Top Masquerade Costumes and Masks


By Amany Samir & Translation by Dina Amir

Many kids have masquerade parties at school, club or birthdays, and they like to look special, like their favorite characters. Most kids love to dress up and live as his/her favorite character for one day. Since Yaoota cares about your child’s happiness, as well as your own comfort, we brought you some different costumes for your kids to pick from. You can pick the costume your kid likes, buy it online through Yaoota, and the items will be delivered to your doorstep within days.

Girls’ costumes

1. Elsa, Queen of Ice

If you like “Frozen” movie, and the character “Elsa”, now you can live one day as the queen of ice in this wonderful long dress. It’s made of silk and organza fabric, manufactured by Disney.

Offered for EGP 358

Find Elsa dress here

2. Super Girl

Yaoota chose this costume for confident strong girls, who are smart, adventurous, competitive, and energetic. The costume has the Super sign and comes with a back cape, a yellow golden belt, and boot tops.

Offered for EGP 414

Find this super girl costume here 

3. Girls Magic Genie

For every kind, calm, helpful girl; who is loved by everyone for her wonderful spirit; this costume would be perfect. It is made of organza, covered with a layer of silk, with a head veil piece, same color as the costume, to complete the unique look.

Offered for EGP 375

Find this Genie costume here 

4. Witch

It’s perfect for Halloween and masquerade party. It has a special look, with a black witch hat, and a green and purple skirt. It’s suitable for girls between 3-4 years, who like having an attractive, powerful, mysterious look, just like the witch.

Offered for EGP 450

Find this witch costume here

Boys Costumes

5. Skeleton

For kids who like sci-fi and horror movies, fear nothing, and like to stand out; this skeleton costume could be the perfect fit. It consists of a black costume with a printed skeleton on it, with various colors.

Offered for EGP 374

Find this skeleton costume here 

6. Optimus

For the Transformers fans who even play with their friends using “transformers” toys, style and movements; this Optimus costume could be perfect for you. The suit comes with Optimus shape printed it on it; it’s also padded to give a muscular shape all over the body. The Optimus mask is also included.

Offered for EGP 350

Find this Optimus costume here 

7. Pirate

For kids who like sea adventures that take place on ships between pirates and captains, with lost and hidden treasures. We present you this pirate costume, which consists of a headband, shirt with a shoulder belt, pants, waist sash, and pistol.

Offered for EGP 350

Find this pirate costume here 

8. Prince Charming

For gentle, calm, kind, helpful young boys, who have a leading personality that influences the people around them; Yaoota brought you this outfit that consists of maroon pants with a yellow belt, blue jacket with a badge, yellow epaulettes, and a yellow belt. It’s an official Disney product.

Offered for EGP 678

Find this prince charming costume here

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