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Description Nano Titanium Filter feature cutting-edge nano technology that uses minute particles of TiO2 catalyst to firmly catch bacteria and odors. Big, Super- Moisture Veget... المزيد عند جينت اونلاين

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Nano Titanium Filter feature cutting-edge nano technology that uses minute particles of TiO2 catalyst to firmly catch bacteria and odors. Big, Super-Moisture Vegetable Compartment Assures vegetables freshness by maintaining optimum moisture (approx. 90%) in an indirectly-cooled compartment with gaskets. Two-way Humidity Controller allows you customize humidity at the best conditions for products’ storage. It assures vegetables retain moisture while items such as herbs remain dry. With 15% up capacity (comparatively with conventional vegetable compartment) you can store many more fruits and vegetables. The Movable Separator let store products separately by type in well-organized shape that prevent missing even a small fruit or a vegetable. Tempered Glass Shelves Besides elegant look, these shelves have a scratch- and spill-proof surface, made from heat-resistant material. They also are able to hold weight up to 100 kg. A new Dimension in Refrigeration In Hitachi’s new cooling system, a combination of two innovative technologies, the Inverter compressor and Dual Fan Cooling, cools each of the compartments independently over a wide range, providing optimum cooling at all times. Compact but High Power Inverter Compressor The high-precision, high-durability inverter compressor finely adjusts cooling power over a wide range from high to low, depending on conditions inside and outside the refrigerator. Dual Fan Cooling with Two Dedicated Fans Two dedicated fans independently cool each of the compartments. So according to conditions, chilled air can be delivered only to the refrigerator compartment, only to the freezer, or to both. World Leader in Energy Saving Combining the two highly energy-efficient technologies of the inverter compressor controlling the cooling power and Dual Fan Cooling controlling how much and to which compartment chilled air is delivered, this new cooling system assures even more efficient operation with no wasted energy. As a result, it has acquired top class energy saving ratings worldwide. R-600a Eco-Friendly Refrigerant Hitachi’s inverter compressor uses the refrigerant R-600a. It’s free of CFCs, so it has an ozone depletion potential of zero, and free of HFCs, so it also has an extremely low global warming potential 1/400 that of conventional refrigerants. The other good news is that as well as being eco-friendly, it provides high cooling efficiency and helps to save energy. Thorough Cooling Even at 60°C High power from the inverter compressor generates a large volume of chilled air, and Dual Fan Cooling delivers all of this to the compartments for powerful cooling. So even if the ambient temperature reaches as high as 60°C, every corner inside the refrigerator is still thoroughly cooled. Stable Operation under Wide Voltage Fluctuations Even without a special stabilizer, Hitachi’s inverter refrigerators can operate under wide voltage fluctuations ranging from as low as 130V to as high as 300V. Smart, Extendable Vegetable Compartment The new vegetable compartment features a drawer-type construction that enables quick, easy access to everything stored inside. It also provides large storage space for plenty of items and extra convenience. Smart, Smooth Opening For easy pulling out, the drawer features a sturdy frame with glass. It can hold and support heavy items but it’s easy to open and close. Even when it’s full, you can slide it out smoothly with minimal effort. And you can take out the case for easy cleaning. Deep, Extendable Compartment The case can be significantly extended, which enables easy arrangement of items and storage of large vegetables whole. And because you can see right to the back, you’re less likely to overlook and forget about items stored there. Convenient, Easy-to-See Layout Better still, the refrigerator compartment is located at the top at a height that makes it easier to use. Open the door and you can see and access everything stored in it, which is a real convenience when thinking about mealtime menus. Selectable Mode Compartment Flexible Layout for Even More Convenience The Select Lever provides an easy way to switch between the Dairy/Meat and Vegetable modes. This lets you customize the layout as desired to match your lifestyle and needs. Bright, Energy Saving LED Light The refrigerator features an LED light that lasts a long time but consumes about 1/15*5 the energy of conventional lights. Tempered Glass Shelves As well as offering an elegant appearance, these shelves are scratch-proof, heat resistant and they prevent spills. What’s more, each one of them can hold up to 100kg of food. Jumbo Door Pockets Just the right size, these pockets are wide enough to hold 2-liter bottles. Hitachi’s Real Nanotechnology The Nano Titanium Filter features cutting-edge nanotechnology that uses minute particles of TiO2 catalyst to firmly catch bacteria and odors. Freezer Compartment This also features a double-deck construction or easier organization of items. Movable Twist Ice Tray You can move the ice tray for more convenient and efficient use of storage space.


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