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By Safaa Magdy

Unlike my experience in shopping for cooking ware or stoves, my experience with TV shopping was much lighter and more interesting. However, picking the right TV set was not an easy task thanks to the foreign terminology such as LED, LCD, HD and others. And of course the so many options available such as the screen size, smart TV and so on.

Despite the fact that the young people of this generation depend less on TV as a way of entertainment, any household can’t go straight without a self-respected TV set. Simply because TV is what gathers the whole family to share some quality time watching a movie or a TV show away from the small screens of our phones. Whether you’re purchasing a TV set for your new house or as a gift, Yaoota is here to help you get the best TV set that suits your needs for the best deal.

The first thing to think about is the screen size

Meaning how many inches? Yaoota brought to you the ultimate formula to reach the right answer:

Distance between the TV set and the audience in inches÷ 1.6= the screen size in inches

  • By the screen size we mean the diagonal length.
  • Be careful when taking measures. Make sure to keep some distance between your seat and the wall behind and the same between the TV set and the wall behind it and then measure the distance exactly between your seat and the TV set. When you divide the distance by 1.6, the result is the biggest TV screen size to consider. These are applicable for living rooms TV sets.
  • If you divide by 2.5, the number then is the smallest size to consider in bedrooms and other secondary rooms.
  • And as a rule of thumb, within his range, the bigger the screen is the better it is but you also need to put into consideration the prices you can afford and you can always compare prices on Yaoota.

When I paid a visit to a TV showroom, I found a specs sheet attached to each device with a long list of numbers that meant nothing to me at all. When I asked and did my research I managed to summarize this long list into a quite shorter one including the main numbers that really matter when shopping for a TV set. .

These are the most important figures on the TV specs sheet in any showroom:

1. The aspect ratio

  • There is usually a ratio that is either 4:3 or 16:9 on the specs sheet of any TV set or any screen in general. That is the ratio between the length and the width of the screen in order. The most common aspect ratio is 16:9 and that is better because it shows all the details on the screen.
  • Our old TV set at home was a 4:3 and the screen was rather squared and that is why the latest shows and movies always seemed incomplete especially from the sides and that is why we recommend the 16:9 ratio.
  • There is another ration that is not quite common and that is 21:9 and the reason why it is not that common is that it is too big for the regular common use and it is more suitable for cinemas or home theatres.


  • Screen resolution is an integral feature of any TV set and you should carefully check it when shopping.
  • The resolution in numbers is the number of horizontal pixels multiplied by the number of vertical pixels. The merrier the better.
  • The most common TV resolutions are HD, Full HD, Ultra HD. And Yaoota would help you compare prices.
  • The most expensive is the UHD TV however, the other two will serve the purpose very well.

LG webOS smart TV

  1. Contrast

  • This is the third most important figure on the TV specs sheet.
  • Contrast is the difference between the darkest and the lightest colors on the screen.
  • Usually, the figure on the specs sheet is not of much help so you will need to see for yourself and compare between the colors.
  • Bear in mind that most TV showrooms play videos that will always make the screen look really nice and almost flawless.
  • So in order to really test the screen contrast bring your own all-time movie or TV show on a flash drive or DVD and ask to play it on the TV set. Move fast between a really dark scene and another bright one. That would help you really examine the screen contrast.
  1. Refresh Rate

  • Last but not least on the specs sheet is the refresh rate.
  • The refresh rate indicates the speed of motion on the screen and the higher it is the better your watching experience is.
  • Usually this number is 60 Hz.

Additional features

  1. Screen type (light wise)
  • Away from the numbers, you will find these terms LED, OLED and others. These are names for different lighting technologies and long story short both are really good.
  • OLED is better than LED but it is pricy because the latest the technology is the more expensive it becomes.
  • LED LCD is a lighting technology for flat screens that depends on lighting coming from the back of the screen.
  • LED LCD prices start at EGP 4,499
  • OLED screens are slimmer and more efficient. It also has a great resolution with high quality.
  • OLED TV   sets prices start at EGP 18,990

LED Ultra HD 4k Android

  1. Connections
  • Don’t neglect the connection when shopping for a TV set.
  • The more the connections the TV has the better it is.
  • All TV sets have HDMI connections.
  • Also look for USB connections in your TV in order to easily watch your videos and photos.
  1. The remote control
  • Never neglect the remote control device.
  • Try to find a TV set that is flexible with remote controls and can easily be replaced with any of the common popular ones.
  • Also pay attention to the battery used and make sure you have easy access to this type.

 3d-tv 3D TV

  1. 3D TVs
  • I found in the showrooms a lot of 3D TVs that looked quite fancy with the glasses and all.
  • However, they might not really be practical because you will need to purchase as many 3D glasses as your family members. Also notice that some devices need special glasses that could be pricey.
  • Some 3D TV sets come with their glasses such as LG
  • 3D TVs can be really interesting and attractive especially for kids.
  • It comes in handy if you purchase 3D movies and watch them.
  • Also keep in mind that in Egypt there are not many TV stations with 3D content.
  • 3D TVs start at EGP 2,722
  1. Curved TVs
  • I first met the curved TVs in the showroom in my last visit and I found out it adds nothing to the watching experience and the curve is merely an aesthetic aspect.
  • And frankly, the curved screens are more of a disadvantage because the picture won’t be as clear from all angles and you need to sit right in the center to watch the picture fully and clearly.
  • Curved TVs start at EGP 4,899


  1. Sound
  • Make sure to try and check the sound in the showroom before purchase.
  • Unfortunately, the slimmer the screens became the worse the sound became.
  • So in order to combine both clear picture and sound we advise you to invest in a good Sound bar. Check Yaoota for prices and deals.
  • However, sound is usually relative that’s why you need to check for yourself.
  • Sound bars start at EGP 562.
  1. Smart TV
  • And finally if you don’t know whether to go for a smart TV or not, we got you. Because FYI: most TVs in the market are smart.
  • Simply, a smart TV is similar to a smart phone, meaning, it connects to the internet and enables you to watch online shows and use websites such as Netflix.
  • To know more about smart TVs read this.
  • Smart TVs range from EGP 413 and EGP 39,999


Full HD Flat Smart TV

Some final tips:

  • When you purchase a TV set from a showroom and then turn it on at home you may think that the TV is not as good as you thought it was and that you were tricked but don’t worry. Your TV set is just fine. The trick is that showrooms play with lighting, positioning and videos to make the TVs look 10 times better than they actually are to attract the customers.
  • Try to get a TV set with a matte screen especially if you’re putting it in a position facing a light source such as a window to avoid the glare.
  • When purchasing the TV, look at the screen from different angels and check the quality of the picture and get the TV set with the best picture from all angles.
  • Because not everyone will sit in the center in front of the screen, get a TV that looks good from different angles.

And finally, once you make up your mind and decide on the TV you want to purchase go to Yaoota.com, compare prices and buy it online. The TV will be delivered to your doorstep without your worrying about moving it from the store to your place.

Yaoota wishes you a great time watching your new TV!

Any product might be out of stock in stores at any time, but usually it becomes available soon. If you face any problem with a product, please let us know through a comment on the article or through our Facebook page.

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