سعر ومواصفات ابل أيفون 11 - 128 جيجا بايت -ضمان 12 شهر

  • أفضل سعر لـ ابل أيفون 11 - 128 جيجا بايت -ضمان 12 شهر by تو بي فى مصر هو 26,999 ج.م.
  • طرق الدفع المتاحة هى
    دفع عند الاستلامبطاقة ائتمانية
  • تكلفة التوصيل هى 35-500 ج.م., والتوصيل فى خلال 2-7 أيام
  • أول ظهور لهذا المنتج كان فى أغسطس 04, 2023

المواصفات الفنية

الشريحة:شريحه واحده
Video Resolutions:بجودة 2160 بكسل في 24/30/60 لقطة في الثانية ، وبجودة 1080 بكسل في 30/60/120/240 لقطة في الثانية ، و HDR ، و تسجيل صوت ستريو
أسم الفئات:اجهزة الموبايل
حجم الشاشة:6.1 بوصة
سعة الرامات:4 جيجا بايت
نظام التشغيل:iOS
الرقائق (Chipset):Apple A13 Bionic (7 nm+)
معلومات الشاشة:6.1 ، بوصة 828 × 1792 بكسل ، شاشة Liquid Retina IPS LCD كابستيف تدعم اللمس ، 16 مليون لون ، زجاج مقاوم للخدش ، طلاء oleophobic
المساحة الداخلية:128 جيجا بايت
شبكة الجيل الثالث:HSDPA 900 / 1900 / 2100
شبكة الجيل الثاني:GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
شبكة الجيل الرابع:LTE band 2100 / 2600
الكاميرا الاماميه:12 ميجابكسل (فتحة عدسة f/1.8 ، وحجم مستشعر 1/2.55 بوصة ، وحجم بكسل 1.4 ميكرومتر ،و 26 ملم ، خاصية التثبيت البصري للصورة ، كشف تلقائي لضبط بؤرة العدسة )، 12 ميجابكسل ( فتحة عدسة F/2.4 ، و 13 ملم ) ، فلاش رباعي LED
معالج الجرافيك (GPU):Apple GPU (4-core graphics)
اصدار نظام التشغيل:iOS 13
سرعة البروسيسور (CPU) بـ الميجا هيرتز:Hexa-core (2x2.65 GHz Lightning + 4x1.8 GHz Thunder)

وصف تو بي

Apple iPhone 11

Just the right amountof everything.

A new dual‑camera system captures more of what you see and love.

The fastest chip ever in a smartphone and all‑day battery life let you do more and charge less.

And the highest‑quality video in a smartphone, so your memories look better than ever.

Love at first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth sight.

It just got a whole lot harder to take a bad photo.

All‑new dual‑camera system.

Take your photos from wide to ultra wide.

A redesigned interface uses the new Ultra Wide camera to show you what’s happening outside the frame — and lets you capture it.

Shoot and edit videos as easily as you do photos. It’s the world’s most popular camera, now with a whole new perspective.

Shoot and edit the highest-quality video in a smartphone.

iPhone 11 shoots beautifully sharp 4K video at 60 fps across all its cameras.

The Ultra Wide camera captures four times more scene, so it’s perfect for action shots like your dog catching a frisbee.

If you’re recording a performance — say, your kid’s piano recital — when you zoom in, the audio zooms too. And now you can edit videos as easily as you do photos.

“OK, everyone, scooch out a bit.”

New Ultra Wide camera.

Go big — the new Ultra Wide camera captures four times more scene.

Think breathtaking landscapes that go on forever.

Capturing the entire stage and crowd at a music festival.

And vacation shots that show the whole family — including the views you traveled 11,000 kilometers for.

Not enough light?No problem.

Introducing Night mode.

Shooting in low light doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark.

Night mode is a new feature that turns on automatically for low‑light photos like you’ve never seen.

There’s no need for flash, colors are more natural, and photos are brighter.

Take portraits to new places.

With new kinds of portraits and more lighting controls, the dual cameras in iPhone 11 work together to create stunning images.

And Portrait mode now works with everything you love to shoot — that includes your best friends, two‑legged or four.

High-Key Light Mono effect in iOS 13 transforms your portraits into beautiful, studio‑style monochromes.

And Portrait Lighting Control lets you create the look you want by changing the intensity of light on your subjects.

Smart HDR.The easiest form of flattery.

Next‑generation Smart HDR.

Thanks to machine learning, Smart HDR is more intelligent than ever.

It recognizes people and treats them differently from the rest of the shot.

So faces have beautiful highlights, shadows, and natural‑looking skin tones.

And that stunning sunset in the background still looks gorgeous.

Go from pics to video faster than a speeding toddler.

Start shooting video instantly with QuickTake.

Take a video simply by holding the shutter while in photo mode.

Then swipe to the right to continue recording.

If you’re shooting outdoors, the A13 Bionic can use machine learning to automatically track a moving subject.

Introducing the slofie.

Everything looks cooler at 120 fps, even if you’re just saying cheese, waving hi, or tossing your hair in the breeze.

And now you can add more of everything to your selfies thanks to the new 12MP TrueDepth camera.

Just turn your iPhone to landscape and the camera automatically zooms out to fit more in.

Designed to take a spill and a splash.

The toughest glass in a smartphone.

Front glass and back glass are strengthened through a dual ion‑exchange process.

Water resistant totwice the depth.

iPhone 11 is water resistant up to 2 meters for up to 30 minutes — double the depth of iPhone XR.

All in a day’s charge.

All-day battery life.

Hardware and software work together to get the most out of your battery.

And thanks to fast‑charge capability, you can recharge in less time.

“Look Mom, no thumbs.” Face ID is easier and more secure than Touch ID.

The most secure facial authentication in a smartphone.

Face ID lets you unlock your iPhone instantly, and it’s even more secure than Touch ID.

With just a glance you can sign in to apps or access accounts.

And setting it up is quick and simple.

Every feature in iPhone is designed to protect your personal information.

For example, Face ID doesn’t store or share your photo.

The other good stuff.

Spatial Audio

Simulates surround sound for a more immersive experience.

Dolby Atmos

Sound moves around you in 3D space — you feel like you’re inside the action.

Wireless Charging

Put your iPhone on any Qi-certified charger for cord-free charging.

Fast‑charge capable

Up to 50% charge in 30 minutes with 18W adapter or higher (available separately).

Faster Wi-Fi

Wi‑Fi 6 (802.11ax) lets you download up to 38 percent faster.

Audio Sharing

Pair two sets of AirPods or Beats headphones to one iPhone.

Dual SIM with eSIM

Have one number for business and another for personal calls.

تاريخ و تحليل سعر ابل أيفون 11 - 128 جيجا بايت -ضمان 12 شهر

  • أرخص سعر لـ ابل أيفون 11 - 128 جيجا بايت -ضمان 12 شهر فى مصر كان 23,999 ج.م. من تو بي خلال الـ8 شهور الماضية
  • أغلى سعر لـ ابل أيفون 11 - 128 جيجا بايت -ضمان 12 شهر فى مصر كان 35,999 ج.م. من تو بي خلال الـ8 شهور الماضية
  • الاختلاف بين أعلى و أقل سعر لـ ابل أيفون 11 - 128 جيجا بايت -ضمان 12 شهر فى مصر هو 12,000 ج.م. من تو بي خلال الـ8 شهور الماضية
  • متوسط السعر لـ ابل أيفون 11 - 128 جيجا بايت -ضمان 12 شهر فى مصر هو 28,906.69 ج.م. من تو بي خلال الـ8 شهور الماضية

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