APT Crown Drilling Machine: Pros, Cons & Price

By: Sarah Ammar & Yara El-Hemaily

If you like to decorate and redecorate your walls differently every now and then or are about to move houses or bought a new place to establish your office or clinic, waiting for the technician to come and drill the proper holes in the walls can be impractical or wearisome sometimes. The alternative is a tool you can use yourself to make quick changes to walls whenever you like: a drilling machine.

Yaoota got you this review to know more about the APT Crown drill. You will find its specifications, pros, cons and best price online. Also, you can check out different drilling machines here. If you like the drilling machine, feel free to order it online via Yaoota and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time. 

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Speed Levels 5
Available Colors Black x red
Uses Multiple

What’s Good About APT Crown Drill?

  • It does not need electricity; it works through charging, which offers more than one advantage:
    1. It is safe. You can use it without worrying about the weather (rain, for instance).
    2. It saves electricity.
  • It can be used to screw a wooden nail and it can create holes in the wall with drill bits of diameters up to 12 mm. It can also work in both directions for screwing/unscrewing purposes as required. Of course, this is all done at different speeds that you can control according to your need.
  • For those with little experience with electric drills, this drill is optimum; it stops drilling automatically when the screw is fully screwed/unscrewed.

What’s the Downside?

  • The battery runs out fast, and the weaker it gets, the less the speed gets in turn. You will need time to recharge the battery and wait till the drill works again with its full efficiency. If the battery capacity was larger, the drill would be much better.
  • Using the drill bit is difficult, especially if you don’t have much experience with drilling machines. You might need some help at first determining which drill bit is best for each purpose and type of hole.

After-sales Service:

  • There are spare parts for some separate parts, but there is no maintenance or spare parts for the machine as a whole.
  • It comes with a warranty, but some may find it useless as long as the drilling machine doesn’t have customer service or a strong agent.

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Quick Comparison!

Up till now, APT Crown has total control in terms of tools and the numbers produced. Its competitor, Generic, offers a different set of drills that are cheaper. However, if you are searching for something of a higher quality than both, you can check out Bosch drill here.

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