Yaoota’s Guide for Buying Vacuum Cleaners


By: Safaa Magdy & Shaza Walid

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most vital and indispensable appliances you can have at home, because they save time and effort in cleaning carpets, and floors ( parquets, ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles).

Since the vacuum cleaner is such an important appliance, you would need to familiarize yourself with its types and mechanisms before making a purchase. That is why Yaoota presents you with a detailed guide on the characteristics to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. You can thank us later when you use the vacuum cleaner with ultimate ease and convenience.

*Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article was published, and they are subject to change, depending on the market flow.

Below are some of the points you need to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner:

  •  Area of the Floors 

If you have a big house, you will need a vacuum cleaner with a high capacity to facilitate the cleaning process, so you do not have to clean the dust bag constantly.

  • Layout of the House

If your house is divided into levels or if you have a staircase, you will need a lightweight vacuum cleaner to facilitate the cleaning process, so you can carry it up and down with ease.

  • Types of Flooring and Surfaces

Are your floors covered in moquette? Does it have parts in parquet and parts covered in carpets? Porcelain tiles? Ceramic tiles? Will you use the vacuum cleaner to clean furniture, closets, or curtains? Before you consider buying a vacuum cleaner, consider the previous points carefully and know your exact needs.

  • Love for Pets

If you have a cat or a dog at home, you will need a specific type of vacuum cleaner. You will need one with a powerful suction and brush action so it removes pet hair and dander from carpets and floors. You might also need one with a filter to remove unwanted odors.

  • Frequency of Vacuuming 

If you have a small house and you like to vacuum it every day, you will need a lightweight vacuum that is small in size., one that has a suitable capacity to endure the everyday work.

Vacuum Cleaner Characteristics

  • Bagged or Bag-less?

Vacuum cleaners collect dust in a designated compartment; in a bag that looks like a bowl or a basket.

To be able to determine what type of vacuum cleaner works better for you, you need to consider the following points:

  • A bag needs to be cleaned regularly. It should be replaced, at least every six months.
  • A bagged vacuum cleaner is less expensive than the bag-less one (however, the bag needs to be replaced regularly, so the money you save on the vacuum, you will spend on the bags).
  • A bag-less vacuum cleaner needs to have its filters cleaned regularly.
  • Cleaning and changing filters can make the dust spread everywhere. If you or one of your family members have allergies, a bagged vacuum cleaner would be your best option.
  • A bagged vacuum cleaner collects more dust.

If you plan to buy a bagged vacuum cleaner, make sure it has an indicator light that tells you when the bag is full.

In short, a bag-less vacuum cleaner is much more practical to use than the bagged one, but the bagged vacuum cleaner is more hygienic (this is a good pick, if you have allergies).

Types of Filters

A filter is a vital component of the vacuum cleaner. It is where the dust moves through and gets absorbed. It is advised to change filters every six months. Below are the different types of filters.

  • Long-life filter: it does not need to be changed. Its durability is 7-10 years, which is the average life span for a vacuum cleaner.
  • HEPA filter: it is suitable for people suffering from allergies as it collects the finest particles in the air.
  • Carbon-charcoal: it gets rid of unwanted odors. It is suitable if you have pets.

Vacuum Cleaner Types

  • Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

This traditional type is among the most commonly used. It consists of two parts: the part that has the motor and the part that collects the dust (which is connected through the suction hose).

Cylinder vacuum cleaners have high storage capacity, and are relatively less expensive than other types of vacuum cleaners; however, it is rather cumbersome.

Among the advantages of the cylinder vacuum cleaners is its practicality. You can unhook the suction hose from the motor, so that it gives you more flexibility in cleaning curtains or staircases.

You can purchase cylinder vacuum cleaners here, prices start from 299 EGP.

  • Stick Vacuum Cleaners

It looks like a regular broomstick, but with a motor that cleans and sweeps effortlessly.

This type of vacuum cleaner is easier to move around with, but it carries the motor and dust bag in one device.

It takes minimal space in storage.

It usually comes with several attachments, but does fewer functions than the regular vacuum cleaner.

  • Autonomous/Robot Vacuum Cleaners

This type is quite innovative!

It has a circular design, you can manually create a schedule for it and when the cleaning time comes, it will roam the house and do its thing.

It has motion sensors,  so it does not hit any objects while cleaning.

Some models come with a remote control (they are more expensive than the regular robot vacuum cleaner)

If you are interested in buying a robot vacuum cleaner, make sure to check its capacity,  how long it takes to charge, and how long it functions before it needs recharging.

You can purchase a robot vacuum cleaner here, prices start from 7999 EGP.

  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

The handheld vacuum cleaner is small-sized; you can clean your furniture with one hand.

It is practical in cleaning small areas such as shelves or car compartments.

It is important to note that it neither has the suction power nor capacity as the larger vacuum cleaner.

You can purchase a handheld vacuum cleaner here, prices start from 479 EGP.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

The vacuum cleaner’s attachments are important determinants to indicate whether the vacuum cleaner is suitable for your needs or not.

Does it have a brush for cleaning upholstery? A nuzzle to clean hard-to-reach areas? A brush for cleaning parquet or ceramic tiles?

It is better if the attachments have a storage place inside the vacuum cleaner itself so you do not lose them.

Even if you will buy the vacuum cleaner online from Yaoota, it is better that you go and try the type you like at the store.

Try the vacuum cleaner and assess its flexibility and ease of portability.

Is it lightweight enough for you? Does it have a flexible hose? Does the brush move seamlessly on the floor?

It is better if the control buttons are located near your grip so it is easier to handle.

Try the vacuum cleaner to see if it has a loud sound during operation or not.

One of the things that makes a vacuum cleaner easier to use is the cord retractor. The cord of the vacuum cleaner is usually quite long to be able to move around the room easily. However, it is usually a hassle when you want to put it back in place. That is why the cord retractor makes this task so much easier, by pushing a button that pulls the cord back in place instantly.

There are cordless vacuum cleaners available that rely on a rechargeable battery. If you intend to purchase this type, go with a model that takes minimal time to charge and remains charged for as long as possible.

Vacuum Cleaner Sound

As much as we acknowledge the importance of the vacuum cleaner, we really hate its sound. Make sure you try the appliance at the store first so you know how loud it is, or you can use the below guide to find out:

The sound of the vacuum cleaner is measured in decibels (dB).

If the vacuum cleaner’s sound is marked 60-65 dB, it will be very quiet.

If its sound is above 70 dB, it will be a bit noisy.

Suction Power or Air Watt

Suction power is expressed in either ampere or watt; an efficient vacuum cleaner would not be less than 12 amperes or 200 watts.

How the Brush Works

Older models of vacuum cleaners can be a bit outdated so the brush does not move on its own. That is why it takes so much time and several trials to clean the carpet. Hence, it is highly recommended that you purchase a vacuum cleaner with a brush that operates with a motor. This will make the cleaning process much easier and it will efficiently clean dust and hair on the carpets.

You can go on Yaoota to browse various types of vacuum cleaners and purchase what suits your needs.

*Some items may currently be out of stock, but they will be available soon. If you encounter any issues, please place a comment below the article, or contact us through Yaoota’s Facebook Page.

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