Unwrapping Ten Birthday Gift Ideas

10 Birthday creative Gift Ideas

10 Birthday creative Gift Ideas

By Dina Amir

The best part about receiving gifts is the fact that it tells you how much you mean to someone. It does not matter how much it costs, but rather how much effort and time was dedicated to pick the perfect gift. Yaoota will help you make your beloved ones happy. We will walk you through gift ideas divided according to personality and interests.

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  1. Horoscopes:

People interested in checking horoscopes on a daily basis, or those who believe in the characters associated with every star sign.

Check this Libra glitter tattoo, starting from EGP 20.

Scorpio horoscope mug, starting from EGP 25.

2. Décor:

People who love to give their houses or rooms a new look every once in a while. Some people like modern only or steel only, yet others prefer to change the whole style, even if through adding simple touches to the same furniture.

Check this side lamp, starting from EGP 350.

Check this aluminum alloy charging docking stand, starting from EGP 222.

Blueclip dual SIM adapter, starting from EGP 985.

3. Vintage Enthusiasts

They love history and anything that reminds them of it. They value old things that capture part of the history inside them.

Check tis vintage women watch, starting from EGP 79.

Casio vintage casual watch black, starting from EGP 300.

4. Crème de la crème

They love owning fancy products, from perfumes to jewelry. They love rich warm scents that will make heads flip the moment they walk into the room.

Check Boss women 50ml, starting from EGP 480.

Hugo Boss XY man EDT 60ml , starting from EGP 435.

5. Romantics

Love and powers of the universe are always on their mind. They like to analyze every relationship they see. They always look for ultimate love and affection.

Check this book titled Why We Love, starting from EGP 178.50.

6. Nature Junkies

Plants, sky, flower, and all the natural scenes give them unlimited happiness. They feel good the moment they lay their eyes on anything that links them to nature again.

Check this set of four pieces flowers tableau, starting from EGP 440.

Five piece sunset tableau, starting from EGP 780.

7. Colors, Colors, Colors

They love life, and colors are their unique way of expressing happiness and passion. They wear colorful clothes and they are not big on dark colors. Their rooms have colorful items, as well as their wallpaper, notebook, or even mobile cover.

Check this colorful flock t-shirt, starting from GEP 129.

Polyester colorful bag for girls, starting from EGP 100.

8. Hot n’ Cold

You will always find them near the kettle or the fridge, preparing a drink as a way of spending the time. They like both hot and cold drinks. They cherish nice and well-chosen mugs, as they become a very important part of their lives.

Check this camera lens coffee mug, starting from EGP 79.

Cairokee pride up black and white mug, starting from EGP 33.

Ana wel ba7r wel rawa2an mug, starting from EGP 50.

9. Workaholics

They spend most of their day at work. They tend to go into meetings all the time. They have multiple appointments every single day.

Check this multifunctional leather organizer and calculator, starting from EGP 99.

10. Home Sweet Home

They cozy up in the comfort of their home. They love decorating their house and making it looks as gorgeous as possible, turning it into their own haven.

Check here home crepe maker, starting from EGP 450.

Blanket with sleeves, starting from EGP 115.

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