White Whale Electric Oven 30 Liter 1800 Watt Review



By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

The White Whale electric oven is made of high quality stainless steel material, its volume is 30 liters and has a power of 1800W, which means high power in relation to its size. The oven heats up quickly and comes with an internal fan that distributes the heat evenly for better cooking. The oven is equipped with a grill skewer, in which you can reheat food, cook or roast it. The oven has an automatic timer that turns the oven off after the set-time and an internal light. There are 3 temperature adjustment sets for setting the heating programs needed. The White Whale oven is made of material that’s easy to clean and has a very reasonable price.

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  • Model number: WO-135RCSS
  • Color: silver
  • Capacity: 30L
  • Fuel type: electric
  • Overall material: stainless steel


  • Time saving is one of the oven’s strongest advantages when compared to other regular ovens, which means you can prepare your food in record time.
  • The oven is easy to operate and control by using the 4-controlled keys for temperature, time, and fan. With each of them having its own numbering system.
  • The White Whale oven comes with a 30 liters capacity, and comes with a tray in which you can make sweets and baked goods or various types of food.
  • It’s equipped with multiple energy levels, starting from 100 to 250 °C, to pick from depending on the type of food and between reheating or cooking.
  • There’s the option to turn on the oven with just the grill and the fan (for top roasting), only the skewers for grilling, turning on the upper grill with heating (top & bottom heating), or just the bottom heating only.
  • Equipped with an internal fan that distributes the heat in the oven greatly and evenly to achieve better cooking from all sides.
  • The oven comes with a timer used to control the cooking time and to alarm you when the time is over. It also turns off the heat automatically when the time is up.
  • There’s the ability to maintain the heat temperature of the food inside the oven at 100 degrees till the time of serving.
  • The grilling rack is chrome-plated, anti-rust and easy to clean.
  • There are 3 tray levels, which you can choose from based on preferences.
  • The oven has a special program for fermenting dough.
  • It’s possible to quickly defrost meat or frozen food in the oven, then heat the food or leave it till the cooking stage.
  • The oven is small in size and is easy to clean. You can place the oven anywhere in the kitchen and even use it in offices.
  • It can overall be easily maintained and cleaned. All you need for cleaning it is a damp cotton cloth or a piece of sponge, then simply wipe the oven clean from the inside out.


  • The oven doesn’t have an internal lamp for better visibility.
  • It doesn’t have a child-safe feature.
  • It can only be used when connected to electricity.

After-sales services

  • The White Whale maintenance number is 01010769990- 01211690800.
  • Maintenance centers are available in all governotes.
  • The oven comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • The spare parts are not always available, and there are general complaints about poor maintenance services. Also, there are complaints that the products malfunction again not long after maintenance.

User experience

  • The oven cooks food very well, roasting and grilling is fast. The fan is great and it really makes a great difference with the method of preparing food. However, cleaning the oven isn’t easy, especially since its parts are placed tightly together. The oven will need to be disassembled and cleaned every period of time in order to work with the same efficiency.


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