Back to school preparations


By Amany Samir & translated by Dina Amir

Back to school preparations consume long hours and a huge effort, especially if it’s for the first child. Yaoota has got your back this year. We will present you with all the necessary items that your kids need, from kindergarten till high school. You can browse through them with your children to decide on the things you want to buy together. If you like any of these items, you can order it online now and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

“Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article was published, and they are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.”

1. School Bag

It is one of the essential items that you need to buy before the start of the school year. Here is a list you can pick from.

Superman Fans’ Bag

This bag is designed to suit your Superman fan kid. They will love going to school more than before with this unique bag. It is suitable for children from kindergarten till the early primary years.

Check this superman man bag here, starting from EGP 490

Dora Bag

For every child who enjoys watching Dora, this bag is made of waterproof polyester with a front pocket to keep the pencil case or food.

Check Dora’s bag here, starting from EGP 95

All School Stages Bag

This bag simply suits everyone. It has unique colors, and is very comfortable. It has enough space and a big external pocket for  pencil cases. You can use it at school, the club, or while traveling.

Check this bag here, starting from EGP 350

You can check here for a wider collection of school bags, starting from EGP 69

2. Coloring Tools

Coloring tools are a must have for your kids, especially in their early years. We chose two different types for you, so you can pick the suitable one.

Coloring Pens

Made of washable and erasable ink, the colors can be removed from cloth. The bright colors give a lively touch to your kid’s drawings.

Check this coloring pens’ pack here, starting from EGP 42.50

Coloring Pencils

Your kids can use these durable safe coloring pencils to express their creativity. They are also erasable.

Check this coloring pencils’ pack, starting from EGP 49

3. School Shoes

Your kid’s shoes need to be comfortable and easy to put on. It needs to be made of a high quality material to keep the skin healthy and fresh. We brought a black and white shoes collection to choose from.

Black Shoes

If you want a simple, yet elegant pair of shoes, then this is the one for you. It’s made of high quality material that allows the skin to breathe. It doesn’t allow dust to enter. The pair is suitable for running and playing, and is available in different sizes.

Check these black shoes, starting from EGP 119

White Shoes

This pair is made of rubber sole material. Your kid can wear it at school, as well as to the club. It is designed to allow your kid to move around and play without being tired, coming in different sizes for different ages.

Check these white shoes here, starting from EGP 119

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4. School Notebook

Available in many shapes and colors, it is always fun to pick notebooks! Here are different themes to choose from.


An English ruler copybook, with Smurfs drawings that most kids love

Check this Smurfs copybook, starting from EGP 2

Ben 10

A face to face copybook with a Ben 10 theme.

Check this Ben 10 copybook, starting from EGP 2

5. Pencil Case

Don’t we all want to keep school essentials in one place? Your kids can put this small size pencil case on the desk to avoid losing any items.

Traffic Pencil Case

With colorful drawings of cars, this pencil case is attractive for kids. It is made of durable plastic, and is easy to open and use.

Check this traffic pencil case, starting from EGP 175

Semicircular Pencil Case

This case suits students of all ages, and even employees. It is made of waterproof polyester, which makes it easy to use and clean.

Check this semicircular pencil case, starting from EGP 125

Paper Doll Pencil Case

This is perfect for early school years. Your little daughter will love the colorful dolls on the pencil case.

Check this paper doll pencil case, starting from EGP 175

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6. Water Bottle

Water bottles are very important items for school. Your kids must have a private bottle to avoid the transmission of any germs or diseases.

Football Bottle

For all football fans out there, this will encourage your kids to drink water, which is essential for them to stay healthy and vital throughout the day.

Check this soccer water bottle, starting from EGP  39

Blue Water Bottle

This bottle is made of high quality heat and smell resistant plastic. It is designed perfectly for blue color lovers. It has colorful circles that give it a nice artistic touch.

Check this blue bottle here, starting from EGP 42

Green Water Bottle

The bottle is made of superior quality durable plastic. It is well designed to avoid water leakage. You can take it to school, club, or when you travel.

Check this green bottle, starting from EGP 109

White Water Bottle

The white bottle made of head resistant stainless steel. It keeps the water cold for as long as possible, making it perfect for athletes who spend long hours in the air or under the sun, especially in summer.

Check this white bottle here, starting from EGP 65

Planes Water Bottle

This bottle is convenient for little kids to take to school or to the club. They can put it in their little backpacks. A highlight would be its environment friendly plastic, which is also safe for your kids to use. Your kids will love the planes on the bottle.

Check this planes bottle here, starting from EGP 150

You can check this stationery collection here

Some items may currently be out of stock, but they will be available soon. If you encounter any similar problem, please comment on the article, or contact us through our Facebook page.


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