How to Turn Your Bedroom into Your Comfort Zone?

Turn-Your-Bedroom-into-Your-Comfort Zone

Turn Your Bedroom into Your Comfort Zone

By Shaza Walid

Your bedroom is your resting haven, where you collapse after a long day of work, and where you relax and recharge your energy. It is the first place you open your eyes to, and the last one to see before you go to sleep. This is why it has to be comfortable, cozy, and unique. Whether you are moving into a new apartment or simply want a redecoration to your bedroom, Yaoota presents you with a list of tips to help make your bedroom a true comfort zone.

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  • Know your room dimensions

Before looking at furniture, make sure you know your room’s measurements first so that you are able to recognize what would fit and what would not. This will help you make better use of space and know your priorities while shopping.

You can use IKEA’s virtual planning tool where you can drag and drop your preferred furniture into the same bedroom measurements online then save it to the IKEA server and pick up the pieces you chose directly at their store.

  • It has to reflect your personality

Since you spend a considerable amount of time in your bedroom, it has to be reflective of who you are and what you like to do. Nevertheless, it does not have to be overly extravagant, just hints around the bedroom to represent your style. So think about what you are most passionate about and allow your bedroom to reflect it well, for it is nice to wake up every day to something you love.

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  • Choose the perfect bed

We cannot talk about bedrooms and not mention beds, right? Your bed is the centerpiece in the room and the most vital, so you have to pick just the right one. First, you need to consider its size and whether it fits you and your partner or not. Second, the height of the bed has to be convenient enough for you so that you would not face problems getting on and off of it. Third, a mattress is what makes the bed, so do not hesitate to try lying on it in different positions for a minimum of 10 minutes to make sure you find it comfortable. The right mattress has to be comfortable and supportive to your spine and back.

Check out this collection of beds with different sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Make sure your bed is looking colorful and cozy with this collection of bed sheets.

  • Consider the lighting

Lighting in a bedroom is absolutely essential. The way the lighting is adjusted depends on your needs. For instance, if you or your partner does not prefer much light, then you should think about installing some spotlights. If you tend to read or work in bed, you would need a small and adjustable lamp on the bedside. Moreover, the size of the chandelier hung depends on the overall size of your room.

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  • Include rugs and carpets

Carpets add warmth and style to your bedroom. Again, the bedroom’s size will determine how many and how large your carpets and/or rugs should be. If you have the space, you can have a medium-sized carpet in front of your bed, in addition one rug on the side. Make sure to match their colors with the overall color tone of the room. As for the material, carpets with curly ends (frieze) are great for bedrooms and reflect a cozy atmosphere.

Check out this vibrant blue frieze rug.

Choose from this colorful collection of carpets that fit your bedroom color.

  • Paint colors are as essential

Forget about the traditional beige or off-white wall paint. There is no rule when it comes to the bedroom wall colors. You can introduce unorthodox colors such as lilac, light orange, baby blue, and many more. Or you could go for a patterned wall, adding vivacity and colorfulness to your bedroom. It could be the wall behind your bed only for emphasis or the whole room. If you intend on having your walls in patterned paint, then you should make sure that the colors match the furniture of the rest of the room to maintain harmony.

If you are bold enough for a lively patterned wall, pick a pattern from this collection.

  • A decorated wall is a happy wall

Even with all the essentials in place in a bedroom, a wall with no decorations would make the room seem empty. Your best option would be one or two paintings of your favorite artistic style to add sophistication and life to your walls. If you seek something even more unique, you can try some wall stickers.

Choose from this versatile collection of paintings to fit your taste.

These unique wall stickers will definitely make your bedroom extra special.

  • A nightstand is essential

The nightstand is a staple piece in any bedroom. It is optimum to have one nightstand on each side of the bed for a balanced room composition. Try to personalize your nightstand according to your needs: a small lamp or plant, a book, scented candles, alarm clock, you name it. Just make sure it is not too bulky so it does not take up much space in the room.

Depending on your style, you can choose between a regular wood nightstand or a daring black one.

You can pick one of these scented candles’ collections to put on your nightstand.

  • What is a room without a closet?

Your bedroom is where most of the prepping happens before you go out. That is why your closet ought to be up to the mission. Depending on the size and dimensions of your bedroom, you can either install a walk-in closet (a dressing room) or a reach-in one. The first is quite spacious, in both a good and a bad way. The advantage is that it leaves you with much space to store and try on clothes. However, its advantage is that it could take up a whole room, decreasing space within the entire house. The reach-in closet is, of course, smaller in size and does not take up much space since it is built-in. Moreover, there is the regular wardrobe, which saves space as well but could seem a little bulky in a small room.

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The bedroom’s main purpose is to always make you and your spouse feel comfortable and relaxed. Thus, it is important to collaborate in choosing the details of your bedroom to ensure optimum coziness and comfort.

*What is your favorite detail about your bedroom?

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