Passap FG390L Top Mount Refrigerator: Review



By Alaa Bassyouni & Nadeen ElFekky

Passap Home Appliances is a relatively new company in the Egyptian market that is seeking to produce new models to satisfy the largest segment of customers. Thanks to its very good customer service and good marketing, it has proven itself amongst largest and oldest companies in the Egyptian market. In this article, we will review Passap FG390L Top Mount Refrigerator, one of Passap’s remarkable refrigerators that you can get through Yaoota website and application at the best price.

*Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article was published, and they are subject to change according to the supply and demand of the market.


  • Height (cm): 172
  • Width (cm):59
  • Depth (cm): 63
  • Gross Weight (kg): 67
  • Insulation Thickness (mm): 33 cabinet/55 freezer
  • Capacity (Lt.): 340
  • Refrigerator Net Capacity (Lt.): 240
  • Freezer Net Capacity (Lt.): 98
  • Voltage (V.): 110-220
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Refrigerator Adjustable Shelves: 3
  • Freezer Compartments: 2
  • Number of Compressors: 1
  • Rated Power (Watt): 150
  • Power Consumption (kw/day):1.44
  • Condenser: Static
  • Climate Class: Tropical


  1. Movable Shelves for extra flexibility in storage space
  2. Soft Line Design
  3. Mirror Flip Doors
  4. Very convenient price.
  5. It has a changeable door so there’s no need to worry if the door is damaged for any reason.
  6. Its corrosion-resistant and rustproof body gives it a longer life.
  7. Internal temperature is easy to control.
  8. Airflow cooling system.
  9. Low noise design.
  10. De Frost has its own freezer.
  11. Two-year warranty.
  12. Galvanized Pre-Painted Steel for optimum resistance against corrosion
  13. Great space in design: Get the space you need in a refrigerator that’s right for your kitchen. With big space, this top freezer refrigerator offers a large capacity in its category. This top mount refrigerator offers ample room to store and organize your groceries.
  14. Humidity-control: It helps maintain humidity levels, to help extend the life of your fruits and vegetables. This refrigerator also features a full-width drawer, making it easy to find some space for all that food you want to keep fresh.


  1. Unlike modern refrigerators, it doesn’t have a digital screen outside to display its temperature.
  2. No deodorizing feature.
  3. Its consumption of electricity is relatively high.
  4. It does not have an alarm bell if the refrigerator door is left open for a while.


The price of  Passap FG390L refrigerator, price starts at 4,249 EGP.


User Evaluation and Experience:

  • High quality with a reasonable price.
  • Great value vs other brands with high quality and best price.
  • Small in size and aesthetically pleasing. You can place it anywhere in the house and it won’t cause any disturbance. Despite its small size, you wouldn’t feel it’s crammed no matter how much food and beverages you save; thanks to its modern and innovative design. It also comes with the Defrost feature.

For tips on using the refrigerator and other general recommendations, you can check its manual


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