Prifix V1 Receiver: Pros, Cons & User Experience

ريسيفر ستالايت فل اتش دي من بريفيكس V1

By: Mona Awad & Bassem Badawy

Nowadays, in order to be open to the world around you, you need to have a receiver attached to your television. Since the market has so many different models of receivers available, many users get confused regarding which model to purchase that would suit their needs.

For that reason, Yaoota is going to introduce the popular digital Prifix V1 receiver that will enable you to watch any satellite channel. Moreover, you get to listen to your favorite radio channel through it. If you like the Prifix V1 receiver, feel free to place your order online via Yaoota to have it delivered to your doorstep in no time.

*Prices listed in this article are the ones provided at the time of its publication, and are subject to change according to the supply and demand of the market.

Prifix V1 Receiver Specifications

  • Trademark: Prifix.
  • Image Quality: Full HD.
  • Supported Languages: English, Arabic, German and Russian.
  • Internet Connection: Available.
  • Viewing Scrambled Channels: Not available.
  • Random Search for Channels: Available.
  • Multi-channel & Manual Search: Available.
  • USB Port: Available.



  • It has a vertical design and a modern and elegant look.
  • It is provided with a small digital screen that tells you the channel number.


  • None concerning the design.

User Experience

  • The design of the receiver is unique, modern and can suit any décor of any house. In addition to that, its vertical position can save some space.



  • The device is user-friendly.
  • It provides a Full HD image of 1080p quality.
  • It supports the random channel search feature, adding programs and removing and renaming channels.
  • It also supports multi-channel and manual search for all the satellites, and it enables you to add a satellite, rename it or remove it.
  • The device allows parents to watch their kids and control what they watch through parental protection feature.
  • It has a memory that is big enough to save up to 100 satellites and 4000 channels. It can also save 8 different sets of favorite channels.
  • It supports many languages, such as English, Arabic, German and Russian.
  • It supports different video formats, such as JPEG, M-JPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 HD and SD.
  • It supports different sound formats, such as MP3 and MPEG-1.
  • It also supports L/R and S/PDIF outlets.
  • It supports the PAL and NTSC encoding systems.
  • The receiver comes with an HD cable.


  • The device needs resetting every once in a while.

User Experience

  • Despite the many advantages that the receiver has, it has some lagging issues, especially when switching between different channels.

Attached Features & Programs


  • The receiver has an HDMI port that provides wonderful HD image.
  • It has a port that allows you to connect a USB or any external hard disk.
  • It also has an LNB outlet and it comes with a satellite dish antenna.
  • It supports connecting to a Wi-Fi Dongle that enables you to open YouTube.


  • The receiver does not support some file extensions.

User Experience

  • Generally, the device has good potential for its price. The only problem is that the device needs resetting every once in a while.

Check out the Prifix V1 receiver here.

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