Unionaire Cooling & Heating Split Air Conditioner – 1.5hp Review


By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

Unionaire has been a highly requested brand for a long time in the market among the 1.5 horsepower category, that’s due to its competitive price and the high quality of the outer unit. In addition to the specific qualities that characterizes the air conditioner. For instance, its great ability to change the temperature in the room within minutes and the smart air distribution feature with the ability to reach every corner of the room with the help of the spilt system and the strong internal fan. Further having high quality filters, including those that clear the air from dust and those that filters the air from viruses, fumes and bad odors such as cigarette smoke, etc. The dry conditioning feature gets rid of the humidity in the air, plus the air conditioner is economical.  After knowing its qualities, is it only fair to know its qualities to decide whether to buy it or not?

In this Yaoota review, we will provide you in detail with all you need to know about the Unionaire MAXIFY 12 PLASMA DIGITAL HR- F Cooling & Heating Split Air Conditioner – 1.5hp. You will learn about all its description, pros, cons and user experience. If you like it and want to buy it, click on Yaoota’s link provided, compare prices, pick the price that most suits you then place your order online to have it delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible. 

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  • Model: MAX012HR
  • Color: white
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Manufacturing country: Egypt


  • The air conditioner’s chic design and streamlined shape in addition to its white color makes it a valuable part of the decor wherever it’s placed. It has 1.5 HP and covers an area of 8-12 square meters.
  • It’s a full functional device for cooling and heating, it provides you with a high level of cooling in summer and you could use it in winter as a heater. The air conditioner is useful all year long.
  • It has an automatic restart feature in case of a power outage, in which the air conditioner restarts with the same setting that was on before the power went off.
  • One of its unique qualities is the dry cooling feature that prevents humidity from the air. Which is an issue specifically for people with lung allergies.
  • The air purifying plasma ioniser system purifies the air from dust and microbes by producing negative and positive ions that wrap around particles then locking them inside the filter. And that’s how it provides purifying air for you and your family members.
  • It has a carbon filter to remove bad odors such as cigarette smoke and food fumes.
  • Sleep mode, equipped with economical operation features to have on during sleep. It maintains the room temperature perfectly and turns off while keeping the room temperature cool as is, providing a quiet sleeping atmosphere, while saving electricity as well.
  • The device has a quiet ultra operation without any annoying noise.
  • Has a manual and automatic control, where you can control via the swings in the direction of air (up, down, left and right).
  • The air conditioner has 3 fan speeds, where you pick the speed that most suits your preferences automatically.
  • Efficiency in easily removing and cleaning the filters regularly to maintain the purity of the air and the motor power.
  • The temperature display is distinguishable and is visible with the light on the front of the air conditioner in an elegant and modern way.
  • You can control the air conditioner remotely from a distance by using the smart air conditioner that displays all all the operating settings.
  • The outer unit is rust-resistant and endures high temperatures.
  • The air conditioner comes with a 5 year warranty.


  • Doesn’t have a turbo feature that cools the room effectively in a short time.
  • Not equipped with a self-diagnostic feature that identifies problems by diagnosing it at an early stage.
  • The air conditioner is not able to cover areas larger than a medium-sized room.
  • It consumes a lot of electricity.
  • Poor maintenance service, the air conditioner could face many problems including manufacturing defaults, and there are many complaints regarding this issue.

User experience

  • Unfortunately, it’s one of the worst companies in handling customer support, and hasn’t been getting any positive feedback. They have many dysfunctions and the technicians offer bad repairing quality, and they lack expertise. How they deal with customers makes them lose any effort they put in fixing devices to gain customers. Even when their prices are cheaper within the warranty or not. And irregardless if you pay or not.

User Experience

  • The device had a malfunction from the start, and was not functioning. Even when it was in the warranty, it had been over a month and I am still not able to fix it. The maintenance service said the conditioner needed spare parts, and even though I bought them to accelerate the process and paid the price. It didn’t make a difference. Their bad service is unimaginable.
  • The air conditioner works in reasonable temperatures for it to function well. It doesn’t work if the heat temperature is extremely high in summer. For instance it wouldn’t function properly if the temperature is above 40 degrees. In addition the timer only lasts for only one hour. And the outer unit dysfunctions in high temperatures.


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