TOSHIBA Washing Machine Top Automatic 10KG Review


TOSHIBA Washing Machine Top Automatic Review

By Amina Azmi & Heidi Soliman

Toshiba is one of the most trusted companies in the market by many users, and its products are diverse and used in many households. When it comes to washing machines, we will find that the company offers many products that meet the needs of most users.

One of these leading washing machines, is the AWE-9790SUP (DS) top loading automatic with a capacity of 10 kilos. It suits many families and households. It’s equipped with a water pump and has two entrances one for cold and one for hot water, for the hot water it needs to get connected to a heater. Also, the washing machine has many other great features that we will talk about in this article.

Yaoota will review the specifications, pros and cons of the Toshiba 10-kilo-dark automatic washing machine with an AWE-9790SUP (DS) pump, with Yaoota’s link provided you can compare prices, and pick the one that best suits your budget. When you finally settle on wanting to buy it, simply click on the link provided, place your order to have it delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

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Model AEW-9790SUP(DS)
Brand Toshiba
Category Washing machine
Type Top automatic
Capacity 10Kg
Maximum spin speed 860 RPM
Color Dark silver
Drain pump Available
Loading type Top loading
Manufacturing country Egypt
Warranty All inclusive 5 year free warranty



  • 10 kg capacity, and suitable for all families because you are able to simply control the washing machine load.
  • Doesn’t have heating, thus it saves up electricity.
  • Users can use any washing powder of any kind, thus it saves up on the cost of washing powder unlike automatic machines.
  • Equipped with a large anti-rust stainless steel interior and chrome exterior cover.
  • Its spin speed is 860 RPM which is a sufficient speed for the clothes to come out well dried.
  • The water level is automatically adjusted to suit the amount of washing.
  • Equipped with various programs for all possible needs for the washing cycle, there are programs to wash each type of fabric, colors and wools and to protect every type of fabric.
  • The wash-spinner or the fan (Hybrid screw pulsator) is designed to prevent clothes from tangling during the wash. 
  • Equipped with two hot and cold water inlets, you can connect the hot water inlet with the heater in case you need to wash with hot water.
  • It is top loading which makes it suitable for the elderly and people who have back problems.
  • You can control the washing machine operating functions with the smart computer system.
  • Equipped with a pump for water drainage.
  • It has a child safety option that prevents children from playing with the washing machine programs while being turned on. And if the control safety button was pressed or the lid was open during the wash, the machine instantly alerts users.
  • Equipped with a lint filter to prevent any fabric residue from being stuck to the washing machine. Thus the clothes come out free from all bacteria and extra unnecessary fabric residue.  
  • It has a waterfall system, works with dual force of water, which pumps the water strongly and makes the washing powder covers all the fabric tissues and gives clothes a very clean distinctive wash.
  • Its large capacity allows you to wash blankets and upholstery easily, thus it saves you money on dry cleaning.
  • It is better than other washing machines, as it has a shorter washing cycles.
  • Equipped with a three-way air intake, that gives you better dry during the drying cycle.
  • The electric current shuts off automatically after 15 seconds after the washing cycle is completed.
  • Its size isn’t large, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s also made of strong materials and is rust resistant.
  • Equipped with a regular wash cycle, a soaking session of 160 minutes, a heavy washing and rinsing cycle, and a cycle for blankets and upholstery.
  • Has a 5 year warranty.


  • It doesn’t heat water, so users need to connect it to a water heater.
  • The water consumption is much higher than other washing machines.

Customer service

  • Toshiba is known for having an excellent customer service, it is known for providing the best engineers and technicians who have a great level of experience and who treat customers with respect.
  • Maintenance centers are everywhere and they have high response rate in answering customers.
  • The spare parts are available within the warranty period, which is 5 years. 

User experience

  • Users are very thankful for this product and it rarely gets any complaints. Everyone agreed that it’s great and has a great capacity. It cleans clothes very well. And doesn’t waste washing powder nor electricity.
  • One of the users said that she only uses the 12 minutes program and never needed to change it to a longer period, as it is enough for her to wash clothes properly. It saves time and washing powder and she can also wash different load of clothes.  
  • But some customers complained that the customer service is not like before, as “I contacted them several times to speed up my appointment but unfortunately it is always far away,  period could exceed 20 days,” one customer said.    

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