Whirlpool Top Loading Washing Machine, 13KG Review

By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

When we decide to buy washing machines, we usually look for whatever we could get with great features and the best quality. Also, we look for ones with large washing capacity to wash blankets and duvets. Not only that but we look for economy machines to save on detergents, yet guarantees washed-thoroughly clothes. These features and more would be found in the Whirlpool 13kg washing machine. The machine also has many other good features that make it a top choice for people looking into buying a new washing machine.

In this review, we will tell you all the description, pros, cons of this model and also we will tell you about the user experience. If you think this is the washing machine for you, click on Yaoota’s link, pick the price that best suits your budget, place your order online to have it delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

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  • Child lock: yes
  • Digital screen: yes
  • Door hinge: 1
  • Delayed start time: yes
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Anti-Crease function: no
  • Washing capacity: 13kg
  • Loading type: top
  • Washing class: B
  • Half-load: yes
  • Aquastop function: yes


  • Equipped with a strong motor with high efficiency, that could complete 1200 per minute. Which makes it better in dealing with dirt and stains. It also guarantees a high level of cleanliness.
  • Large capacity up to 13 kg, which does not only work when washing large quantities and saving up. But also, it comes in handy for its capability to wash blankets and duvets. All thanks to its large inner drum.
  • Anti-rust, its exterior is made of materials that adapt to high humidity and other affecting factors. It provides ultimate protection against molding. The interior drum is made of strong steel that has gone through different processing phases that resulted in producing an anti-rust washing drum.   
  • Multiple programs, the washing machine has a variety of effective washing programs, including efficient programs and long duration for washing blankets and extremely dirty clothes. There are quick programs used for light fabrics such as silk. And there are also other special programs used for wool and cotton. You could safely wash every fabric with the program that suits it. The washing machine provides different programs to guarantee the best cleanliness.
  • You have multiple options to reach the ultimate cleaning, it has a program for soaking clothes in water before starting the wash cycle. It’s also possible to soak clothes for a whole day. Your choice depends on your preference.
  • The washing machine saves up on detergents, and you could use any type of soap or detergent with it.
  • It saves on the use of water and energy, it gives you efficiency while using less everything. You would notice how it saves water and electricity.
  • The machine has a digital screen to tell you which program is operating and how much time is left for each cycle.
  • It has a full operating system that controls all programs.
  • The door is located on top, which makes it ideal for seniors and people who have back problems.
  • It’s quiet, so you would have a soothing time during your washes.
  • The program cycles are not so long unlike other washing machines that take so much time to finish its cycle. The machine comes with a water pump.


  • Does not support anti-crease function during the wash which is important to protect the clothes and soft fabrics such as silk.
  • Does not have a button to protect against children’s play.
  • Uses more water than automatic washing machines.
  • Does not have a dryer.

Customer service

  • Offers support for 24hrs, spare parts are original and come with a warranty.
  • Hotline is
  • The customer service is great based on user feedback.

User experience

  • Most users gave positive feedback about the product, and they have been using it for a long time. One user said the washing machine does not get rid of stubborn stains, so she has to wash it by hand before putting it in the washing machine.


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