Sharp 14-Foot Refrigerator: Pros, Cons & Price

Pros, Cons and Price of Sharp 14-Foot Refrigerator | Yaoota Magazine

By: Hoda Mohamed & Shorouq Nabil

When buying a new refrigerator, many of us get confused between the different types available in the market. At Yaoota, we’re going to help you know more about different types and models. Today we will review Sharp 14-ft refrigerator with its specs, pros and cons. You can also know its best prices through Yaoota and if you like this model, you can order it and have it delivered to you in no time.

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SJ-PC48A (SL) Model
No frost Type
340 liters Capacity
73 kg Weight
1670 x 680 x 645 mm Dimensions (H x D x W)


  • The refrigerator is of an A power consumption class, which means it will save a lot regarding power consumption.
  • Equipped with a nano filter to purify it from odors. That way, you guarantee that the smell and taste of food will not change.
  • The fridge is quiet when running.
  • You can put it anywhere, whether at home or work because it works in high temperature areas without being affected by the heat, even on the long run.
  • The most important feature in the refrigerator is that it supports the twin cooling system, which allows you to control the humidity so you can keep the food fresh for a longer time.
  • A 10-year warranty.


  • Because the handle of the fridge is cylindrical and long, it is easy for a child to open it repeatedly, which means he can hurt himself or get sick because of the coldness coming out of it.
  • The shelves are made of shatter-resistant glass, but its not crack-resistant, so it’s possible that the shelves may crack with heavy loads.

After-sales Services:

  • Toshiba El-Araby customer service is great; they have a hotline to answer questions and address complaints through calls and short messages.
  • 10-year warranty.

Check out Sharp 14-ft refrigerator here.

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