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By Noha Nasrat & translated by Dina Amir

Mommies and daddies care about developing their children’s personalities at a very early age to enhance several areas. A child’s visual, artistic, and alphabetical sides are pivotal at such a stage. Yaoota recommends a collection of games to develop your kid’s skills, in a simple attracter manner. If you like any of these items, you can order it online, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Parents should keep an eye on children while playing

1. Games to teach your kids the alphabets and numbers

Win Fun Write N Draw learning board


It is a beneficial and enjoyable magnetic board to write on it, with LCD screen for animation. This will allow your kid to learn alphabets, numbers, drawing, spelling, music, and guessing games.

*suitable for three year old kids

Check the Win Fun Write N Draw learning board, offered for EGP 239

First ABC soft blocks and board book set


You can teach your kids the alphabets in an interesting way using pictures printed on 5 padded cotton boxes, which is washable and safe for kids.

Check the First ABC soft blocks and board book set, offered for EGP 55

The House of Numbers


This is a puzzle which consists of 13 pieces with nine numbers, where you insert the number according the number of pictures on the piece. This is an interesting way to teach your kids numbers and how to link numbers to pictures.

Check the House of Numbers game, offered for EGP 130

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2.Games to develop artistic skills

If your kid like colors and drawing, you should support them and develop this talent. Games can do the trick.

Creative Cutting Kit


Playtime will be most enjoyable with this game. It consists of drawing, cutting, gluing, and coloring. The items include craved pieces in the shape of animals, pencils, and glue. Your kid can draw using the animal shapes, then cut, glue, and color it.

*suitable for three year old kids.

Check the creative cutting kit game, offered for EGP 110

Fun & Creative Mosaic Art


This will teach your kid mosaic art in a simple way, which is suitable to their growing capabilities. The game consists of four different pictures, where they put the different mosaic parts to form a colorful shape.

*suitable for six year old kids.

Check the Fun & Creative mosaic art game, starting from EGP 135

3.Games to develop your kids’ visual and motion awareness

Plan Toys Creative Peg Board


This game will help your kid in differentiating between colors, and organizing hands movements along with eyes. The game consists of a board with five different colors, pin shapes, and three different drawings. Your kid will choose the right pin color for each color in each drawing.

*suitable for  three year old kids.

Check the Plan Toys Creative Peg Board, offered for EGP 160

The Stacking Bucket Family


The game consists of five buckets and four different geometrical figures, through which your kid will learn how to organize buckets according to the size, from the smallest to the biggest. Your kid will also put the geometrical figures in their right places.

Check the Stacking Bucket Family, offered for EGP 250

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4.Games for a more knowledgeable little one

Learning Clock Game


This game, alarm shaped, will help your kids know the time.

*suitable for three year old kids.

Check the Learning Clock, offered for EGP 220

English for Kids Talking Pen


This game will teach your kid the English language using an animated voice by putting the pen on the word which pronunciation you want to know. The game comes with 12 books.

*suitable for  three year old kids.

Check the English for Kids Talking Pen, offered for EGP 450

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