Trends for all the family for Chilly weather

family-trend for winter

By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Dina Amir

The weather is pretty confusing these days, neither hot nor cold hot and not even nice…. Which makes it a very hard task to choose what to wear when going out. We should prepare our winter clothes, but if you wear heavy clothes now, you will feel hot, and the summer light clothes will make you feel cold at some point during the day. What fits this time of the year is the demi season clothes since we’re in fall now. If you’re busy, like everyone else at this time of the year, you can buy online. Yaoota provided you with a list of various trendy, affordable pieces for each and every member of the family. These pieces fit with almost anything, so you don’t have to be stuck to a certain style, so you can wear it along with your summer clothes if you still didn’t prepare your winter ones.


1. Vest

Dark blue color, this dark color fits with almost everything. It’s light so you can wear whatever you want under it and still be comfortable. Keep it in your office, or in your car, and you can wear it whether it’s cold, or rainy; it will make you feel warm.

You can buy it from: Yashry for EGP 393.

You can find it here.

2. Shoes

This is not for summer or winter, but it will make you feel warm the moment you wear it, which fits the weather these days. As long as your feet are warm, everything else is manageable, and, as they say, a comfortable body starts from the feet. These shoes come in black and brown, choose whatever you prefer and whatever will fit your clothes more.

You can buy it from: Jumia for EGP 593.

You can find it here.

3. Scarf

This scarf has a very attractive color, which makes it look trendy and chic. You can wear it when it’s cold or raining, it will keep your neck warm. It’s also a very nice accessory to have, as it will make you look more manly and attractive. It’s color matches with so many colors.

You can buy it from: Jumia for EGP49.

You can find it here.


4. Black jacket

The black color is a joker as it matches everything. Since it’s jeans, it will make you feel a bit warmer than the other casual jackets. You can change the undershirt, shirt or blouse you wear under this jacket and get a whole new look. At night, you can wear some trendy accessories to complete your magnificent look.

You can buy it from: Yashry for EGP 459.

You can find it here.

5. Shoes

Because it’s expected to rain these days, everything gets muddy, which is not pleasant to anyone. Especially your shoes, which get most of the mud, and turns out to look very dirty; it’s even worse whenever you try to clean it. Which might make you wonder, ‘what will people think about this?’ This Rubber shoes can be washed very easily under tape water after and muddy day and it will look new again. Its black color matches with everything. It’s basically a half boot that won’t make your feet too warm. You can wear it whenever it’s rainy. Put it in your office or in your car so you can wear whenever it’s necessary. It will even help you keep your fancy shoes clean, and in their best shape.

You can buy it from: Jumia for EGP 269.

You can find it here.

6. Scarf

We picked this scarf for you, as it’s colorful and nicely patterned. Such a scarf is trendy and can be worn with any plain pull over or shirt. You can use it in more than one form; anyway it will keep you warm and stylish. It will make you look trendy, and chic. It’s a light scarf, so you can put it in your bag, or car in order to find it whenever you need it.

You can buy it from: Jumia for EGP39.

You can find it here.


7. Jacket

This jacket is very convenient for these days. It has long sleeves, and it’s not very annoyingly heavy; the kid can wear it, and wear a shirt, or a t-shirt under it, without having to go through the hassle of the very heavy clothes at least for now. It will keep him warm and it’s black, which makes it match with anything, especially with a pair of jeans, he will look amazingly chic.

You can buy it from: Yashry for EGP 304.

You can find it here.

8. Spiderman shoes

This pair of shoes is perfect for your kid, as it’s made of waterproof rubber so you can clean it in no time by putting it under water. It’s inevitable if your kid likes playing in the garden or under the rain, so now you don’t have to worry about what will happen to his shoes after he finishes. It’s also cozy. It has spiderman on it, so it’s very appealing for most boys this age.

 You can buy it from: Yashry for EGP 379.

You can find it here.


9. Coverall

Newborns are always a concern when it comes to going out, since you should keep them as warm as possible all the time in order not to catch the flu. This coverall is perfect for any newborn, as it will even protect his/ her hands and feet from cold. Even if he slept, he will stay warm. It’s made of cotton, to be soft on your baby’s skin, as wool might cause him allergy. There’s also a blanket to cover him. It’s essential to keep cotton as the first layer on your baby’s skin so as not to get an allergic reaction.

You can buy it from: Yashry for EGP313.

You can find it here.

10.  Blanket

As we mentioned, newborns need to be kept warm all the time, and you can’t control when or where he/she sleeps. Basically, you need a blanket that looks nice and durable because you might drop milk or anything on it. The problem with these blankets is that you might forget them anywhere, which means that you need more than one blanket, whether because you lost one, or it became dirty. You always need a spare blanket, just in case it got cold suddenly. You can keep this in your baby’s bag or in the car just in case you need an extra blanket as its price is affordable, which makes it more attractive.

You can buy it from: The Makan for EGP 72.

You can find it here.


11. Long sleeves velour set

It looks elegant, and it’s very suitable for these days’ weather. You don’t have to take your girl and move from a shop to another, you can just order it online; you will receive it within a couple of days. This set is so soft on your girl’s skin, which will make her very comfortable, yet warm. She can also wear the blouse, separately, with a pair of jeans and it would look magnificently nice. Same goes for the trousers; she can wear them with a plain t-shirt, or blouse. You can style it with a jacket if the weather is too cold.

You can buy it from: Yashry for EGP 193.

You can find it here.

12. Shoes

This half boot is really nice, and it has fur in its upper part, which will keep your girl very warm; she might not even handle it these days, because it will keep her extra warm. It’s perfect for cold nights out; as the weather is always colder at night. It’s not suitable for rainy days because it will get muddy and it’s not easily cleaned. It would be perfect with skinny trousers or jeans.

You can buy it from: Jumia for EGP79.

You can find it here.

We hope our list was helpful for you.  You can find more products and price comparisons on our website yaoota and remember that the beauty of online shopping is that you can get most of these items delivered to your doorstep in up to 5 days without having to go out in this weather. Enjoy your online shopping.

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