Tips and accessories for Pokémon Go players


By Michel Ramsis

Bringing back childhood memories from the 1990s, the virtual reality game Pokemon Go is enormously trending, whether for gamers or in social media. Yaoota would like you to be well equipped with tools and accessories to enjoy the game and reach high levels easily.

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Tips for Pokemon Go players

  1. Do not go to dangerous or inappropriate places just because you’re playing this game. Catching Pikachu is not worth risking your life for. Enjoy the game, yet stay alert.
  2. Do not play Pokemon Go while driving a car, motorcycle, or even a bicycle. You will put many lives in danger, as well as yours. Even if a small accident, this is not a thing that you want to experience. Play and enjoy, yet be rational.
  3. Keep in mind that there is a lot going on around you, like traffic lights and signs that you need to respect.
  4. Never invade someone’s private space to play the game or achieve a higher level
  5. Keep your mobile 100% charged all the time
  6. Read number 2 again, your life is worth it.

Share with us your opinion and tell us more about your adventures with Pokemon Go. Give your gaming buddies some advice and don’t forget to tell us which level are you in now?

Tools for Pokemon Go player

  1. Keep a power bank in your pocket for emergencies, not less than 10000 mAh to charge your mobile, in case your mobile died.

Check this 10000mAh power bank, starting from EGP 140

  1. We are in the summer, so it is a better wear a light color cotton t-shirt whenever you go searching for Pokémon

Check cotton t-shirts collection here, starting from EGP 40

  1. A bottle of water is essential in this hot weather. Try to get a bottle that keeps the water cold for as long as possible.

Check here water bottles collection, starting from EGP 28

  1. You need to be online 24/7, which means you need to keep a mobile credit recharge card in case you ran out of credit and you want to stay connected.
  2. If your mobile supports 3G or you have Pokestop installed, we advise you to get a MIFI device. It’s mainly a small device in which you insert a charged SIM card, making it a portable router. You can use it with your friends, up to 10 people with a high speed. It will help you save your mobile battery, because the 3G consumes a huge portion of it.

Check this MIFI, offered for EGP 480

  1. Emergency tools are needed. You could go out to catch a Pokémon, then your mobile dies, or you find yourself in a very dark place. This is why you need these tools, if you’re not planning to take a power bank with you.

A Small Mobile

Save all important contacts on a small mobile to be able to call someone for help, preferable a responsible family member.

Check small mobiles here, starting from EGP 120

Light Torch

A torch is the second tool to avoid staying in the dark, starting from EGP 28

Do you need any other tools while playing Pokémon Go?

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