Yaoota’s Guide for Cleaning & Maintaining Coffee Machines


By Mona Awad & Heidi Soliman

Coffee machines are the practical tool to prepare that special espresso shot, cappuccino and other coffee drinks. These specified coffee makers usually need extra cleaning attention from owners in order for the machines to perform efficiently and last longer.

Because anything that concerns you is also a matter of concern for us, we made this Yaoota review to guide you towards taking care of this type of coffee machine and how to guarantee for it to last longer while maintaining the same efficiency.

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Ways to Clean & Maintain Coffee Machines

  • Wash all the removable pieces after every use with soap and water. These removable pieces are like the portafilter that holds the coffee grounds, the water tank, the milk jug, filter, cup base or the coffee jug (if the machine type is for filtered coffee) and so on.
  • After you clean the portafilter, put it back and turn on the coffee machine like how you usually do when making a shot of espresso without adding the coffee grounds. This way you make sure that you are cleaning the filter from the inside from any dirt and you guarantee that you have got rid of all coffee residue that can result in clogging the machine or might cause a change in the coffee taste.
  • It’s preferred to clean the coffee filter basket (the part that goes on top of the portafilter) monthly by using an old toothbrush, simply dip it in water and then clean the filter from any residue lightly so that you do not scratch the filter or damage it.
  • The steam tube needs to be patted very well with a dry cloth, then let the tube pour some hot water out to make sure it stays clean from the inside as well. This process is essential for not clogging the tube or growing bacteria inside.
  • Once you are done with using the coffee machine, remove the base for the cups/mugs, rinse it with water and dry it well. As for the part attached to the machine, wipe it with a very lightly-damped piece of cloth then dry it off with another clean and dry piece of cloth.
  • In case your coffee machine has a water or milk tank, it’s advised to empty, dry and rinse the tanks well with water.
  • Try as much as possible not to use tap water for the water tank, but instead use mineral or filtered water to ensure that the salts and minerals in tap water won’t get to the water tank or to the machine’s tubes.
  • If you have to use tap water, always make sure to clean the tank and the machines’s tubes with water and vinegar every two months. All you have to do is fill the tank with equal parts of vinegar and water, place it in its position then turn on the machine. After you are sure that the machine has heated up completely, turn it off and leave it for 30 minutes, then start the machine again. Then start dripping water from the espresso part and from the steam tube as well till the tank is empty. After that, rinse the tank and fill it up with tap water again and repeat the process. Fill the tank for a third time and heat up the machine to make sure that the smell of vinegar is completely gone, by then the machine will be ready to use.
  • Wipe the outside of the machine very well using a clean and dry cloth to make sure the machine is cleaned well from any coffee residue.
  • Make sure that the pieces of cloth you use to clean the machine are cleaned regularly with warm water so that no harmful bacteria can be stuck to them.
  • Make sure to read the instructions carefully, as usually each company has its own set of directions on what to use with the machine and what not to use for the cleaning process.

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