Trends for little girls


By Rana Kamaly

Shopping for your young daughter could be one of the most enjoyable activities, especially that you will have a wide variety and endless selection of shopping options. If you are a mother or father trying to find a nice creative item for you daughter of if you are searching for a nice gift for a dear little girl, then this list is definitely for you. The best thing is you can sit with the pretty girl comfortably at home and share a screen to pick all her favorite items and have it delivered to your doorstep within a week; that’s the beauty of online shopping.

1. Graffiti Guitar

One of the most important things to teach a child is music, as it enhances their senses and their learning capabilities. Discover and reveal your kids talents with this colorful guitar.

Offered for EGP 420

Find this graffiti guitar here

2. Minnie mouse rubber watch

A girl needs to learn how to know the time, and what better way than to have a nice watch at all times so she can practice. This white rubber watch is stylish, chic, durable and attractive for a girl (if she loves Minnie Mouse). Plus the white color would fit with any outfit.

Offered for EGP 151

Find this rubber watch here

3. Hooded jacket

This hooded jacket will definitely keep a girl warm, plus it’s very stylish and its color could appeal to a lot of young girls especially with the heart pattern.

Offered for EGP 220

Find hooded jacket here

4. Accessories maker

Every girl loves accessories and what better way to develop her hand skills and sense of style than by allowing her to create her accessories as she wishes. This set will allow little girls to recreate fabulous trends with colorful accessories and fabrics! The set includes 2 headband bases and 2 bangle bases, 2 files, the variety of ribbons, 80 fabric pieces, and 90 wooden pieces.

Offered for EGP 110

Find accessories kit here

5. Bike

Girls first bike is always memorable. This training bike is designed to teach children balance. It also doesn’t include first learning safe riding, so it allows the kid to fly freely from the start. Its pink color is a great addition.

Offered for EGP 450

Find this bike here

6. Bike handles accessory

What could be better than those handlebar streamers, as they will allow the girl to personalize her bike and they could be a very good way for her to recognize her bike from afar. Those handlebar streamers fit most bicycle handlebars, are easily attached within the bicycle handlebar, are very colorful and fly in the wind as you ride.

Offered for EGP 119

Find handle streamers here

7. Wheel Shoes

This shoes will allow little girls more freedom and style, as they can be flying in a grocery store and having fun in the mall rather than being bored while their parents shop. This wheel shoes has a synthetic nubuck upper with wheel shoes screen print design, full lace-up closure for a snug, adjustable fit, comfort and stabile heal.

Offered for EGP 180

Find this wheel shoes here

8. Birdhouse kit

This kit will allow kids to create, paint and decorate a functional bird house to make garden birds feel at home. This will enhance the kids art skills and will allow them to feel compassion towards animals, kids can also create a small feeding tray for birds to eat and put food as part of their daily routine.

Offered for EGP 70

Find this bird house kit here

9. Angie perfume

It’s very important to teach kids personal care at a very young age, and this is why this perfume will be great to fit into their personal care routine. It also smells and looks great. It smells like the combination of vanilla, strawberries, and watermelons, it smells warm, sweet and fresh.

Offered for EGP 55

Find this Angie perfume here

10. Polka Dotted bag

This bag is very fashionable and its light weight makes it easy to carry around. Little girls can store all their essentials in it while heading out. Its white and gold color makes it fit with any type of clothes and it has “Bonjour little lady” written on it, which makes it even more stylish and personalized.

Offered for EGP 79

Find this Polka Dotted bag here

Yaoota wishes you happy online shopping!

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