Best Selfie Smart Phones of 2016


By Nadia Hussien & translated by Magy Ghaly

Capturing selfies and sharing the moments with others is something that brings joy and excitement to many people. If you are a selfie lover, then here are the best selfie phones in 2016, which start at less than 2500 EGP.

*Rankings are according to the price range and that doesn’t mean the superiority of one phone over the other.

*The prices of the products in this article are the prices listed in the stores at the time of publishing the article; with time the prices may vary.

The next table introduces briefly the pros and cons of the front-facing camera while the details are in the article below.

Model Pros Cons Price
Asus Zenfone Selfie
  • 13MP.
  •  Dual flash.
  •   As for night shots, it is good in the presence of light, even if the light is weak.
  • In case of complete darkness, you’ll get a somehow dark picture and you won’t get many details.
2199 EGP
Sony Xperia C4
  • 5MP.
  • LED flash.
  •  A wide aperture lens that grants the user good group selfies.
  • In indoor shooting, the pictures are of lower quality than those captured in daylight.


2299 EGP
Oppo f1
  • 8MP.
  • The whole screen can turn into flashlight.


  • You’ll notice some noise in low light.


2399 EGP
Lenovo Vibe S1
  • It distinguishes itself with its dual selfie camera which selfie lovers will definitely like. It is the first dual selfie camera in the world.
  • The primary front-facing camera is 8MP.


  • You can’t record videos with dual selfie camera mode.


2349 EGP
Samsung E7
  •  5MP.
  • Wide angle of 120-degree shots.


  •  Capturing group selfies of quality 2000×1600 pixels, but is of lower quality than normal selfies.
2699 EGP
HTC Desire 826 ·      13MP.
  • No flash.
  • Pictures taken in low light are of average quality.
2900 EGP
HTC Desire Eye
  • 13MP with dual LED flash and dual-tone flash.
  • You can take underwater pictures as the phone is water-resistant for half an hour at depth up to 1.5 meters.
  • In low light conditions, you might have some noise.
3299 EGP
Sony Xperia C5 Ultra
  • 13MP with flash.
  • The camera app has got features and modes to give you the best quality.
  • The white balance is inaccurate but you can overcome this with some filters.
3349 EGP
Huawei Mate S
  • 8MP with dim flash; captures panorama selfies.
  • Captures selfies using your fingerprint.
  • There’s no escape from noisy or grainy pictures but, anyway, it’s much less than its rivals.
4590 EGP 

Asus Zenfone Selfie

Asus has supported this phone with cameras of the best rear and front-facing cameras with many features like auto laser focus and slow motion shooting. As for selfies, it’s an incredible experience that you’ll have to discover for yourself.

Check out tAsus Zenfone Selfie here. Its price starts at 2199 EGP.

Watch this video to take a quick look at the Asus Zenfone selfie.

Front-facing camera

  • 13 MP with aperture f/2.2.
  • Dual flash and also supports autofocus.
  • The camera is made for fascinating selfies and is supported with 88-degree wide-angle lens.
  • Records videos of quality 1080p @30 fps.
  • As for night shots, it is good in the presence of light, even if weak. But in complete darkness you will get somehow dark pictures and you won’t get full details.
  • The beautification feature works on enhancing the picture, elimination of skin spots and softening the skin. The effect is seen immediately or right after capturing the picture.

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Oppo F1

It is a new phone that has joined the category of the selfie phones; it is of average price and average performance.

Check out Oppo F1 here. Its price starts at 2399 EGP.

Watch this video to take a quick look at the Oppo F1.

Front-facing camera

  • 8 MP, f/2.0 aperture and records videos of quality 1080p.
  • The front-facing camera of the Oppo F1 is of a special feature which is the possibility of transforming the whole screen to flash. It produces great selfies and clear colors.

The responsiveness of the front-facing camera to light is much better than the rear camera because of the aperture. In most phones, companies care to make the aperture of the rear camera better than the front-facing camera, but here we find the exact opposite.

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Sony Xperia C4

It is distinguished with a very responsive front-facing camera with LED flash, especially made by Sony for professional selfies according to Sony itself, and is ranked as one of the best selfie phones in the world.

You can buy Sony Xperia C4 here. Its price starts at 2299 EGP.

Watch this video to take a quick look at the Sony Xperia C4.

Front-facing camera

  • 5 MP with LED flash.
  • Aperture f/2.2.
  • It can record 720p videos.
  • Especially made for selfie lovers.
  • The shots are of good quality in daylight but unfortunately in indoor lighting, the pictures came with lower quality than that of the ones captured in daylight.
  • As for indoor shots, the sharpness of the details decreases and the photo looks somehow grainy.
  • The supreme feature for this camera is the flash that works to provide you with more light in case of low-light conditions.
  • This camera of the Sony Xperia is of wide aperture to include more people in the most favorite selfie shots for many.
  • You can count on it to make very good video calls.

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Samsung Galaxy E7

It has a good selfie camera and average performance, but you can count on it to perform the daily tasks.

You can buy Samsung E7 here. Its price starts at 2699 EGP.


Front-facing camera

  • The front-facing camera is 5 MP.
  • Aperture f/2.2.
  • A wide angle camera of 120 degrees that can capture great selfies.
  • It has got the special feature of voice command and gesture control which makes it easier for you to control your selfies.
  • It gives good selfies and video calls.
  • It can capture wide group selfies of quality 2000 * 1600 pixels but it will be of less resolution than normal selfies of quality 2576 * 1932 pixels.

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Lenovo Vibe S1

It outstands with its dual selfie camera which selfie lovers will definitely like, and it is considered to be the first dual selfie camera in the world.

You can buy Lenovo Vibe S1 here. Its price starts at 2349 EGP.

Watch this video to take a quick look at the Lenovo Vibe S1.

Front-facing camera:

  • The main front-facing camera is on the left with quality 8 MP, supported with a secondary front sensor on the right of quality 2 MP.
  • It can record FHD videos.
  • The camera’s performance is great; selfie lovers will like it for the effects that produce wonderful selfies.
  • You won’t be able to record videos in the double camera mode.
  • When using the double camera mode, all the effects will be available in the gallery after capturing the photograph.
  • The use of the double camera mode in the Lenovo Vibe s1 is simple but gives interesting results, for using this mode will enable the camera to differentiate between details easily, and therefore distinguish precisely between you and the background behind you. After that, you can use this feature to remove the background, crop it and replace it, as well as add a precedent picture. The idea is fun and carries a great deal of excitement in making pictures as you like easily, in a few steps, and without a talent in the graphics field using a complicated program like Adobe Photoshop to remove a background you don’t like and adding another one that’s more attractive! Lenovo deserves to be thanked for this superb feature.

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HTC Desire Eye

Selfie lovers and also Snapchat users will love this HTC Desire Eye; front-facing camera of 13MP with dual-LED and dual-tone flash.

You can buy HTC Desire Eye here. Its price starts at 3299 EGP.

Watch this video to take a quick look at the HTC Desire Eye.

Front-facing camera:

  • 13 MP with dual LED flash and dual tone flash.

The camera application of the HTC Desire Eye:

  • The HTC Desire Eye’s camera application is easy to use and is divided into camera options, selfie, split capture that enables you to capture photos and record videos with both the rear and front-facing camera at the same time, photo booth that captures four sequential pictures and then they appear in one picture, and pan 360 which is the panorama shooting.
  • You can control the light sensitivity (ISO) and also the white balance.
  • Since the phone is water resistant for almost half an hour, you can take underwater photos at one meter depth. There is a side button to open and capture underwater photographs because you won’t be able to use the touch screen down there.
  • Because the microphones are near both the rear and front-facing cameras, you get very good sound with videos.

*The photos are generally good and the details are clear, especially with the dual flash, but in low light conditions you might find some noise.

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HTC Desire 826

It comes with a distinct front-facing camera for selfie lovers, and HTC claims that the front-facing camera of the HTC Desire 826 can capture 300% more light, but the experience is what matters most.

You can buy HTC Desire 826 here. Its price starts at 2900 EGP.



Front-facing camera

  • 13 MP.
  • Aperture f/2.0.
  • No flash.
  • It gives very good selfies in good light conditions.
  • But, unfortunately, with low light you’ll get an average-quality selfie.

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Sony Xperia C5 Ultra

It is convenient for selfie lovers and lovers of entertainment as you can enjoy its big screen watching movies, playing games, internet browsing and reading.

You can buy Sony Xperia C5 Ultra here. Its price starts at 3349 EGP.


Front-facing camera

  • It was the right decision of Sony to produce the front-facing camera of quality 13 MP.
  • Aperture f/2.2.
  • Front flash.
  • The quality is high for a selfie camera and very clear video calls.
  • The captured photographs are of the best selfies you can get.
  • The camera application has some features and modes that help offer the best quality you can get.
  • The white balance is inaccurate but you can overcome this with some filters on Instagram or any other photo editing app.

*As for recording videos, both cameras give you medium quality videos.

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Huawei Mate S

The Huawei Mate S came as a strong rival for the Huawei Mate 8 and that’s because the latter is also a distinct selfie phone.

You can buy  Huawei Mate S here. Its price starts at 4590 EGP.

Watch this video to take a quick look at the Huawei Mate S.

Front-facing camera:

  • The front-facing camera is of quality 8 MP with dim flash that is very sufficient for selfies.
  • Aperture f/2.4.
  • It can record videos of quality 1080p. There are different modes such as: beautification mode that refines the skin and does some improvements for the eye and face.
  • It can capture selfies with the fingerprint sensor.
  • It can capture very good panorama selfies.
  • The selfies are very good and Selfie lovers will definitely like it.
  • There’s no way out of the noise and some grainy pictures but, anyway, it’s a lot less noisy than other rivals.

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The list continues to include many others like Huawei honor 6, Huawei honor 6 plus and also the XIAOMI MI 4.

Of the best performing phones of 2015, we would recommend LG G4, iPhone 6s and Samsung S6. And in 2016, we found that the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 gives amazing selfies, as well as and also Google Nexus 6p.

Our readers are welcome to give us some suggestions based on personal experience to add to the best selfie phones list.

Products might be out of stock, but you may find them available. If you encounter any problems with any product, please leave us a comment or contact us through our Facebook page

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