Shaving Battle: Trimmers Vs. Electric Shavers

Comparison between Trimmers and Electric Shavers

By: Shoruq El-Meligy

With beards trending all-season and worn by men of all ages, grooming is becoming increasingly essential in order to look presentable while also achieving the desired look. With all the different options out there, many men find it hard to choose the suitable grooming tool for their need.  As such, in this article, Yaoota will provide you with a comparison between Shavers and Trimmers with the pros and cons of each one in order to help you decide which grooming tool to use based on your preferred look. 

First of all, there’s no objectively better option; it all depends on you and and on whether you’re growing your beard or not. Each device is good for its intended purpose. So in order to help you decide, we’re going to start off with an explanation of the function of each tool.

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It is basically a hair cutter. It’s like scissors and it’s used to trim long hair and easily shape the beard to your desired look. It’s not used to completely shave off the beard or the mustache.  

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Electric shaver

An electric shaver, on the other hand is like a razor blade and it’s used to give you a clean close shave to your beard or mustache as it cuts the hair from very close to the roots. Electric shavers are either foil or rotary.

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Pros and cons of  Trimmer and Electric Shaver 

  Pros Cons
  • Used to shape up hair
  • Easy to use
  • Soft on skin
  • Adjustable to the desired hair length (long, short, stubble)
  • Multipurpose; can be used to trim hair from other body parts such as chest, back, ears etc.
  • Come with different attachments to allow you to clean up wild hairs all around the face and get a clean look.
  • No cuts or injuries
  • Cheaper than the shaver in most brands
  • Can’t completely shave off beard or mustache
  • Hair needs to be of certain length to be able to trim
  • May cause itchiness
  • Gives a clean smooth shave
  • Very quick
  • Can shave beards of different lengths
  • Exfoliates dry cells
  • Reduces risk of ingrown hairs
  • Can’t be used for trimming and shaping the beard
  • Requires a change of blades ever now and then
  • More expensive compared to trimmers
  • May cause irritation to those with sensitive skin


Trimmers will be perfect for you if you’ve got a beard and you’re just looking to trim it up in different levels and shape it along with the mustache and sideburns as well as comb and style while doing so as many trimmers have attachable combs and styling tools.

While shavers will be perfect for you if you’d like to completely shave off your beard/ mustache or to completely shave some parts of it for example to create a goatee etc.

Most people will need either one or the other; however, for those of you who need both, the good new is you can find both a shaver and a trimmer .

Check out the Braun 2 in 1  shaver and trimmer here and the Babyliss wet and dry from here.

User Reviews

We interviewed Mostafa, 23, and asked him about his experience with shaving. Surprisingly, he told us that his favorite tool for shaving is the razor and specifically, Gillette. Because “My skin is sensitive, and the electric shaver irritates it and the trimmer takes a long time to reach my preferred look and I find it hard to use.”

However, Mohamed, 28, told us that the trimmer was his favorite tool and his favorite brand is Panasonic, which he has been using for years (at least 4 other people testified to the long life of Panasonic trimmers). “It doesn’t cause me any itching or pimples. I occasionally use the shaver to remove extra hair from my neck, but I never use a razor as it causes itching and irritation.”

Mohamed, 25, believes the best 2 brands for sensitive skin are Philips and Moser. He uses 2 in1 Philips Trimmer and Shaver. He first uses the trimmer to trim the long hairs and then the shaver to clean shave the rest; he says the shaver is perfect for a more professional look as the hair takes a longer time to grow back. For a long time, he used the trimmer alone but it took him a long time to clean shave and he always had a 5 o’clock shadow.

Check this article for more specific information on different brands.

So now that you know each ones uses, think of the look you want. Is it long beard? Short beard? Stubble? Clean shaven? The choice is yours!


  • Clean both your shaver and trimmer regularly. Run the blades and head under water to remove hair and use cleaning solution to get rid of grease.
  • Use Trimmers to trim really long hair before shaving off your hair with a shaver for a less painful shaving experience.
  • Get cordless rechargeable models if you travel a lot.
  • Check the foil for holes in foil-type shavers to avoid injury.
  • Make sure you have 3 blades in your shaver for a very close clean shave.


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