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  • أفضل سعر لـ Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G by لتس تانجو فى الإمارات هو 3,099 درهم
  • تم تقييم هذه المنتج بواسطه 1 مستخدمين، ومتوسط التقييم للمنتج هو
    • طرق الدفع المتاحة هى
      دفع عند الاستلامبطاقة ائتمانية
    • تكلفة التوصيل هى 0 درهم, والتوصيل فى خلال 1-2 أيام
    • تباع المنتجات المماثلة لـ Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G فى نون مع اسعار تبدأ من 38 درهم
    • أول ظهور لهذا المنتج كان فى أغسطس 23, 2021
    • من بين المنتجات المماثلة لـ Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G أرخص سعر هو 38 درهم من نون

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    Made for the epic in everyday

    Never miss that perfect shot again. Meet Galaxy S21 5G and S21+ 5G. Designed to revolutionize video and photography, with beyond cinematic 8K resolution so you can snap epic photos right out of video. It has it all in two sizes: 64MP, our fastest chip and a massive all-day battery. Things just got epic.

    Key Features

    • Super Fast Charging gives you hours of power in minutes of charge
    • IP68 rated protection
    • Up to 256GB of built-in memory
    • Enhanced Game Booster

    Made to turn headsSuper Smooth 120Hz DisplaySamsungs smoothest scrolling screen keeps up with all your feeds. Incredibly responsive, this display optimizes the refresh rate for what you're doing with every touch.Eye Comfort ShieldYour next movie marathon just got more cozy. Galaxy S21 5G and S21+ 5G significantly reduce eye-strain and fatigue so you can binge your favorite shows comfortably morning, noon and night.Total eye candyBrilliant and protected in every way.Groundbreaking protectionBuilt for those "oh no!" moments, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus delivers scratch and damage resistance that makes it the toughest glass on a Samsung smartphone.Take epic photos in every 8K video8K Video is the highest resolution in a smartphone, making your footage look even better than the cinema. And with 8K 24fps, every vlog and memory is your next shot at stardom. Record, upload and watch right on YouTube.Then use 8K Video Snap to get an album of high-quality 33MP pics right out of every 8K video. It's easy to record now, then snap later.

    One take and that's a wrapRecord one take and AI turns it into feed-worthy photos and videos you can pick and choose from. It’s like a personal video editor, chopping up, slowing down and stabilizing to create content you can upload straight to Instagram.Action-packed and super-smoothSuper Steady begs for action. Now that we’ve combined AI stabilization with 60fps capture, your adventures can get a bit more adventurous — since your phone shoots like an action cam.Super Smooth 60fps Video lets you relive the moment without skipping a beat. Its dynamic frame rate automatically adjusts so you record super-smooth video in both bright and low light

    The beauty is in the detailsShoot in 64-megapixel resolution so you can pinch in and capture with a clarity that makes photos look like a work of art.Instagram-ready instantlyPortraits have never looked better. Capture social feed-ready photos without all the editing.The night is yoursNo lighting crew? Hate that obnoxious flash? No problem. Now you can light up the night and capture it in vivid color, at night or in low light and without all the extras.

    Epic battery powerGalaxy S21 5G and S21+ 5G's Intelligent Battery lets you power through your day — and then some — with up to 4800mAh battery power. Its new power-efficient display and processor pushes it to last well beyond the 24-hour mark, even on 5G. Translation: Put endless scrolling to the test.Meet the fastest chip ever in GalaxyPacking more speed, more power and more intelligence, the 5nm processor is fast enough to keep up with the action, so you can do more even faster.Share only what you wantThe Knox security platform delivers a high level of security, protecting your phone from the chip up and giving you more confidence in your data and app permissions. It also features Samsung Knox Vault to keep your biometric authentication data under wraps. And with a larger, lower latency Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor, you can unlock even faster — even if your finger's dry.

    5GHyperFast 5G lets you download a whole season of your favorite show in a flash. The 5G-compatible chipset delivers faster speeds to keep you connected as you upload or download.While HyperFast Wi-Fi connects you to everything you love quickly and reliably.

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          (7 أشهر, 3 أسابيع ago)

          حتى مع إصدار هواتف S22 ومن بعدها هواتف s23 فإن هذا الهاتف لا يزال خيار مميز ولن تندم عليه، فهاتف Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus من هواتف العمر الطويل التي يمكنك الحصول عليها الآن ولن تحتاج لتغييرها قبل سنوات من الاستخدام القوي والمستمر، يتمتع الهاتف بشاشة تمكنت من الحصول على لقب الأفضل فهي تتمتع بكل ما يمكنك ان تطلبه من دقة عالية وتقنيات استثنائية، وهو ما ينطبق أيضًا على الكاميرا فمن المعروف اهتمام سامسونج بقطاع الكاميرات ولذلك ستحصل مع هذا الهاتف على أداة تصوير قوية للغاية مدعومة بمعالج مركزي رائد قوي يدعم تقنية 5G وبطاية يمكنها إرضاء متطلباتك واحتياجاتك من الاستخدام القوي المكثف

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