Creative Ideas to Break the Daily Routine


By Noha Nasrat & Shaza Walid

Complaints of a boring life routine have become excessively common nowadays. The mistake we often do is leaving ourselves to reach this level of frustration. Yaoota is here to give you some creative ideas and tips to break the routine and beat the boredom. Attempting any of the ideas below every once in a while will surely provide a surge of fresh energy.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal,” Paulo Coelho, one of the greatest novelists.

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1. Participating in a Running or Bike Marathon

We often see many such events on social media. Consider participating in those most suitable for you. If you know how to ride a bike then pick it up and go cycling. If not, attend a running marathon. The sheer atmosphere there on its own will lift you up! These activities will surely leave you revitalized, both physically and mentally. You might also make some new friends.

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2. Writing


Try writing an article and posting it on social media or a personal blog. It is going to be an enriching experience, especially when you start interacting with the readers and responding to their questions and opinions.

Moreover, you could also buy a journal and start recording your special memories and happy memories. Going back to them whenever you are feeling down or upset would lift your spirits up and make you feel grateful.

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3. Attending Educational Seminars or Workshops

Attend a seminar or lecture related to anything of interest, whether science, religion, or culture. You would gain information and broaden your horizons. You could also participate in a workshop related to a field you want to know more about such as broadcast, dubbing, graphics, or others. In addition to breaking the routine, these workshops will give you valuable experience in both your work and personal life.

4.Going on a Trip


Try going on an outing with your family and friends to a new exciting place, such as a somewhere on the Nile or a location with natural scenery and green areas. You could also try a one-day trip (day use) to a place by the sea, which will help you recharge your energy, change your mood, and feel relaxed. Remember to take some tools that will help make your trip better such as a food bag, water cooler, and a tea thermos.

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5. Learning a New Hobby


Every time you learn a new skill, you will feel a change in your personality. But what could you learn? You could learn a new language, try a new dish, or pick up a new hobby such as drawing or music. You might even give crochet or accessories making a try.

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Helping others with nothing in return feels wonderful and brings you serenity and satisfaction. You can try volunteering to teach literacy classes or working at an elderly home once or twice per month. You will then feel how much value you are adding to other people’s lives, as well as yours.

7. Reading

“Stories are the souls of places; without them all the earth will be the same,” Mohamed El Adawy in his book, “El Raees”

The great thing about reading is that it takes you to other worlds, and makes you discover new things. This will enrich your character and open up your mind. Try to allocate a specific time of your day to reading and you will be able to travel to places you have never been and live times you have never lived. Moreover, you will also gain much experience by reading autobiographies, novels, or scientific books.

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8. Visiting Relatives and Old Friends


Call up the relatives you have not talked to for ages and go visit them. Remember to take a small gift with you. Connect with your old friends and go out at the place you used to go to years back. Reliving good memories will leave you feeling optimistic and energized.

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9. Practicing Sports

There is no doubt that practicing sports changes your mood and health for the better. Join the nearest gym and stick to specific training times. You could also try walking or jogging for half an hour. If you do not have the time to do sports outdoors, then you can purchase a training device to guarantee you will stick to your training time every day.

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10. Growing Indoor Plants

Some kinds of plants can easily be well-kept indoors such as thyme, mint, basil, and bay laurel. These herbs can be used in making food, decorating the house with the soothing green color, and leaving your home with aromatic smells all the time.

There are various kinds of pots such as:

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  • Wood: cedar or redwood do not wear out quickly.
  • Pottery: needs a lot of water.
  • Ceramic and aluminum.

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