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10 Entertainment Games You Can Play at Home

By: Ahmed El-Refaie & Yara El-Hemaily

Sometimes, we forget to have fun. If you have some space at your house and want to try something new, something fun, for a change, read on! This is an article on games that have no specific age and require no specific space — some are bigger than others, but the fun is all the same! 

Yaoota has collected for you the top 10 entertainment games that you can play at home. The party has just moved to your house! Read More…

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Top 16 Games for All the Family


By Noha Nasrat & Translation by Dina Amir
Family and friends gatherings are always priceless; they carve precious unforgettable memories in our hearts and minds.  Games can make these gathering, even more, fun and create a strong bond between you and your beloved ones. You will remember each and every moment of your gaming time, your laughter, your sincere words, and even the picture of your loved ones around you in one place. Choosing games that suit the young and old is always the best way to bring everyone on one table.  So because Yaoota cherishes family time, we brought you this list of games that are suitable for all ages. Pick what you like, what suits your family and have a wonderful time. Read More…

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ألعاب جماعية لكل الأسرة


كتب نهى نصرت

من اللحظات الجميلة اللى دايما بنفتكرها مهما مرعليها الزمن، هى لمتنا مع أفراد عيلتنا أو أصحابنا، دايما بنفتكر لعبنا وضحكنا وحكايتنا مع بعض لما كنا بنتجمع كلنا سوا.. فى العاب كثيرة بتكون سبب فى زيادة متعتنا وكمان بتزود التقارب بين الجميع خصوصًا لو بتناسب الكبير والصغير بحيث الكل يقدر يشارك فيها، على ياقوطة هتقدر تلاقى مجموعة من الألعاب اللى تناسب جميع الأعمار وتقدر تختار من خلالها اللى يناسبك ويناسب عيلتك. Read More…

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