Yaoota’s Installment Guide from various Stores

b3emugBy Michel Ramsis & Translation by Dina Amir

It’s always annoying when you plan to buy many items, then you realize that you have a limited budget. This usually leads to a depressed mood and just about this time you start day dreaming about winning the lottery to be able to buy what you want. To say you the trouble, we will discuss the different installment plans from various stores, which may help you purchase what you want without having all the budget right this second.

Some people dislike installments and long term commitments, yet others love it because it’s the only way to buy what you need with a limited budget.

We collected this information from various stores and banks to make sure that we deliver you the most accurate and updated information at time of publishing this article. On the long run installment plans change so please make sure to check the stores page or call them to know the most updated information.

First, we will present you the installment plans that you can subscribe to, finish all the steps online, and get your items delivered to your doorstep without having to move a muscle.

Yashry installment plan

  • Yashry.com offers installment plan for Barclays Bank and Mashreq Bank clients
  • All you need to do is choose the items you want to purchase, on your way to check out, choose installment, and enter your card number and information.
  • You can pay on installments, without any interests or a deposit, for 6 months for Mashreq bank clients and 3 months for Barclays Bank clients.
  • Installment amount is deducted from your bank account monthly.

Souq.com installment plan

  • Souq.com offers installment plan for Mashreq Bank clients
  • All you need to do is to choose the items you want to purchase from www.souq.com , on your way to check out, choose installment, and enter your card number and information
  • You can pay on installments from 6 to 36 months with a 16 percent interest.
  • Installment amount is deducted from your bank account monthly.

Even if you are not a client in these banks, you can still pay on installments, and Yaoota will till you how.

Best 2 offline installment plans from 2 various stores


There is a system called Mini Cash that requires certain documents

Needed documents

  1. National ID photocopy of the buyer and the guarantor who is preferred to be a first degree relative
  2. Electricity receipt for the place where you live, which should be either owned or old rent
  3. Recent salary breakdown

Pros of this installment plan

  1. There’s a system that calculates your monthly installment, including interest rate
  2. They ask you couple of questions, then they call you to prepare the installment deal, usually you finish the installment deal during the phone call.

You can check B.Tech installment plan here

2.Mobile Shop

They have 2 installment plans

1.Bank installment plan ( if you have a visa that you can use to buy)

  1. With the bank installment payment you can pay on 6/12 months without interest rate from Banque Misr, CIB, National Bank of Egypt Al-Ahly, or 10 months from CIB without interest rate
  2. You must have a purchasing visa from these banks
  3. If there are any offers, discounts, or gifts, you won’t enjoy them unless you pay interest rate of 9 percent
  4. For this plan, you won’t need anything except your purchasing visa, no documents, guarantor or anything else.

2.Installment plan (without a purchasing visa)

Required documents for installments without a purchasing visa from Mobile Shop

  1. National ID photocopy for the buyer
  2. National ID photocopy for the guarantor
  3. Electricity or gas bill receipt or apartment ownership contract

Pros of the installment plan without visa from Mobile Shop

  1. Constant interest rate of 2 percent
  2. They can send you someone to pick the installment monthly from your house for free

Cons of the installment plan without visa from Mobile Shop

  1. The guarantor has to be a first degree relative
  2. You must pay a 20 percent or more deposit
  3. To calculate your installment monthly payment you need to visit the branch because they have no online calculator for that
  4. Installment period varies from 6 months to a year as a maximum

Check installment plans from Mobile Shop here

If it’s the first time for you to check installment plans, you might be surprised why they ask for a guarantor and sometimes a first degree relative; mainly they ask for that because they lend you money, and they want to make sure they can get it back.

Choose the one that’s more convenient for you and fulfill your shopping dreams.

Note: these information is based on our research and according to our personal experiences. Changes or updates might have happened after the article was written.

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