Total e-Mail Marketing

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* Format‎:‎ Paperback * Number of Pages‎:‎ 248 pages * Dimensions‎:‎ 188 x 242 x 18mm * Weight‎:‎ 498.96g * Publication date‎:‎ 30 Jan 2003 * Publisher‎:‎ Taylor and F... المزيد عند جوميا

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المؤلف:Dave Chaffey

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  • Format‎:‎ Paperback
  • Number of Pages‎:‎ 248 pages
  • Dimensions‎:‎ 188 x 242 x 18mm
  • Weight‎:‎ 498.96g
  • Publication date‎:‎ 30 Jan 2003
  • Publisher‎:‎ Taylor and Francis Ltd

"Total E‎-Mail Marketing" shows how to run effective e‎-mail campaigns aimed at both customer acquisition and retention‎.‎ The book covers much more than simply guidelines on e‎-mail creative‎.‎ It explains how to plan and execute e‎-mail campaigns which integrate with other online and offline communications‎.‎ The author draws on expertise and examples from leading European practitioners to detail practical tips to improve campaign results‎.‎ Packed with case studies from UK companies and checklists to get you started or improve on past campaigns‎,‎ the book covers the following topics‎:‎ planning effective‎,‎ integrated e‎-mail campaigns‎;‎ how to rapidly build a quality house list‎;‎ sourcing opt‎-in B2C and B2B lists‎;‎ ethical and legal constraints‎;‎ tools for managing inbound and outbound e‎-mail‎;‎ designing HTML and text format e‎-mails for maximum response‎;‎ writing engaging copy‎;‎ key issues in planning e‎-newsletters‎;‎ and‎,‎ measuring and improving e‎-mail campaigns‎.‎ Highly structured and designed for maximum accessibility‎,‎ the book incorporates ‎'‎E‎-mail Marketing Insights‎'‎ boxes which highlight critical factors for success‎;‎ ‎'‎E‎-Mail Marketing Excellence‎'‎ boxes giving real‎-world examples of best practice and ‎'‎Campaign Checklists‎'‎ to help you devise and check campaign plans‎.‎ A vital supplement to the author‎'‎s book entitled eMarketing eXcellence‎,‎ this e‎-mail marketing handbook is relevant to all marketers ‎- whether they specialise in e‎-marketing or not ‎- as it offers an integrated campaign perspective‎.‎ Dave Chaffey has written many articles and books on e‎-marketing and is a columnist for the What‎'‎s New in Marketing E‎-newsletter‎.‎ He has delivered E‎-marketing workshops for the Chartered Institute of Marketing since 1997‎.‎ Dave is Managing Director of Marketing Insights Limited‎.‎ The company specialises in devising e‎-marketing metrics programmes to support e‎-marketing strategy and execution‎.‎ Clients include 3M‎,‎ HSBC and NCH‎.‎ He is also an examiner for the CIM E‎-Marketing award‎.‎ This book offers an integrated campaign perspective‎,‎ crucial for all marketers wanting to maximize the benefits of e‎-mail‎.‎ Its structured and accessible approach allows for easy appreciation and application of key points‎.‎ It includes a range of views and examples of best practice for a rounded view of the pitfalls and the potential of e‎-mail marketing‎.‎

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