Best 10 Cheap but Meaningful Products under EGP 99


By Joseph Harvey

Welcome to our Best 10 Cheap but meaningful products list, this list is brought to you by Yaoota so you can make the most out of your day without spending much, anything from household electronics to relatively free books that you could buy to add a bit of charm to your everyday life.

10. Electric kettle with a self-stirring mug for EGP 102


This kettle suits anyone looking for an economical replacement for his or her old kettle or for a small kettle to keep in the office. It holds up to 1.5 liters and it has AAA batteries which would help when the electricity goes out, so you can still have tea, what’s even better is that it comes with a self-stirring mug, a very useful feature that saves you the effort of doing it yourself.

Fine Kettle here and the self stirring mug here

9. Ravin short sleeve tee shirt for EGP 50


This is a nice simple yet unique t-shirt, with a nice print on it. If you are looking for a quick t-shirt for a school day, a quick errand or for the gym, then this t-shirt is for you.

Find this t-shirt here

8. Ladies hand watch for EGP 49


If you are a lady who loves trying new ideas and new trends, then this watch would fit you perfectly. Its colors and design are so unique and authentic.

Find the this hand watch here 

7. Led watch for men for EGP 44


This Led watch is modern, practical and super affordable. It’s also super fashionable and trendy these days. Also, if your watch is currently broken and you are looking for a practical replacement until it’s repaired, you should get this beauty to get the most out of your day and money.

Find this Led watch here

6. Phone stand for EGP 35


If you like watching movies or video clips on your phone but aren’t looking for a strained wrist from holding your phone for too long then this stand would fit your needs quite well.

Find this Phone stand here

5. Elite Portable Power Bank Keychain for EGP 30



Forgot your charger or need a charger on the go? No need to worry, as you can keep this portable power bank in your keychain for emergencies. It is 2600mAh.

Find this Elite Portable Power Bank Keychain here

4. Fly Luca Flat Shoes For Girls for EGP 20


Have a lot of fancy shoes and don’t feel like ruining them when it’s muddy or raining, if so then you could get this silicon pair and not worry about ruining your favorite pair of shoes.

Find this Luca Flat Shoes here

3. حنغنى for EGP 9.89


This album features some nice energetic 90’s songs, that mainly revolve around friendship if you are looking for an interesting perspective on friendship or craving some fresh yet authentic voices then perhaps you would consider listening to this piece of art.

Find this album here

2. Nail polish for EGP 6


Feel like experimenting with new colors and cosmetic ideas but don’t really have a budget for the higher quality products? How about trying this to find out what works best with your style.

Find this Nail polish here

1. مدينة بلا قلب for EGP 2


It’s funny how the most valuable things, can be the cheapest as well; think about it, you can get a pack of chips for EGP 2 or a very nice book for the same EGP 2. This small book is an excellent pass time, whether you’re on a bus or traveling this would act as an interesting distraction.

Find this book here

We hope you always get the most value from the money you spent, and this is why we brought you this valuable list of cheap yet beneficial products. Don’t forget you can always search, compare and buy through

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