Panasonic NI-JW650T Steam Iron Review



Panasonic Steam Iron

By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

Panasonic steam iron is one of the best competitive products in the market. It’s known for its top ability to iron all types of fabric easily. Fabrics including curtains, textiles and stubborn fabrics such as denim thanks to the iron’s strong power ranging from 1850 to 2200W. In addition, the iron works smoothly because of its titanium-coated base. The Panasonic steam iron has all the specifications that best-selling irons thrive with, such as the anti-drip, and no wrinkling in case of ironing backwards on fabric. The iron has an elegant and innovative design with a comfortable handle and a powerful water spray that greatly helps unwrinkling. 

In this Yaoota review, you will know all about the top description, pros, and cons of the Panasonic NI-JW650T Steam Iron. If you like it and want to buy it, click on the link provided to compare prices and pick the price that best suits your budget. Then Place your order online to have it delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

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  • Model number: NI-JW650T
  • Base Plate: Titanium-coated
  • Anti-drip: Yes
  • Power: 1850-220W
  • Tank Capacity: 200cc


  • Panasonic is a popular brand name known for the strength and durability of its products and it’s manufactured in Japan.
  • The iron has a powerful steam that’s able to get rid of even the most stubborn wrinkles on any type of fabric.
  • The iron’s base is titanium-coated, and titanium is one of the best and strongest types of surfaces in irons because it’s non-stick and has the ability to iron any type of fabric or textiles. The material helps the iron live longer with the same performance.
  • The wire is thin, flexible, & tangle-resistant for smooth ironing in all directions without difficulties.
  • Strong power of 1850 to 2200 watts with high electrical capacity which lets the iron soleplate heat up in a very short time.
  • The Panasonic NI-JW650T has an automatic shutdown which is an important feature that makes the iron turn off automatically as soon as the soleplate has reached the required temperature and thus saves electricity.
  • The iron has a 360 degrees rotation base for easy movement and mobility in all directions.
  • It can remove any type of wrinkles even the most stubborn creases and it doesn’t matter which fabric it is.
  • It has a large transparent water tank so that you see the water level. The iron also comes with a water sprayer which helps moist and smooth fabrics to get the best results.
  • The anti-drip feature is one of the most important features of the iron that prevents water from the tank, which causes the clothes to get wet greatly when moved from a horizontal to vertical position.
  • The soleplate is designed in a way that prevents clothes from wrinkling when ironing backwards.


  • The iron uses a lot of electricity.
  • It doesn’t come with an accessory for filling the water tank.
  • Doesn’t have a self-cleaning feature that prevents salts and dirt from accumulating on the steam holes.

After-Sales Services

  • Panasonic gives a one-year warranty.

User Experience

  • The iron heats up rapidly and what makes it unique from other brands is that it doesn’t wrinkle in case of ironing backwards due to its oval-shaped base. Its design is comfortable to use and to handle. The iron’s drawback is that it doesn’t have a self-cleaning function to clean residues, therefore the soleplate needs to be cared for.

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