Turkish Granite Round Oven Trays 3 Pieces from Delux Review

By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

With the spread of granite trays in today’s market, there are many brands out there that we could easily get fooled to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake. Real or original trays have an engraved mark on them and has ‘Made in Turkey’ written. The fakes only have ‘Turkey’ written on them. The difference could also be seen in the material, which is an important point as it could affect our health, because some materials can be harmful. The good trays are made of safe metals such as aluminum, mixed with some chrome and coated with a thick layer of grantiate to give it a smooth surface. And it doesn’t have toxic materials such as lead and cadmium. In the original types there’s a rough dot pointing out. The fake types also get sold with expensive prices to make them look like the real deal.

In this Yaoota’s review, we will talk about the important highlights of these trays, from description, pros to cons, so that you get a complete overview. When you make up your mind, you could simply place your order online to have it delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

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  • Color: brown
  • Brand: Delux
  • Material: granite
  • Type: baking trays
  • SKU: 2724710271489
  • Number of pieces: 3


  • Has a thick layer coated with metal, which makes it resistant to scratches more than other models.
  • The base and edges are thick as well, thus cooking in them is safe and the food won’t get burned.
  • Granite is the best type of trays, it’s strong and endures high temperatures and not harmful.
  • It saves time, as it heats the food quickly and distributes heat with high speed, which is essential for baking.
  • Very safe on health as it’s made of healthy materials free of lead and cadmium and octane, which are considered harmful.
  • Made with high quality materials that can endure high temperatures and are safe as well such as heavy aluminium and chrome.
  • The granite layer used to coat material is thick and could endure much more than other types such as ceramic and Tefal.
  • Very smooth texture, and doesn’t let food stick to it, for this reason it became popular in every modern kitchen for its practicality and being easy to clean.
  • Very easy to clean as food does not stick to it at all, it gets cleaned just by using a soft sponge and rinsing it.
  • The set consists of 3 different sized trays that are great for baking and without a sticky surface.


  • It could be broken if it falls down repeatedly.
  • It could be scratched if you used metal spoons with it or washed it with metal wire. If scratched it loses its value and becomes harmful.
  • It’s heavy in weight, but it’s better for steadiness and it shows its high quality.
  • Granite is known to be more expensive than other material and also better.

User experience

  • Great in baking, cooks food evenly and heats up quickly. It bakes cakes evenly from all sides. And most importantly it does not make food stick. One user says “I wash it myself to take care of its quality.”


Check out the Turkish granite round oven trays 3 pieces from Delux from here.

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