Back to School: 6 Must-Haves Before School Starts


By: Mai Soroor & Shorouq El-Meligy

Let’s make the “back to school” occasion a truly happy day for our children! Let’s think about how to celebrate this occasion with them in their special way and special language. It’s natural for them to be a bit intimidated after the switch from the freedom they had in the vacation to waking up early, following a schedule and studying and doing homework.

And of course Yaoota wants your children to be happy and ready for this occasion. That’s why Yaoota looked for the things children love the most to make sure they’re happy and excited about going back to school.

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(1) School Bag

Orchid Backpack

The backpack has a practical, elegant design with bright colors. Its size is suitable for all ages. The backpack includes:

  • 2 lateral pockets.
  • 1 large front pocket with a zipper.
  • Reflective loop.
  • A simple zip opening.
  • Safe material free of harmful plastics, nickel, cadmium and fuses.

Check out Orchid Backpack here.

Superbreak® Backpack from JanSport

A wonderful high-quality backpack with its traditional shape and light weight that is suitable for everyday use and ideal for young people. Here are some of its most prominent features:

  • Large main section.
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Front pocket for organizing tools
  • 2/3 of the back plate is padded.
  • 25-liter capacity.
  • Its dimensions are 42 × 33 x 21 cm.
  • Weighs 300 gm.

Check out Superbreak® Backpack here.

(2) Shoes

Genuine Girls’ Leather Shoes (Black) 

Comfortable girls’ leather shoes made in China. The inner material is leather and the sole is made of rubber. They are practical, simple and easy to wear, but sturdy and stylish all the same.

Check out Girls Black Leather Shoes from Genuine here.

Andora Boys’ Leather Shoes

Boys’ black leather shoes made in Egypt. They are sturdy, casual and easy to wear. The shoe’s toe cap is round and the inner lining is made of leather. They’re specially made for children’s heavy use.

Check out Black Boys’ Shoes from Andora here.

(3) School Pencil Case

Pencil Case

The pencil case is one of the most important things to have in each student’s bag, especially for the younger ones. This pencil case, made of thick, colorful fabric, is easy to open. Although it may seem small, it can carry many things, which means children can place all of their pens and pencils inside as well as their personal things, such as money and keys.

Check out Pencil Case here.

War Zone Blue Pencil Case

And when our kids grow up a little, pencil cases remain important to them, but it changes to something more suitable for them to make them feel like they grew older! This pencil case is unique with its design and beautiful navy blue color. It has one section that opens with a strong zipper that can handle heavy use. The inside is spacious and can carry many things, and its material is sturdy and tear-resistant.

Check out War Zone Blue Pencil Case here.

Pink Haven Pencil Case

Our little girls will love this pencil case with 2 section with separate zippers. It is spacious from the inside and can carry many things. Its design, along with its color and accessories, is very delicate and sweet, which makes it look like a pencil case and a wallet at the same time. In addition, it’s made of sturdy material.

Check out Pink Haven – Pencil Case here.

(4) Plastic Bottle for Cold Drinks 

For the little ones, we present this plastic bottle for keeping drinks and water cold with EZ‎-Freeze® feature. It is made of transparent, eco-friendly material free of BPA. Additionally, it is printed in attractive colors and drawings made specially to maintain its content’s safety without interacting with foods. It’s produced by Cool Gear International.

Check out plastic bottle for cold drinks here.

(5) Sandwich Box Set from Tupperware (3 pcs)

A set of three different-size sandwich boxes suitable for different uses, whether for school, sports club, work, trips or even for the fridge. Each box comes with a hinged lid. This set is suitable for all family member, but it is mentioned because it’s most important as a lunchbox for school. Tupperware brand comes in a variety of colors, and here are the 3 sizes:

  • Large: 22.5 × 12.1 × 6.8 cm.
  • Average: 13 × 10 × 5 cm.
  • Small: 10 × 8.4 x 5.2 cm.

Check out a set of 3 pieces of Tupperware here.

(6) Box of Scented Wipes for Children

We can’t forget our little ones that go to nurseries, so we got them scented wipes tissues, free of alcohol, that clean and take care of their sensitive skin. Wipes tissues are soft, sanitary and specially made for use when changing diapers or cleaning the baby’s body at any time. They come in a blue box that is easy to open and close, keeping the wipes tissues wet and soft. The box contains 80 soft, alcohol-free, scented wipes tissues safe for your child’s skin.

Check out a box of scented wipes here.

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