

Grilled food is both healthy and delicious. The fact that you can enjoy delicious food without feeling guilty is amazing on its own. Yet, most grills can’t be used at home, which makes way for eating less healthy food. Today we present you with the Kenwood HG266 grill with specifications that allow you to grill at home and enjoy yummy food. You will know the pros and cons of HG266 grill and how to use it for frying and grilling all types of food, not only meat. Read More…

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Barbecue Party Equipment


By Amany & translated by Dina Amir

Summer isn’t well spent without having a couple of barbecue parties, whether with your family or with your friends. Whenever you travel for a vacation, take it as a chance to the barbecue among trees, the sea, flowers, and sand. You can hold barbecue parties in the morning or at night, the company is all that matters. Read More…

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