Yaoota’s Guide to Air-Conditioners


By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Magy Ghaly

With the approach of the summer season, many people are considering buying an air-conditioner. Yaoota is introducing the guide to buying an air-conditioner with answers on most of the questions that are related to this topic, and we will show you the pros and cons of the window, split and stand air-conditions, which brands are best sellers in Egypt and also which air-conditions are less power consuming.

You will find some tips in this article that will help you preserve your air-conditioner, if you already have one.

While we were working on this article, we searched for the most common questions that anyone who wants to buy a new air-conditioner would ask. We looked for reliable answers and we asked air-conditioner users to guarantee that we are offering proper answers. But during our research, we found some false information that people spread about air-conditioners.

That’s why we decided to ask Mina Naguib- an air conditioner expert, so that the information is from a reliable source who is an expert in air-conditioners.

The criteria for choosing an air-conditioner

The equation used to determine the right air conditioner=

(The room’s dimensions × 300) / 8000

*Room Dimensions= length × width × height

*Result= the number of horsepower required for your room or space

The Space’s area in square meters The power of the air conditioner in horsepower
17 3/4
20 1.0
22 1.0
26 1.5
30 1.5
38 2.0
44 2.0
50 2.5
64 3.0
72 3.0
  • How much horsepower: according to the space area you can determine how much horsepower is needed.
  • If you don’t know how to determine the proper power: it is necessary to consult an expert from the air-conditioners company, because if you used an air-conditioner with power less than it should be, this will cause the air-conditioner to run for long periods without stopping which will affect its lifespan over time.
  • Take into consideration the nature of the place (Sun, heat): if you are in the last floor and you’re directly exposed to the sun, you will need an air-conditioner with more power. And if the air-conditioner will be near the kitchen, you should also consider a stronger one.
  • Type of air-conditioner: what best suits you? Window, split or stand. (There is an explanation for the pros and cons of each type at the end of the article).
  • Cold or cold/hot: we asked “Mina Naguib” when to buy cold and when to buy cold/hot, he said: “Buy a cold/hot air-conditioner if you live in a city where winter is extremely cold so that you wouldn’t have to replace the air-conditioner or buy a heater.. In general, the cold/hot air-conditioner is recommended for residents of the new cities like Madinaty, New Cairo and El Shorouk … etc.” People usually living in less cold areas see that a cold air-conditioner is sufficient and they use a heater in winter. In the end, it all goes back to your preference, for some people heater is better than the hot air-conditioner.
  • The guarantee: All air-conditioners now come with a 5-year guarantee, but take this piece of advice and look for companies of good reputation, that are well-known and old in the market, offer after-sales services and their maintenance is guaranteed and many people have tried their services.
  • The budget: Set your budget for buying a new air-conditioner, then it will be easier for you to determine the type and brand.
  • Extra fees: Ask about any extra fees before purchasing, as some companies offer installation for free while others don’t. Some companies ask you to pay some cables or connections costs too. Know all the details before you purchase to set your budget right.
  • Plasma air-conditioner: The plasma technology helps purify the air, and it is preferred if there is a smoker or someone with allergy in the house.
  • Air-conditioner with inverter: to decrease consumption with 30% (How it works is explained later in this article).
  • When installing the air-conditioner, Mina Naguib’s advice was: “It’s not right to get pipes through pillars, which means always installing it on walls for the safety of the building.”


The best selling and most widespread air-conditioners:

“Mina Naguib” has confirmed that the following air-conditioners are the best selling in Egypt at the moment.

  • Carrier air-conditioner: the best selling air-conditioner in Egypt, and its guarantee and maintenance is very professional… And if there is a problem in the electric current, the device will stop for the safety of the device.

Check out Carrier air-conditioners from here, the price starts at EGP 4,500.

  • Sharp air-conditioner: Also the guarantee and maintenance are very good and they have on of the best after-sales services in Egypt.

Check out Sharp air-conditioners from here, the price starts at EGP 4,399.

  • The cold only Carrier air-conditioner is somehow better than the cold only Sharp air-conditioner. But if you will compare the two brands in the cold/hot air-conditioners, both are the same.
  • LG air-conditioners and Samsung air-conditioners are of the best manufacturing quality in Egypt but they are more expensive.

Check out  Samsung air-conditioner 1.5 Hp from here, the price starts at EGP 5,660.

Check out LG air-conditioner 3 Hp from here, the price starts at EGP 6,599.

If you’re looking for a cheap air-conditioner:

  • Americool air-conditioner: an air-conditioner produced by Carrier, and is of the cheapest prices with a 5-year guarantee, you can get one of with 1 horsepower only but take care to use it in a small room.

Check out the types of Americool air-conditioners from here, the price starts at EGP 1,980.

There are many other widespread brands, check out all the air-conditioners available through Yaoota’s search engine from here.


The least power consuming air-conditioners

  • Inverter feature: available in most of the new air-conditioners, when we asked “Mina Naguib” about the inverter feature, he said: “it is a technology that decreases the power consumption by 30%, but unfortunately, it wasn’t available in old air-conditioners.”
  • How does the new technology work? “When the air-conditioner reaches the required temperature, it decreases the compressor’s speed but the compressor keeps running (this means that it doesn’t stop like old air-conditioners) so when it runs back again, it just accelerates the compressor’s speed (that’s why the power consumption is less than any other air-conditioner that doesn’t have the inverter technology),” Mina says. 
  • Old air-conditions keep running till it reaches the required temperature, then the compressor stops, and then when it starts running again, it starts running from the beginning (this step consumes much power for it needs power to run from the beginning) and this is one of the reasons that air-conditioners consume much power.
  • The inverter technology is available in air-conditioners like Carrier, Sharp, LG, Samsung and Midea (it’s an air-conditioner produced by Carrier).
  • The air-conditioners with the inverter technology are somehow more expensive.
  • Before buying, review the device’s specifications and ask about this feature because it will be beneficial to reduce your electricity bill.

Check out air-conditioners with the inverter feature from here, the price starts at EGP 5,065.


“Mina Naguib” has recommended that maintenance would be as follows:

  • Maintenance of the cold only air-conditioner: twice a year, one time before summer and another time after summer.
  • Maintenance of the cold/hot air conditioner: 3 times a yea, one time is in the middle of winter, one time before summer and another after summer.

When to call maintenance?

  • Many new air-conditioners have a self-detector feature so when there is something wrong with the air-conditioner, it stops and writes what’s wrong ( the Error). So then you should close it and call maintenance for sure. 
  • In case that the compressor is louder than normal (you feel like it’s running with difficulty), it is necessary to turn it off and call maintenance.
  • Surely, if it stops cooling, you should turn it off and call maintenance.

Check out air-conditioners with the self-detector feature here, the price starts at EGP 4,785.

Tips to take care of your air-conditioner:

  • Periodic maintenance.
  • Don’t decrease the air-conditioners’ temperature too much because then it don’t stop every little while (for that consumes the air-conditioner and it also increases the electricity consumption).
  • The best temperature for the air-conditioner is 25˚C.
  • In general, most of the air-conditioners currently available in the market don’t go below 20˚C.
  • Mina Naguib told us, “No matter how much you decrease the air-conditioner’s temperature, the temperature of the cold air coming out of the air-conditioner is the same in all cases. This means that when you set it to 19˚C you won’t get colder air than if you set it to 22˚C for example.”
  • The purpose of setting the temperature of the air-conditioner, it is like as if you are telling the air-conditioner to stop when the temperature of the whole place reaches 22˚C for example until the temperature rises again, so it starts running and cooling again and so on.
  • If the smell of the air coming out of the air-conditioner is changed, call maintenance… Mina Naguib warned us to use detergents in the air-conditioner, “Don’t use Dettol or any detergents to clean it because you will harm the device… Maintenance experts have special chemical substances to clean the device.”
  • Washing the air-conditioner filters with water only is a good thing but if you know how to do it, but it’s not enough because during the maintenance process the device is being cleaned and total maintenance is being performed.
  • Air access: Don’t leave a door open or an access that lets too much air in, you can leave a small opening to let some fresh air in… Why letting too much air in is a problem? Because at that time the air-conditioner won’t be able to reach a complete cool point or it will take a long time to do so, so after a while the air-conditioner may suffer some problems because of its overwork.
  • If you feel that the air-conditioner is not cooling, turn it off and call maintenance because if you turn it on with an existing problem, the defect may increase.

The most appropriate time for buying an air-conditioner

  • The price is constant through out the whole year and if there is an increase, it will be the normal price increase for all air-conditioners (which is the price increase on the product just like any product that can increase; it has nothing to do with summer or winter seasons).
  • Any discounts given in the beginning of winter are of very small amounts and even if some stores offer it, it’s because of the sluggish of sales.
  • The price increases again around January.

Types of air-conditioners

Split air-conditioner


  • Available in cold or cold/hot.
  • The device is divided into two parts linked with pipes where Freon passes.
  • Pros: maintenance is easy because the compressor is in a separate unit.
  • It’s easier to clean than the window air-conditioner.
  • It doesn’t need breaking the wall, just a small opening to pass the Freon pipes.
  • You can put the engine’s unit – the compressor – outside the place where the air-conditioner is.
  • It’s quieter than the window air-conditioner.
  • Cons: it’s more expensive than the window air-conditioner.

The price of the Split air-conditioner starts at EGP 2,999.

Check out different air-conditioner models of split air-conditioner here. 

Window air-conditioner


  • Available in two kinds, window air-conditioner cold only and window air-conditioner cold/hot.
  • The device is all one unit.
  • Pros: it’s less expensive than the split air-conditioners.
  • Cons: its maintenance is difficult for it is one unit.
  • It’s loud and may be disturbing for some people (if you can’t stand loud sounds, then before you buy, you have to sit in a place with a window air-conditioner and see whether you can bear it or not).
  • It requires breaking a big part of the wall to fit it in.

*If maintenance is performed periodically for the window air-conditioner, the compressor’s sound won’t become louder with time.

The price of the window air-conditioner starts at EGP 1,980.

Check out different air-conditioner models of window air-conditioner here.

Stand air-conditioner


  • It is a mobile air-conditioner with wheels; it pumps out hot air through a pipe to outside the room through the window or an opening in the wall.
  • Its power starts from 3 horsepower for it is specifically for large areas like coffee shops and places of worship.
  • Pros: it is characterized that it has wheels to move from one place to another easily.
  • You can store it away after the summer season ends.
  • The fan speed is faster than the window and split air-conditioners for it is specifically designed for large areas.
  • Cons: its price is high.
  • You have to install the air pipe discharger every time you change its place.
  • It takes up some of the floor space.

Check out stand air-conditioner here, the price starts at EGP 7,195.

Floor/ceiling air-conditioners


  • It can be installed on the ceiling or very low on the wall.
  • If there is no place on the wall, then this is the air-conditioner you can choose.
  • So, if for example there is a big curtain that is covering the wall or a window with the width of the wall, then you have to install a floor/ceiling air-conditioner.
  • It’s appropriate for stores because the shelves usually take most of the wall space.

Check out floor/ceiling air-conditioner here, the price starts at EGP 6,260.

Mini-central air-conditioner (console)

  • It’s used in any place with suspended ceiling like a villa reception or a conference/celebrations room.
  • Available power starts from 1.5 hp.
  • It is good because it’s not visible so it maintains the place’s décor; air vents are all that is visible.
  • A company must come, inspect and determine the exact appropriate specifications and then determine the price.

Air-conditioners in special places

Kitchen air-conditioner

  • The response of Mina Naguib when we asked him about kitchen air-conditioners, was: “there is no specific air-conditioner for kitchens”… And this is one of the many fault information that people confer about air-conditioners, just like decreasing the air-conditioner’s temperature for more cooling and the prices that decrease in winter!
  • When you come to choose an air-conditioner for the kitchen, it’s necessary that it is of high power (2.25 or 3 horsepower) because the kitchen is filled with hot air because of the cooker and the oven.
  • It is recommended that you install a very powerful suction fan with the air-conditioner so that it withdraws the hot air and vapors.
  • Maintenance should be performed more than normal air-conditioners, we suggest 4 times a year.

Check out air-conditioners of 2.25 hp here, the price starts from EGP 4,140.

Check out air-conditioners of 3 hp here, the price starts from EGP 5,999.

Reception air-conditioners

  • It must be powerful because the space is large, it’s often 4 horsepower (but it depends on the area).
  • If the reception has an American kitchen (open kitchen), it’s necessary to use a more powerful air-conditioner than it’s supposed to be.

Check out air-conditioners of 4 hp here, the price starts from EGP 8,525.

See all the available air-conditioners through Yaoota’s search engine from here.

Yaoota hopes that we offered you some beneficial tips to help you through the decision of buying an air-conditioner.

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