10 Entertainment Games You Can Play at Home

By: Ahmed El-Refaie & Yara El-Hemaily

Sometimes, we forget to have fun. If you have some space at your house and want to try something new, something fun, for a change, read on! This is an article on games that have no specific age and require no specific space — some are bigger than others, but the fun is all the same! 

Yaoota has collected for you the top 10 entertainment games that you can play at home. The party has just moved to your house!

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(1) Tennis Table

Ping Pong tables are either made entirely of wood or only have a wooden surface and thin metal bases. Some types have wheels to move the tables, and usually the table can be folded into two parts for ease of storage. 

How Do I Point Out the Good Ones?
The most distinguishable feature about a tennis table is the thickness of its surfaces/edges. Some types have a layer of plastic covering the edges of its wooden surface; this gives it better protection and longevity. In contrast, there are types that do not have this cover; thus, its edges are entirely wooden and may be susceptible to wearing out if not properly stored in good place and weather conditions.

Check out Tennis Tables and Rackets here.

(2) Hockey Table

This game is a simulation of the original hockey game, which is played on snow. The table is electrically connected because it has an engine that emits air to the table so that the ball moves smoothly and very fast.

How to Play:
There are two goal posts in the table. Each player attempts to insert a small disc into the other’s goal post with a plastic paddle. 

You can get small hockey tables for your kids. They are small in size, light in weight and easy to move. Besides, they do not take up much space at all.

On the other hand, there are larger tables more suitable for adults, but those require reasonable space of your home. Some tables have a length of 1.21 meter, a width of 61 cm and a height of 75.5 centimeters. There are others that are of a length of 2.03 meter, a width of 1.06 meter and a height of 81 centimeters.

Check out Hockey Tables here.

(3) Babyfoot Table

If you enjoy football, the babyfoot table is the thing for you!

How to Play:
2-4 people can play this game. It’s a wooden table with two goal posts, a small ball and many handles with rubber grips on the sides, each of which controls an entire row of players required to score in the opponent’s goal.

There are different sizes of the Babyfoot table:
1. Babyfoot tables for children under 4 years-old. This type is light and doesn’t need space. It’s often made of plastic.
2. Babyfoot tables for 4+ year-olds. This type iss made of MDF wood and has a length of 68.5 cm, a width 36.5 cm and a height of 57 cm.
3. Babyfoot tables for adults. This type needs requires much space; its length is 137 cm, its width 73.5 cm and its height 86 cm.

Check out Babyfoot Table for children here.

And check out Babyfoot Table of medium size here.

And check out Babyfoot Table of large size here.

(4) Basketball Stand

If you are a basketball fan, now you can play it at home through a basketball stand. It is a wheel-mounted portable stand with a height of 1.4-2.1 m. The rack ends with a stand 74 cm-wide and a length of 49 cm. Attached to it is a basketball ring and net.

Check out Basketball Stand here.

There are other types of this carrier that are smaller in size to suit children of young age. Also, if you do not have the space available to place this rack, you can just buy a small basketball ring and attach it to the wall.

Check out Basketball Ring for Hanging on the wall here.

(5) Boxing

If you want to box in your house, you can get the stand especially designed for this game. This stand is hung from one side, a heavy bag of sand, a sand bag from another or a speed ball.

Check out Boxing Stand here.

If you cannot find the appropriate space for this stand, you can buy the sand bag separately and attach it to the ceiling. The same goes for the speed ball that can be purchased separately.

The boxing man is another tool that can be used in boxing. It is a stand with an artificial man who gets the strikes instead of the sack of sand. You can control the length of this stand from 158 to 180 centimeters. In order to install the stand, there is a tank or water tank at its base, which can be filled with 110-120 kg, so that the carrier does not move or lean over when you practice.

Do not forget to buy boxing gloves and a pressing bandage to protect your wrist from twisting when exercising.

Check out accessories for boxing sports here.

(6) Tennis Bag

This game is a miniature simulation of the tennis game suitable for practicing at home, especially by children. This game is composed of a portable bag with two plastic tennis rackets and a ball, in addition to a stand with a small net measuring 184 cm long, 41 cm wide and 145 centimeters high.

What distinguishes this game is that you can place and replace it wherever you want. You can use it in a free space inside the house, in the garden or at the beach, as the set is easy to carry with you wherever you travel.

Check out Tennis Bag Game here.

(7) Dartboard

This is a fun game that takes up no space whatsoever. Over the years, and since it’s a popular game, its design has progressed. Nowadays, there are plenty of types, mostly differing according to material. Here are some examples:

  • Bristle Dartboard (made of hard compact fibers):
    It is the oldest form of dartboards and has a long life. The darts don’t leave marks on the dartboard.
  • Electronic Dartboard:
    It is the most popular in our time. There are thousands of small openings in the board, and if the dart struck one of them, the result is automatically calculated on a small screen hanging on the board. Often, the board is of a large size, which helps to make shooting easier, increasing its popularity around the world due to the decreased level of its difficulty.
  • Coiled Paper Dartboard:
    This board is characterized by being cheap. However, it is also easily perishable, because when the dart pierces the surface of the paperboard, it damages it.
  • Wooden Dartboard:
    It’s the traditional form of dartboards. This dartboard requires regular maintenance in order for its surface not to be exposed to drought and cracks.
  • Magnetic Dartboard:
    This board is made of metal, and the darts have magnetic pieces in their ends that enable them to stick to the surface of the board.

Check out Dartboard Game here.

(8) PlayStation 4

PlayStation is an electronic game that does not occupy space in your house, and many members can play it simultaneously. In Sony’s latest releases, PlayStation 4 has been divided into three categories:

  • PlayStation 4 Original:
    It is the first version of the PlayStation 4. It is the first form of the game that was launched in 2013. Its structure is characterized by its hardness and thickness.
  • PlayStation 4 Slim:
    The new design of the PlayStation 4, which was introduced in September, 2016. It is characterized by a distinguished appearance and a smaller size. It is expected that this form will replace the old one in the coming period until the production of the old one is completely stopped. The price of this version is not much different than the old one.
  • PlayStation 4 Pro:
    The latest version of PlayStation 4. It has become available in the market since November, 2016. It is mostly distinguished by the strength of the processor, which helps you enjoy more during playing. It also carries an ultra-sharp 4k resolution with high-dynamic range (HDR), which makes its presentation of games of a higher quality than previous versions.

In all versions of the PS4, you have two options for storage space: either 500 GB or 1 TB. Many people go for the latter because new games require more space year after a year.

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(9) Chess

One of the most famous games in history!

There are very valuable chess boards that some people compete to acquire. In addition to chessboards made of wood, there are other types made of different materials, such as glass, crystal, seashells and others.

Check out Chess here.

(10) Meccano

Adults enjoy this game as much as kids do! It unleashes your creativity as you are given metal and plastic pieces and are required to build something original with them. It requires patience as well, since it’s more intricate than playing with LEGO bricks.

LEGO is a Danish company — the most prominent in the field of interlocking brick design and manufacture. With the LEGO movies coming out, your child will love building things and constructing their own world even more.

Check out Meccano here.

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