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cookiny potsBy Safaa Magdy

Three or four years ago the different names of cooking ware and different materials never meant anything to me. They were all pots and pans, small or big, metal or not and that is it! I only cared for what’s IN the pot!

However, this all changed when I first stepped into the kitchen for cooking rather than eating. I just fell in love with the kitchen; I started appreciating the variety of cooking pots and what each one can do. No matter how I love them, I have to admit that shopping for cooking tools sometimes gets so confusing and overwhelming. So in order to avoid this hectic process we will help you out know your kitchen well with all its utensils, pots, dishes and tools.

This article from Yaoota is your guide to master the art of cooking-pot-shopping.

We have 5 different types of cooking ware to start with:

  1. Stainless steel
  2. Tefal
  3. Aluminum
  4. Ceramic
  5. Granite

Stainless Steel Cooking Ware

Doaa Ragab, 22, talked to Yaoota about her experience with stainless steel pots “If the stainless steel gets burned they would be scarred forever.”

  • Disadvantage: it is very hard to clean a burning scar out of a stainless steel pot.
  • The heavier the stainless steel pot is the better, the more it would endure heat and longer it would live.
  • Make sure that the pot has a thick base to keep it safe from the direct stove flames and to better distribute the heat all over the pot.
  • As a rule of thumb, never cook rice in a stainless steel pot as it would easily get burnt because rice is one of those dishes that require long steady equal distribution of heat to be cooked.
  • The best dishes to prepare in a stainless steel pot are the ones that have liquids.
  • The biggest advantage of the stainless steel pots is that you can use any type of utensils with it without causing scratches.
  • When you take good care of the stainless steel cooking ware it would live for a quite long time.


Disadvantages Advantages
– Easily gets burning scars

– Hard to remove the burning scars with regular washing

– Not sticky

– You are free to use any kind of utensils

– Perfect heat-conductor and good cooking results

Stainless Steel cooking ware’s prices range on average to start from EGP 83 to EGP 230

*Prices vary depending on the size.

Compare the Stainless steel prices here


  • Tefal is a quite popular choice for cooking ware. The best thing about tefal cooking ware in my opinion is the colors and the transparent glass cover.
  • Advantages of tefal: the first advantage is its light weight. Usually tefal cookware are much lighter than other cooking ware in different material such as ceramic and granite.
  • Second advantage is that it gives really good results without burning the food.
  • Disadvantages: “Tefal is quite sensitive and you have to use wooden utensils or silicon to avoid scratches and harmful tefal leaks in the food”, said Ragab to Yaoota.
  • Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how careful you are with your tefal cooking ware, they would eventually get scratched because it is not only you who uses them. If your husband, brother or son decides to use your new tefal pan to make omelette, then get ready to say goodbye to the pan forever.
  • Tefal is quite harmful if it got into your food.
  • Despite being non-sticky, it’s still not easy to wash a tefal pot because somehow the food still sticks to it.
  • Also be extra careful when washing it. Always use a soft sponge and avoid using thick metal loofahs.
Advantages Disadvantages
– Non-sticky

– Light weight

– Good cooking results

– Use only silicon and wooden utensils

– Wash only with soft sponge

– Harmful if scratched

The prices range on average to start from EGP 120 to EGP 270.

*Prices vary depending on the size.

You can browse the Tefal prices at Yaoota.


The third type of cooking ware is the aluminum cooking ware that most probably is an integral component of your mum’s kitchen.

  • Disadvantages: the first on the list is “it’s very challenging to clean” according to Ragab. And this is expected because aluminum is very sticky. That’s why you are allowed to use the thick metal loofah with this one.
  • “It may leave iron powder in the food”, added Ragab and that is insanely dangerous to your health. This is very likely to happen if the dish you’re cooking is liquid, acidic or alkaline. That is why Yaoota says never leave the food in an aluminum container for a long time.
  • So, if the aluminum cooking ware are that bad, why do we still use them? Remember the rice we burnt in the stainless steel? “Rice should never be cooked in any cooking ware but the aluminum”, said my mum.
  • Advantage: Cooking rice is optimal in aluminum and incomparable to other pots including tefal.
  • Second advantage of aluminum cooking ware is that it is a perfect heat conductor and hence gives better results.
  • It also tolerates wood, metal and silicon utensils.
Advantages Disadvantages
– An excellent heat conductor hence gives excellent cooking results.

– Tolerates wood, metal or silicon utensils.

– Reasonable prices.

– Hard to clean.

– Reacts with the food if left in it over night.

An Aluminum cooking set would range from EGP 490 to EGP 797.

Check out the aluminum cooking ware prices on Yaoota.


I personally didn’t yet try it. Ragab highly recommended it “Ceramic is fabulous. It is absolutely non-sticky, easy to clean and gives wonderful cooking results”

Rana Kamaly, 26, also tried ceramic pans and had quite a positive feedback “I have two ceramic pans, they are non-sticky and they are heavy which gives stability on the stove and they cook the food really well. I even sometimes cook in them with no oil at all and of course they are super easy to clean”

Here are some tips from vendors about shopping for ceramic cooking ware:

  • The heavier the better and there are different types that order as follow starting with the best: Italian, Korean, and Turkish
  • Be careful of the fake brands that are actually tefal with a ceramic topping. In order to avoid those, pick the heavy one and check with the vendor if it’s pure ceramic or not.
Advantages Disadvantages
– Stability on stove

– Easy to clean

– Not-sticky

– Heavy weight

– Relatively expensive

Ceramic cooking ware sets range from EGP 699 to EGP 1199.

Meet your new ceramic set at Yaoota.


  • This is the latest trend in cooking ware.
  • When I went to the store to check it out myself I found it quite heavy and definitely heavier than the ceramic.
  • The prices are quite the same as the ceramic.
  • As for its usage, people didn’t agree on one opinion. Some thought it’s better than ceramic that can get scratched on the outside and sometimes becomes sticky unlike granite.
  • Granite cooking ware is also easy to wash and not sticky at all.
  • It is also excellent at cooking and distributing the heat.

A granite set would cost around EGP 1155.

If you want to try granite cooking ware go to Yaoota.com

If you’ve already tried it send Yaoota your feedback.

Yaoota’s last advice: if you are newly married or renewing your kitchen try not to stick to one set of pots. Be creative and create your own set depending on your usage. For instance: get a medium aluminum pot for cooking rice, ceramic or granite pans and a stainless steel pot for liquid food.

You can check all cooking ware on Yaoota. Avoid the long exhausting hours of shopping and find what you need at Yaoota.

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