Roach's Introductory Clinical Pharmacology

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* Format‎:‎ Paperback * Number of Pages‎:‎ 720 pages * Dimensions‎:‎ 213 x 277 x 27mm * Weight‎:‎ 1‎,‎702g * Publication date‎:‎ 31 Oct 2013 * Publisher‎:‎ Lippincott ... المزيد عند جوميا

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المؤلف:Richard Greenwood

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  • Format‎:‎ Paperback
  • Number of Pages‎:‎ 720 pages
  • Dimensions‎:‎ 213 x 277 x 27mm
  • Weight‎:‎ 1‎,‎702g
  • Publication date‎:‎ 31 Oct 2013
  • Publisher‎:‎ Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

You can prepare for your future career and success on the NCLEX with the only pharmacology textbook truly written for the LPN/LVN student‎,‎ Roach‎'‎s Introductory Clinical Pharmacology‎.‎ This proven book will help you every step of the way to master one of the most challenging content areas in the LPN/LVN curriculum‎.‎ Organized by body system‎,‎ the book provides a clear‎,‎ concise introduction to pharmacology‎,‎ focusing on basic principles and the nurse‎'‎s responsibility in drug administration‎.‎ You can focus your reading and enhance your mastery of course concepts through chapter‎-opening Learning Objectives‎,‎ Key Terms‎,‎ and Drug Class lists that identify potential errors and safety concerns‎.‎ You can learn drug contraindications‎,‎ precautions‎,‎ and interactions through The Nursing Process framework that presents care of the patient as it relates to the drug and drug regimen‎,‎ as well as Checklists of Relevant Nursing Diagnoses‎.‎ You can master important patient care concepts with Pharmacology in Practice case studies that focus on assessment‎,‎ administration‎,‎ or teaching issues that have an impact on a real‎-life patient‎.‎ Chapter‎-ending Think Critically questions return to the patient in the case study and ask you to explore options and make clinical judgments related to the administration of drugs‎.‎ You can get a sense of real world practice through Patient Case Study scenarios threaded through each chapter that offer a "simulation‎-focus‎.‎" Quickly identify urgent nursing actions that may be required when managing a patient receiving a specific drug or drug category through Nursing Alerts‎.‎ You can prepare for NCLEX success with Build Your Knowledge ‎(‎information and fact‎-based warm‎-up questions‎)‎‎,‎ Apply Your Knowledge ‎(‎questions keyed to the actual NCLEX‎-PN test plan‎)‎‎,‎ and Alternate Format Questions‎.‎ You can access vital tools for your future career‎,‎ including Drug Interaction Tables that provides at‎-a‎-glance information about the likelihood of a patient problem when multiple drugs are given and Summary Drug Tables that list drugs from the classes discussed in each chapter‎,‎ including names‎,‎ uses‎,‎ frequent adverse reactions‎,‎ and general dosing information‎.‎ You can meet the needs of specific populations at risk or needing specific drug administration considerations through practical Lifespan Considerations boxes‎.‎ You can expand your knowledge through Herbal Considerations boxes that provide information on herbs and complementary and alternative remedies that may be used by patients under their care‎.‎ You can prepare for situations that may arise during drug therapy for patients with chronic illnesses‎,‎ such as diabetes‎,‎ hypertension‎,‎ or epilepsy‎,‎ including issues of polypharmacy through Chronic Care Considerations‎.‎ You can master each chapter‎'‎s key concepts and skills through Know Your Drugs ‎(‎matching questions‎)‎‎,‎ Calculate Medication Dosages ‎(‎dosage calculation questions‎)‎‎,‎ and Prepare for NCLEX ‎(‎NCLEX‎-style questions‎)‎‎,‎ at the end of each drug chapter‎.‎

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