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By: Khaled Essem & Heidi Soliman

There are two ways to buy the electrical tools you need for your home, the first and most common one is to go to a local shop near your home and find all you need from lamps, to screwdrivers to saws, and more. However these tools might be a little more expensive than usual. Also this process will require a little more effort from you, because you need to go around different stores to find everything you need as you won’t just find them all in one shop. Plus some tools might not be available. The second way is to make a trip to Wust El Balad (downtown) or Al-Ataba in Cairo, to be able to find all the products you are looking for with a reasonable price. Still this will also require you to walk around in order to find the best product or tool you are looking for. And a much bigger issue that might face you, is that you can’t guarantee that the product you are buying is original. And if you live far away from Wust El Balad, you will end up commuting for a long time in traffic.

This way is the most common way that many people follow, but there is another way that you could find the right tools that your household needs. This way is much easier as you will be able to select all the products from the comfort of your own home all from one place and you will guarantee that the products are original. Shopping from Yaoota couldn’t be easier, when you are able to find everything you need without the need to leave your home or pay more than you should, you also have the choice to select from many products, compare prices and only pay when you receive your order. You will find any tool you want, such as screwdrivers and saws which come in different shapes and models.

In this article, Yaoota will make it easy for you to select from small-sized electrical tools and this is considered the best method to buy all the tools you need from the comfort of your home. All these tools mentioned here, you could easily order them online via Yaoota and have them delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

* Product prices in the article are the prices listed in the stores when the article was published. The prices may vary according to the market supply and demand.


Small-sized electrical tools

Screwdriver sets and accessories

Screwdrivers are indeed the most essential small electrical tools necessary in every household, these are the tools you will be using constantly. It is best to pick ones that will last with you and endure constant use. Yaoota has selectected these models for you and we think they will serve their purpose.

Black & Decker A7073 Cordless Screwdriver 19 Pieces , Battery Powered

A2Z 31 In 1 Precision Magnetic Mini Screwdriver Set

A large collection of mini multiple use screwdrivers, it’s easy to carry and it has many heads that cover all types of needs. With its advanced design makes it appropriate to use anywhere. However, the strength of the screwdrivers heads aren’t as strong as the previous set. For this reason they are rather used for daily light usage, instead of being used in cases where you need a heavy duty screwdriver.

Check out the Precision Magnetic Mini Screwdriver Set here.

Electricity equipment and small maintenance tools  

In this section of tools we will talk about electric tools that are used to carry out small maintenance tasks, such as pliers.

1-Electronic Plier Set 3 pieces

This is a perfect plier kit for electricity and electronic usage. It comes in three different sizes that are equipped with slip guard and a satin-like surface to make the grip easier to use. The plier itself is made of steel which makes it very powerful and could cut a copper wire with thickness of up to 1.2 mm.

Check out the Electronic Plier Set 3 pieces here.

2- Stanley 84-223-22 Crimping Plier

Stanley is one of the largest companies that specialises in small electrical appliances and maintenance tools, such as crimping pliers. They also offer a wide variety of multi-use circuits.

Check out the Stanley plier collection from here.

3- Generic RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 Net Cable Pliers Network Clamp Crimping Tools

The pliers and crimping is an important tool as it is used for cutting, peeling and crimping telephone and electric wires.

Check out the Generic RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 here.


One of the small electrical tools that are essential and handy to have around the house nowadays. It is used for making drills in walls, for instance if we need to hang or place a picture on the wall. Or even for installing shelves or a library. Drills are also used for installations all over the house. This type of drills used to unscrewing and installing nails easy.

1-Bosch GBM 13-2 RE Drill Professional

Bosch offers this wide range of different drilling devices, they all have great features in terms of specifications, capabilities and strength. This model is known for its great durability and strength. It also isolates electricity and shuts off automatically.

Check out the Bosch GBM 13-2 RE Drill Professional here.

2-Bosch GSR 1000 Cordless Drill/Driver Professional


Bosch professional drill has many qualities, most importantly is that it’s wireless and relies on a really strong rechargeable battery. The battery can be charged via a cable. You can use the drill to unscrew and screw nails firmely even in difficult working conditions including dim lighting as it’s equipped with LED light. It can also drill wood.

Check out the Bosch GSR 1000 Cordless Drill/Driver Professional here.

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